Corruption @WSIB’s sinecure

My claim 13152209 is perpetually denied & WSIB’s sinecure is spreading misinformation & gas-lighting which leads to tyranny ..

The WSIB is so low and determined to deny service in my claim adjudicator ralph singer falsified medical information to be used at the tribunal to encourage denial of service…



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  1. Anonymous says:

    WTF… Nobody is going to be able to give you any advice with such a short explanation like that. What happened, where did it happen? when did it happen? I am on WSIB and have been since 1998. it took a whole week to get accepted by them for my claim. And they will continue to pay my claim till I am 65. They are really great at helping and supporting till they pay you off. I don’t understand why you are having issues, unless there is an issue qualifying. Which is why people need more details. As a side note. I wouldn’t give your claim number out. If you can take it off I would do so.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also, if you are having an issue take it to the adjudicator board, you will get better results than asking here. They are there to defend you. They work for you, not WSIB. They will speak on your behave and get things done.

      • Grease Monkey says:

        OP knows they got denied for a good reason, they are just on here to look to shame people, gain sympathy or find a loophole.

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