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So, I seen comments on a Facebook post regarding hairdressers in Sudbury being afraid to take risks. A few comments about how hair dressers won’t cut their hair in a short bob or “make them blonde” they just offer highlights. I just wanted to educate you a little on what the hair dresser you have experienced might have been thinking. I’ll start by addresses the blonde/ highlights concern. YOU CAN NOT ACHIEVE BLONDE IN ONE APPOINTMENT. It is unfortunate, but the fact of the matter is bleach is highly damaging to hair (and skin), and your hair dresser does not want you coming back with severely broken hair, with a client blaming them for what has happened. Now, some like to argue “it’s my hair, it’s my choice.” And this is true. If you want to severely damage your hair and probably scalp, no one can stop you from doing so. Although as a hair dresser we are not required, nor will (most) we do it. Becoming blonde is a long and sometimes expensive process, if you want to be blonde, a full head of highlights is where you begin in most cases. Every head is different and many things will determine how long it will take. Examples: how dark your natural colour is, if you have previously coloured hair, if you have box colour in it, if you have some damaged texture, how light you want your hair to be in the outcome, etc.
It takes time, and the reason why it is costly and time consuming, partly you are paying for a hairdressers knowledge, and they’re there to protect the quality of your hair while attempting to achieve what you want.

Secondly, a short bob. The comment was something along the lines of them not being able to find a hairdresser that will take off a lot of her length and receive a short bob, and has only been able to get a long bob. What many girls with long hair don’t know, is a short bob is actually much more Maintenance than your long hair. People assume because there’s less length it’s faster, easier to manage. But in most cases, it’s actually more work and you will have to spend more time doing it every day. Your hair dresser might have been thinking with going with a long bob (a lob) might help transition you to be prepared to doing it. Furthermore, cutting off a lot of hair is often traumatic to clients, starting with a medium length haircut sometimes helps the client decide if they really do want it that short or not. And in a few weeks you could always come back and say “yes I’m loving it short, I do want it shorter!” Or “you know what, I didn’t love getting this much length off as I thought I would, I’m going to grow it out again.” Again, a longer process, better and happier outcome!

Just keep in mind when you go to a hair dresser with an idea, and are told to start somewhere else, it is probably because the hair dresser is thinking in your best interest.



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  1. Nickers. says:

    Honestly. What an excellent, thought out, and well presented reply to the Shoutout page.

    Thank you for this informative and educational post!

    (seriously. No sarcasm. I am genuinely impressed!)

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