Youre 8,640 years old

You already raised your own kids so poorly that your guilty conscience is screaming through your silent aura. Now u think everytime you see a mother with her child ypu need to rush in and become the white night. Wrll captain save a ho, my children can’t even stand you. When u call them out from across the way, they keep saying “mom who is that weird lady and why is she so obsessed with kids she doesn’t know. ” and mommy why is that lady so creepy”

Hunny get it through your biased judgy little thick skull, there will be days when I keep my my child in at different time of day , depending in what we have planned. There eill be times you and ypur pathetic friends will walk by my door and hear me scream. Yep I do that when my child act like a nut case and is trying to do something that can cause him.harm. oh well. Just becasue you and kids turned into complete druggie or screw ups doesn’t mean everyone you don’t know doesn’t have great plans for years and years to come. Some days we will be out all day some days we eont. Not ypur business.

When we xome home WERE COMING HOME. if we wanted to stay outside in the front with some one we don’t jnow a God dam thing about we’d have stayed out. Makes sense. We walk from out car to our home. And want our life and our life isn’t any of your concern, business or power.

How about take your bored self and do something about the drug use at ypur neighbors happeniing right under ypur nose that you refuse to help. Okey dokey now. Bye bye then. One more harrassment to myself ir my child and im calling poilce immediatelybecause this had been hepleing way too often. You’ll be warned then charged if it happens one more time. I will never hesitatetonreport obsessedcrazies like yourself. Its just the way it is this day and age. Everyone has the right to live in their own home not have their provacy invaded and not be constatly bithered harrassed and put out when they have jobs, kids and alife to tend to which doesn’tinclude you at all. Go bug your oen family. . Or get a fkn life. Either or. It’s against the law t9 obssess and hareass ANYONE for that matter. Buzz off.



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