Youre being lied to

Canada WAKE UP!!!! Youve been lied to by your government and the ones you call “conspiracy theorists” are finally getting proof. This vaccine is doing NOTHING to stop the spread of covid nor is it keeping you out of hospital. If anything its encouraging both. Read these stats and decide for yourself, this taken from report for January 6 2022.

The new cases reported today include 1,797 unvaccinated people, 452 partially vaccinated people, and 10,648 fully vaccinated people, 442 cases were reported with vaccination status unknown.

2,279 people are in hospital testing positive for COVID-19. It’s not clear how many people were hospitalized for COVID-19. The province has said changes will be made in how these numbers are reported in the coming days.

Among the hospitalized COVID patients are 436 unvaccinated cases, 96 partially vaccinated cases, and 1,156 fully vaccinated cases.

10x the amount of people with covid are vaxxed, almost 3x the amount in hospital are vaxxed.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    no one ever said that vaccination stops the spread dumbass, but it would save your life and you won’t end up in ICU under lung ventilator if you get covid

  2. Anonymous says:

    I screwed up my numbers but still 500 out of 2500000 is: 0.0002 so yeah still marginally effective being vaxxed vs unvaxxed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The vaccine is at least marginally effective, the proof is in the numbers. Ontario is roughly 80% vaxxed, yet only 1500 hospitalizations for vaccinated people, the other 20% account for 500 in hospital. So with ontario’s population being 14.5 million, and 12 million are vaxxed, 2.5 million are unvaxxed.

    Simple math really, 1500 vaxxed in hospital out of 12 500 000 is 0.00012 percent of people.
    500 out of 2 000 000 is: 0.00025 percent.

    So considering the vaxxed our out there living life and are still about 50% better off than the non vaxxed mostly hiding at home, you can say the vaccine is slightly effective at least. Now I confess it is late and my numbers are not perfect but the math is there.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Thinking that everyone must be vaccinated is as scientifically flawed as thinking that nobody should. ” Martin Kulldorf

  5. Anonymous says:

    Recall also that the #1 and #2 FDA vaccine experts resigned this fall, further showing the unscientific, politicized nature of the administration’s booster propaganda.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Its no where near marginally better. Where are you getting your info?

  7. Anonymous says:

    The tests aren’t accurate. Cloth masks don’t work. Shutting down can destroy society. Hospitalization numbers are completely misleading.

    This all just became ok to admit this week. Last week we were all conspiracy nut spreading misinformation.

    It’s really something to watch.

  8. crazy conspirest says:

    LOL how’s this for a psychic prediction?

  9. Anonymous says:

    If you get the flu shot every year since it was widely available, you’d have 85 of them by now. No conspiracy, just shows not all vaccines are effective forever. Tetanus shots every 10 years, so you’ll have maybe 8 of those in your life. Most people have had close to 10 shots of unknown substance by the time they are in their teens. I don’t agree with forcing people to get it, but you can’t disagree with the numbers, it is at least marginally better for you if you do catch the virus compared to those that didn’t get the shot.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Okay, it’s really quite simple. The third dose increases immunity, so after the fourth dose you’ll be protected. Once 80% of the population has received the fifth dose, the restrictions can be relaxed as the sixth dose stops the virus from spreading. I am confident that the seventh dose will solve our problems and we’ll have no reason to fear the eighth dose. The clinical phase of the ninth dose will confirm that the antibodies remain stable after the tenth dose. The eleventh dose will insure that no new mutations will develop, so there is no longer any reason to criticize the twelfth dose.
    The scary thing about the above writing is it’s likely to come true.

  11. Anonymous says:

    You need to redo your math. You need to look at total vaccinated population and determine what percentage of those people are ending up in hospital vs the total amount of unvaccinated people and what percentage are ending up in hospital. If only 10 percent of ontario is unvaxxed but they are 50% of the cases going to hospital vs the other 90 percent are the vaccinated and they also account for 50% of the cases in hospital then in laymans terms it means the vaccine is having an effect. So basically a small group is accounting for a larger chunk of the pie when it comes to hospitalizations, compared to the large group.

    And also the vaxxed are the ones going out and about enjoying their lives while the unvaxxed are hiding at home. So more exposure more chances of catching stuff. We are all going to get covid at some point, if not now maybe in a few years when your unvaxxed kids are born and start going to school and bring it back home. Assuming you can live that long secluded and hiding, manage to find a mate, and live on handouts until then. And hopefully your hidey hole has no mice, because they also carry coronaviruses, it has been a fact about nasty ass rodents even before covid-19 came about.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I find it funny that they classify one shot as partially vaxxed but depending on who the source is people who have received the second shot but it hasnt been 14 days are classified as either unknown status or non vax. Figure thst one out lol. When someone is posting numbers right out of the “news” how are they “liars” or “uninformed assholes”? The mentality of the sheep is just astonishing. Whats hilarious is you folks actually believe the percentage they are telling you are vaxxed and think you are this huge majority. Time to wake up. “TOLERANCE WILL REACH
    IMBECILES.” So many people cannot admit
    they’ve been lied to because
    they’ve self-identified with the lie
    they cling onto.
    Their whole house-of-cards
    perception of reality would have
    to crumble, and they cannot face
    it. I noticed when I practiced family law
    that the feeling of BETRAYAL, when
    a spouse was unfaithful & lying
    about it, was much more devastating
    than, say, fights over $$. So the ppl
    who trustingly took their jabs and
    must now face the betrayal by MDs
    and govt, must feel crushed. There is still hope for you, its not too late. I hope. For your sakes.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Found the branch Covidian

  14. Anonymous says:

    Trudeau trying to appease quebec and the french population because he knows, when they get mad heads will start rolling.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The only liars are uninformed assholes like you!!

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