Yellow Vest Sudbury

Ok Sudbury … Go buy your yellow vests & get out there this Saturday!
It started in France & has now spread across the world.
Yellow Vest Canada is joining the global protests. The facebook group grew to 50000 in 5 days!

Get out & show your support if you feel this government has not been putting Canadian’s first!
We should all be concerned about the UN Migration Compact that was signed without input from Canadian’s.

If your family or job has been negatively effected by our government, now is the time to let them know!

Peaceful demonstration on Saturday 2pm @ Tom Davies Square.


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128 Responses

  1. A letter from FRANCE

    Our president E. Macron was elected with 20% (approximately) of the people’s voice. And the majority of these votes are “barrage votes” by many French who saw in the second round of presidential Macron against Le Pen. Many French describe Le Pen as a racist person, for my part I have not voted for a long time and I have no opinion on his person and his political ambitions.

    From the beginning of his term we were qualified by the government of “Gallic refractory”, when we ask for work we were told “You just have to cross the road to find work”.
    They are condescending towards us without any ounce of pity …
    Some members of our government have not even managed to answer a simple question: “how much is the SMIC (SMIC is the term for the lowest price legally for which we work).

    We suffer so much taxes that even if we work, we almost do not survive, stunned all taxes, while the rich are deprived of the tax on wealth!

    During this time the power is paid a few times 10X more than us, and vote among themselves laws to further increase their income while most of the middle class and poor can not even eat their 3 meals a day …

    When implementing the gas tax in early November, we could not accept. We then collectively decided to go out on the street November 17 and show our discontent to France by blocking all the motorways of France.

    Between 70% and 80% of the French people supported our cause at that time.

    The response of our government to such mobilization? NOTHING

    Since then every Saturday is held everywhere in France, and not only in Paris demonstrations that are pacifist at first, but the policy of repression of the police force is such that it makes more and more explode our anger, which is unfortunately translated by violence in return

    The strategy of the police is clear:
    They let us come to protest on the elysed fields by blocking all the perpendicular streets and blocking in front and behind us in order to lock up the demonstration, then break on us thousands of teargas grenades, saturating the air, we can not breathe, we can no longer see around us, we can not escape because they block us all the exit points …
    They also use Flashballs, “defensive bullet launchers” that would not be lethal, but use them aiming at the head, we count 7 people who have lost an eye, the journalists are also targeted while they have a headphone on the head with the annotation “press”. In a photo of a journalist I will join you, we see that the target is totally the camera lens.
    Finally they also use grenades désencclement “GLI-F4” containing … 25 grams of TNT !!! mutilating people by us, we count 3 people who lost the hand, torn by the blast of the explosion …

    Many videos showing police officers (CRS) beating French citizens unarmed, but on the ground, but 4 or 5 policemen beat them with truncheons.

    They assault our elderly, our disabled without any restraint. Who could say that a grandmother or a disabled person would be a breaker?

    As for yesterday, the media announce a much weaker mobilization of protesters, and that’s normal! indeed, they stop the bus demonstrators just before entering Paris and prevent them from reaching the capital to announce that the movement weakens so that the image of the movement fades.
    For those who still come to Paris, they must pass 3-4 see more checkpoint to remove all they have. Gas masks to protect against tear gas, the saline used to treat the eyes so we have images. On top of that some testimonials claim that their sandwiches as well as the tissues are removed too, but I have not found any pictures.

    Currently the government is trying to discredit the movement by using these subterfuges to show images of crowds less numerous, but we are just outside Paris, blocked by them for the most part, when it is not the position of police.

    They are always a step ahead of our places of manifestation even if we change them because they are in our different groups facebook, images of the publications appearing in our media.

    Our protesting students with us were forced to kneel their hands on their heads after being abused as strongly as adults.

    Most of us have always been pacifists, of course there are always “breakers” who join the demonstrations but they are not necessarily our cause. In addition we have pictures of police wearing a yellow vest or a black outfit like the thugs who mingle with us incognito to break and blame the movement.

    I probably forget a lot, I may complete this long post as and with always photo sources and video to prove my words.

    I must admit that their repression tends to work, let’s not forget that there are women, old people and young people among us. Our strength comes from the number of people who protest and those people who could be described as “weaker” in comparison to a young man of 30 years no longer want to suffer …

    I appeal to you to transmit this long message as far as you can to let the world know what has become of France, country of “freedom, equality, fraternity”
    They took the liberty, there is no more equality between social classes, fortunately we managed to keep the fraternity between us in the movement.

    At the last two demonstrations, he was even sending us tanks.
    They also use water cannons on us for no reason, even when they are on their knees …

    Arms of repression against protesters:

    Grenades GLI-F4: A lawyer challenges the government on the use of this grenade that mutilates us … I invite you to watch 35 seconds the test of this grenade to tell you about the explosion, and remember that launch it on protesters who are nevertheless entitled to the demonstration:
    Hand torn off … :'( :
    Police send a grenade on a yellow vest that does not represent a danger:

    Flashball :…/Lanceur_de_balle_de_d%C3%A9fense
    Example of citizen shot in the head and torso for no reason (there are many more):
    A citizen surrenders his arms well apart, no threat and yet …
    Just after the flashball firing, they fire tear gas on the press, yet clearly identified:
    A pensioner gets his jaw pulled by a flashball:

    A sniper in firing position on the roofs of Paris aims towards the crowd who met at the Arc de Triomphe !!! :…

    Armored cars await us during the last two demonstrations:

    Abusive violence:

    assaulted citizen in a king burger :

    Arrest of 151 high school students in Mantes la Jolie, kneeling hands on the head:

    Police officers deflate the wheels of a disabled wheelchair:

    Police overthrow a disabled person in his wheelchair:

    Police beat a pensioner during the demonstrations:

    A grandma pushed, then loaded, then gassed by the police:

    I could go on for a long time, I will finish with this video that says a lot about the current climate … We will appreciate the trampling of a citizen and the national flag at the very beginning of video … 🙁 :

  2. Jason Ranger Jason Ranger says:

    Should look into the Canadian people’s union I think this inline with what we all want with no racist stuff

  3. The movement isnt about racism and Immigration….its about stopping the globalist agenda from wiping out our cultures and enslaving us further into debt….the world is tired of being taxed out of existence….to pay for government waste and corruption

  4. Mike Byrnes Mike Byrnes says:

    We need more info and organization.
    I am willing to help or do the organizing with help if it is needed. Please let me know so we can get more numbers out consistently.

  5. Andy Scott Andy Scott says:

    Saw the vests downtown today and I gave my appreciation. Everyone in Canada today will be outnumbered via immigration by 2050. This is a serious issue regardless of class and race. This is our Canadian identity at stake.

    • Kaili Beck Kaili Beck says:

      Andy Scott We are immigrants unless we are indigenous. You’re being a hypocrite by condemning some immigrants and not all. Canadians are having too few children, which is normal in developed nations. But if we don’t meet or exceed our replacement rate (replacing those who die with new Canadians) our population will drop and we will not have enough taxpayers in the future, for starters. We have always relied on immigration to keep Canada’s population that is necessary for our security. I’ve been teaching sociology and history since the early 2000s and I know my information is accurate. I don’t intend to debate you I just wanted to give you something to think about.

  6. PSA for anybody thinking of attending this: We tracked down the guy who’s running the Facebook group where the call for these demonstrations came from and he is most definitely a racist.

  7. #StepUpToThePlate

    Someone’s looking to get Massacred.

  8. What are you protesting against? All I got from these posts is that you’re against immigrants? Is that what you think France was protesting about?

    • Andy Wallace Andy Wallace says:

      1 million immigrants by 2020 is a huge deal. Nothing racist about it.
      How about our elderly, homeless, vets and everyone else in Canada?
      Canadians should come first and he is doing nothing but making it worse.
      Immigration is not the only issue.
      This idiot has been donating money to other countries, signing deals behind Canadians backs, raising taxes to the breaking point, killing our oil and gas, helping out isis fighters, paying terrorists off 10 million, putting more Canadians out on the streets all while sitting in office with his feet up thinking of his next plan. This is just to name a few.
      He is easily the worse prime minister we have ever had.
      If you do not see this, then you are a brain washed greasy liberal.

    • Stacey Horner its an agenda put in place by the UN to create an environment for a one world govt. Agenda 21 and 2030. The plan is to dilute the cultures and traditions of european countries.

    • Giovanni Damiano Presenza that’s not they said they were protesting here

    • Stacey Horner well then they arent getting the entire picture. But that is wot is happening in Italy and france and othr nations.

    • Giovanni Damiano Presenza I was aware of Italy and France but unfortunately this one is not about that 🙁

    • Its more than just the carbon tax that was just the camel that broke the straw back. And Turdeau is no better than the globalists

    • Stacey Horner . Turdeau is aligned with the UN AGENDA to implement a one world govt.

    • Im an imigrant. Came to canada for a bettr life. As most did when they were enticed really to DREAM BIG. my pop learned quickly there was no dream. He worked hard and was paid lese than others less skilled. But my pop was no pushover and he creater his own business as a small business owner. A barber and i learned the trade from him as well. And wot is going on now in wot i consider my homeland im offended about the abuses and problems facing the citizens there as i have family there and they tell me firsthand how horrible it is in places.

    • Giovanni Damiano Presenza I think it’s absolutely disgusting that people want to stop people from coming here

    • Stacey Horner i dont know wot the procedure is for entrance here. Ill look into it. But there are issues unfortunately with the bigger picture which i cant get into on soc media.

    • But my grandfather was a partigianni during wwii. He fought against the very forces we see today. The globalist agenda and the un agenda 21 and 2030. It isnt as benign as we think.

  9. Aren’t the Yellow Vest protesting against gas prices? Lol

  10. We’re part of the UN. We don’t get to decide what we sign and don’t sign. If we refuse we just get the boot. Do some research.

  11. James Fine James Fine says:

    Yeah burn some shit down, wreck some cars and stores, throw bottles and shit at police, get tear-gassed.
    Good times!

    You actually think anyone that counts is going to GAF about some stupid vest protest in Sudbury? Give your head a shake. Don’t get busted for being stupid.

  12. Like the yellow vests at wal mart?

  13. “Negativity Effected by The ‘government’”

    Is that your way of saying immigrants. Kinda sounded like it to.

  14. Should go as well as the Occupy movement.

  15. Bob Garneau Bob Garneau says:

    Lol all stupid people go buy the vests. I am certain that some will. Stupid people are entertaining.

  16. You people are silly. Your local votes for city government hasn’t changed a god damn thing and now you think you can go bigger? Want to make a difference go volunteer at a soup kitchen or other worthy places. You are trying to build a house by starting on the roof and not the foundation. Use your heads.

  17. D.j. Dean D.j. Dean says:

    Ummm why Saturday? Isnt Tom Davis square closed on Saturday? I know it’s the only day that most people have off, and you may get the medias attention, but who are we protesting to if no one is there to even listen from Tom Davis square? Shouldn’t it be focused on the liberal MPs office??

  18. Slaves? I’m astonished that there are Canadians our there who are easily brainwashed by the retarded right. Despite what you see happening south of the border, you still want to bring neo-nazi politics into Canada. Go fuck yourselves. So week minded.

  19. man I really wish I heeded the words of my financial adviser and put my stocks in yellow vests

  20. We’re too much of pussies to stand up against Trudy

  21. The problem is that now that they have an actual manifesto, it’s super clear that the Yellow Vest movement is kind of a mess. Half the manifesto was obviously written by progressives and the other half by the alt-right. The manifesto is full of contradictions and asks that don’t make much sense. The movement will either fizzle out soon or lead to a very serious crash between the two groups who have been pushing it forward when they realise that they’re extremely incompatible and their alliance is unstable.

  22. Ever wonder if this is just a ploy from the yellow vest company to merely sell more vests? I mean waybto go safety steve for making everyone visible

  23. Dumb question but where can we find the vests? Also how many are expected? Is there a Facebook group

  24. Brady MacCoy Brady MacCoy says:

    Good luck getting Canadians out lol

  25. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Nobody will. They enjoy being slaves without even knowing it. Im all for it though. We need a canadian revolution before we are under the UNs regime . Although trudeau already gave canada to them.

  26. Sure wasn’t peaceful in France! Guess we’ll see who the racists are when they show up in their Yellow Vests.

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