YES another mask post

Sure another mask post ! But so true



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    Talk to people who have actually fought overseas. It’s not uncommon for soldiers to have technical uniform “violations” over a number of environmental factors, which are selectively enforced. Not to mention, the soldier above is probably in a helicopter landing zone or within an area of a sand storm. Soldiers also don’t normally cover their faces in the desert just because, it’s just too difficult to breath with the physical activity and heat. They’re also trained to deal with these conditions and are tested for physical health and maintain physical standards. Comparing apples to oranges.

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    OK. So pay me to wear a mask. The guy in uniform gets paid to wear his shit.

    • anonymous says:

      he’s being paid to protect his countrymen, including you. wearing a mask is part of that want to get paid to wear a mask? join the armed forces. otherwise crawl back in your parent’s basement, and shut the fuck up

    • anonymous says:

      no ,he’s paid to protect his fellow countrymen,even you. the mask is part of his want to get paid to wear a mask? join the armed forces and do battle .otherwie crawl back in your parent’s safe basement and shut the fuck up.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re that brainless twit that’s for some reason hooked on basements. You must be in a government housing apartment and longing for a basement. Now why don’t you resume diddling with that dildo, and exercise your loose sphincters

      • anonymous says:

        hit a sore spot did I? go back to the porn sites you normally frequent, you have nothing intelligent to say. your obviously a repressed homo you often think of dildoes and asses?

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    there is a problem with your point of view.. the guy on the right is in perfect athletic health and the guy on the right could have breathing issues or mental issues that prevent the mask from safely being warn.. I bet all you avid mask wearers are the same people that fought so hard to have your public displays and parades to show appriciation.. So when you really think about it, you guys refused to listen to the rules for your own benifit, but know expect other to listen to the rules out of jealousy.. All I can say is GET A LIFE! lol

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