Worst Mom in the world!

According to my children, I’m the only parent in the world who takes away internet and electronics as a consequence when they are misbehaving (I was told I’m the worst mom in the world 🙄). So I told my children that I’d make Anonymous post on facebook to prove him wrong.. So, I’m just wondering who else takes away internet or electronics from their children as a consequence for talking back/misbehaving??


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  1. Sometimes I take tablets for the entire week. Sometimes the TV doesn’t even get turned on for a week here.

  2. Jessica Dunn Jessica Dunn says:

    Then we must been ever worse parents over here! My kids 13, 10 and 7 yrs old only get their electronics on weekends. Not allowed electronics during the school week(unless needed for homework) as it interferes with chores and home work. Been doing it for about 2 yrs now and they’ve adapted to it. Rather than taking it away when misbehaving, we give it to them as a reward.

  3. Susan Daly Susan Daly says:

    Yes!!! I take away electronics from my step kids when they don’t listen! It’s a privilege not a necessity… it truly works! Respect!!

  4. Jenny Lynn Jenny Lynn says:

    Coincidence? I’m also the worst mom in the world lol. I won’t let then play xbox live with strangers and adults. Also frequently take away electronics for bad behaviour and limit their time on them. Everyone else let’s their kids play all the time apparently lol. I’m with you!!!

  5. Hahaha all the time !!!!! Even took away cell phone until end of school year haha

  6. CONGRATS MOM…more parents need to follow in your footsteps. ACCOUNTABILITY—-is love DISCIPLINE————-is love RESPONSIBILITY —-is love CONSEQUENCES—-is love So often parents are misguided in having to be a friend to their children. We didn’t become parents to become their friend, we are here to guide, encourage, support and help them become responsible and caring human beings. Kids who learn what work ethics, respect and kindness truly means. NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH on consequences leaves children to learn how to manipulate, how to cut corners in life. I always followed through on consequences with children in my personal and work life. Kids learn RESPECT through actions. IF YOU SAY you lose your devices for 1 week, parents please do not give in after day 1-2-3 cause you don’t want to deal with them whinning. Instead it’s another day added for each time they argue, buck or whine. TOUGH PARENTING…… often GOOD PARENTING. KIDS always tell me they don’t try their tactics with me cause it won’t work…kids learn how to play people, how to play on emotions, guilt and so much more. If you don’t want to raise a child to become an adult who continues these poor behaviors….DISCIPLINE …NOW! To your son…….you are blessed to have a mother who cares and loves you enough to guide you on the right path!

  7. Most definitely when they are not listening they do not deserve it it’s a privilege to have those things not a need

  8. Your not the only one i have taken away my daughters electronics as punishment as well

  9. Sarah Panas Sarah Panas says:

    I’ve changed the WiFi password.

  10. When I take them away or tell him it is time to get off I have heard many times I am the worst mom ever and that he wants to move out. He has even said he wants new parents. He is 8.

  11. Internet and electronics is basically my ONLY effective punishment tactic with all 3 of my kids! Lol

  12. I think we all do it to are kids

  13. T.V., iphone, tablet…its all a privilege for when homework and chores are done! And we definitely take them away for backtalk!

  14. Sam Pellerin Sam Pellerin says:

    I do to but theres also some good tips and advice here also

  15. I definitely take electronics away.

  16. Yes, these days technology consumes our children in such an unhealthy way. The entire point of a consequence is the effect or result of ones decision to make the wrong choice. If electronics are the key to your child bust that lock wide open. I’ve found that the most effective way to discipline these days is to make sure the consequences have meaning and worth to our children. Best of luck, and welcome to the “worst mom ever” club.

  17. Megan Matovinovic and you turned put AMAZING

  18. I WOULD NEVER TAKE AWAY ELECTRONICS …i prefer to take away the chargers and watch their faces as their things slowly die and they try to send out just one more tweet …lol lol lol

  19. Kenny Guzik Kenny Guzik says:

    LOL don’t let them get under your skin. They need to know that you are the boss

  20. I absolutely take internet and electronic Privileges away from mine when they’re being disrespectful

  21. You’re a weak parent . Grow a set. Kids aren’t your friends . Parent them . Damage is already done though and this is 100% your fault. Kids raised without fathers all turn out like your kids .

  22. Well there wrong those are privileges and u have to earn them to keep them

  23. I do it all the time. Only thing that works lol

  24. Maks Bee Maks Bee says:

    I remember the first time my dad took away computer privileges when I was like 13 and it was torture.
    I feel like as a parent that would be the one way to ensure a chance of behavior. What a time to be alive when it’s a worse punish to go outside and interact with the world than to be stuck in the house XD

  25. Matty Morris Matty Morris says:

    Terrible.. should have your kids taken away..

  26. Donna Lauzon Donna Lauzon says:

    It’s called TOUGH LOVE they will learn the hard way, my kids are still alive and have their own families now, never had disrespected kids growing up, they help everyone and anyone that needs it,,

  27. We take away electronics from our son. My daughter wouldn’t care so we take away play dates for her.

  28. I will be doing it do my child once he gets here

  29. Haha kids…I take the electronics and Internet away all the time.its a privledge not a right and they have to earn it.simple

  30. I do n plus all week no games or utube untill weekends if they are good during the week

  31. Me too i always tried my best lol

  32. Kyle Marion Kyle Marion says:

    Absolutely….it’s a privilege not a right

  33. Having electronics and such is a privilege, not a right. If they are being little shits they earned the consequences.

  34. Taking away electronics and Internet access has proven to be most effective

  35. 10-4 on that! Good choices get rewards! It’s a privilege! Not a necessity

  36. absolutely. nothing works better

  37. I take all 3 of my kids electronics away, if they dont clean there room or misbehave.

  38. Being told that we are bad parents actually means that we are parenting so we are the adults and consequences are part of life and choices and decisions we make! Keep them coming!

  39. Sure have and took modem to work

  40. This gramma has no problem doing this

  41. We both know who the worse mom in the world really is

  42. More like one of the many many best mom’s out there!!!

  43. Keep up the good work, Mom !!

  44. Hell yes.. I do for sure.. Do it right…

  45. Lise Musico Lise Musico says:

    I do!!! I also take a garbage bag and stand there in the living room. I tell her “if I touch a toy it goes in the garbage bag and out the door.” She picks up pretty fast.

  46. We do this too. We don’t spank but electronics are a privilege not a right. We took away the PS4 and tablet. No tv, computer only for school, phone goes on table after school. I tell my son I’m not cool and do not pretend to be. I’m his mom not his friend.

  47. Allie Kat Allie Kat says:

    Right here!!! Lol i tell my kiddos if they want access all the time to, 1) get a job 2) move out.. pretty simple

  48. Yea ! I do my kids get a coloring book , education books to learn reading and writing.

  49. U r right to do that u r not a bad mom

  50. Lol my kids get it taken away usually after an hour of getting it back. To the point they dont even care anout it anymore

  51. Electronics come out Friday evening, they go away Sunday evening. They earn weekend use with good behaviour. We got rid of internet nearly a year ago.

  52. Paula Hunter Paula Hunter says:

    Pfffff me, THATS typical parenting

  53. My mom used to take the keyboard AND the modem away so we could not use the internet when we were being a-holes

  54. Kim Morrell Kim Morrell says:

    I take them away.. if they dont want to listen to the rules and misbehave they get nothing and they go outside or do something other then games..

  55. Joe Lauzon Joe Lauzon says:

    My daughter has been without her phone for 3 weeks and counting. She refuses to apologise properly….so…no phone for you

  56. Why is this a question! Your a parent not a friend, you bought those electronics (I’m assuming), they are a privilege no matter. You pay the internet and the rent/mortgage and food. Your house your rules! It’s the same in my house.

  57. I take tv, tablets and sleepovers as their consequence. They learn pretty quick to listen and do their chores in the house!

  58. I take my kids electronics away when they have bad behaviour . Doesn’t do them any harm

  59. Claire Coutu Claire Coutu says:

    Being told youre a terrible mom means keep it up. Dont ever let go. Its called loving your child.

  60. Karen Luczak Karen Luczak says:

    I thought I had that title when my children were younger! Keep on being the Worst Mom in the world–it means you are bringing them up to good kids!

  61. Cindy Gema Cindy Gema says:

    Congratulations your a good mom your teaching your children not making friends …and yes I do it with my children

  62. In my day, we had no electronics at all and if you were grounded it usually meant no TV from one of two stations we had. Kids today say they have it rough, OMG they would never have survived the 60/70’s!!

  63. I do it all the time and if they ask for it within the 24 hour time period it’s gone for another 24. The minimum time I take electronics away for is 24 hours and my kids are
    Older too

  64. I have 3 children at home ages 8 to 12. They lose the wifi a few times a week while chores are issued so their is no distractions. We also take away electronics if they are disrespectful, etc…

    So while your son feels he’s the only one, it just means you’re doing great as a parent.

  65. I do it a lot. It’s my main currency with my 6 year old.

  66. I bet if my sons reading this, he thinks it’s my post lol Crazy Kids!

  67. I do to and I have been told on more then one occasion I’m a horrible mom for that

  68. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    I take my daughters tablet. We have an agreement. She can have 1 hour and take 2 doing reading, writing, coloring, or whatever she would like to do. The internet isn’t a necessity to younger children. Just pull out the wifi cord every few hours. Make it habit.

  69. Any parent who doesn’t hold their kids accountable in some form or another, will end up with entitled little asshats who, once in the real word, will also not want to work properly, or do much for themselves at all for that matter.
    Being tough on kids tends to prepare them for real life. We have enough lazy ass people as is..

  70. Bawhahahaha you tell your kids I take the “internet box” to work when I leave. They don’t get it back until chores are finished.
    Now, if they’d have done their chores without argument, they’d never lose it.

  71. I don’t even give my kids any electronics/video games in the first place. So you can just imagine how harsh my consequences are. I’d wear that “Worst Mom in the World” title as a badge of hounour. When your kids say it, it means you’re doing something right.

  72. Nikki Taylor Nikki Taylor says:

    James Laforest what’s wrong with that?

  73. If your kids dont tell you they hate you at least once means you arent doing your job. Heck i take the whole modem to work or take their chargers away as they slowing watch their phones die.

  74. Amen done it and will continue to do it

  75. Ange Miller Ange Miller says:

    My gf through her daughters electronics in a tub of water for her behavior and attitude. She punch her door and broke glass. Cus she was fighting with her bro.

  76. My kids don’t get electronics during school, Monday-Friday afternoon, I’m also the worst mom BUT hey, I’m the mom, and when they say I’m the worst, I tell them that it means I’m the BEST, they roll their eyes and walk away, I win again haha

  77. Gary Schuran Gary Schuran says:

    You are Horrible!
    Ok kids..pony up the 20 bucks.

  78. I’ve grounded my son from his video games and TV lots of times. If he can’t do what he is told then he will learn by punishment.

  79. My kids don’t have to electronics kids don’t need electronics go outside and play be a kid?

  80. Kimm Mantha Kimm Mantha says:

    Take it away AND give chores!!

  81. Mella Manson Mella Manson says:

    I take them away! Electronics are the first thing to go! I send you to your room to think about how you’re behaving, not to play games!!!

  82. I do! My kiddo has limited time on electronics as it is but if hes in trouble he doesn’t get it at all

  83. Yep 100% do that’s the only thing they care about these days

  84. definetly a good consequence for misbehaving

  85. Oh ya. My go to for my 3 year old is turning off his tv. Consequences will get more severe as he gets older for sure! Removing electronics or changing the wifi password is super easy now

  86. My 13 year old is currently on lock down and has been for 2 weeks. No access to social media what so ever. Her behavior has changed alot in the last 2 weeks. First day was rough she threatened to call CAS. I laughter and dailed for her.

  87. We periodically disconnect our kids all the time. And when they’ve done something wrong we take their phones for however long we see fit.

  88. On Tuesday, Thursday and sundays are NO electronic days in our house.
    If they misbehave then yes my husband and I will take away electronic privileges. So that means we take away a day that they have the privilege which means a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.
    Electronics are a privilege in our house. We must provide them with the necessities of life and last I checked, internet and electronics ARE NOT a necessity.

  89. I do this too. But also get them to earn time on phones/electronics by doing daily chores. My son lives breathes & sleeps football (soccer to some) so to be fair he is outside a lot.

  90. A 12 year old with a tablet.. lol wow.

  91. Tracy Louise Tracy Louise says:

    Bahaha lucky they aren’t my kids, I’ve thrown my son’s phone out! He hasn’t gotten a telephone since. His face was priceless, he didn’t think I’d ever do that. (By the way it was an old iPhone 4 that he used to go on wifi) his friends were so surprised and said wow don’t mess with her! Haha

  92. Nope I take it away! And I take it away at nighttime from my 12 and 9 year olds! Good on you mom!

  93. I take the Xbox controller every night at bedtime … We also limit … 1 hour on weekdays , 3hours a day on weekends … Punishment is taking away Internet and technology .. I removed the whole wifi cord the other day for attitude! Your not the only worse mom in the world lol congrats to you on parenting . I tell my kids that they will thank me later

  94. Pat Hallett Pat Hallett says:

    I have done all kinds of things even took off the bedroom door because my child kept slamming it

  95. Took away my son’s phone and he is not getting it back until his next report card IF his grades are good. He is not struggling academically, just chose not to out effort into studying. According to him, I’m destroying his life and he will lose friends over it he says lol. Welcome to the club!

  96. Kayla Mussar Kayla Mussar says:

    I’m a mean mom too, you aren’t alone!! Lol

  97. Your not alone there ..
    Also i guess im mean mum cuz my kids arent allowed video games mon to friday when schools in..
    When misbehaving it all of get taken away till i decide…
    Your doing a great job
    Dont feel guilty cuz your doing what u feel is rite
    Keep up your great work being a parent
    Your doing great

  98. I knew all the hiding places. Took my shit back lol

  99. My 16 year old had his cell phone taken away for 6-7 weeks!!!! He spent a lot of time with the rest of the family!!

  100. Haha i did that they would lose everything. I would even changed the router password. Good luck trying to play a game. No internet.

  101. my son lost internet for a week and my youngest lost skidoo riding for a week,most peace and quiet time in a while

  102. I’ll take away whatever I want! I’m the parent and your the kid!

  103. I do it on the reg!! Half the time it’s what they’re exposed via electronics/internet that causes misbehaviour and gives them a piss poor attitude in the first place!!!!

  104. Matthew Shaw Matthew Shaw says:

    it’s privilege, take it away if they are being bad.

  105. Tyler Pilon Tyler Pilon says:

    Kick that little pricks ass mom

  106. You big meanie! Pick on someone your own size. Lmao.

  107. Got mine taken away when I was little for misbehaving and bad talk

  108. Jason Jameus Jason Jameus says:

    LMFAO if they don’t tell you you’re the worst at least once while growing up you’re not doing your job!

  109. I think this is sometimes overdone…… that , I mean…….these electronics are also used for research for school and other learning…….the idea of sending them outside to get fresh air,, etc……is good…….I also am saying that the social media is not making our society so much better though………people do not communicate… not speak on the phone……losing a lot……..I think it is so easy…..first thing parents seem to be doing…….taking away the electronics……..for long periods……..they have forgotten any other way to discipline.

  110. I take away electronic privileges as well! It is a powerful tool and often necessary

  111. Actions have consequences. Good for you.

  112. Taking away electronics is better than verbal or physical abuse any day xoxo your a fair and fine parent xoxo bless your family amen

  113. I did and only from 10.30 pm to morning…. And you would think I was taking the world away. Omg

  114. We are all the worst moms in the world when something gets taken away or tell them NO from are spoiled selfish children. You can tell your child that you are not the only parent who takes things away from them, but I believe that a good back hand or smack Should be allowed without children’s aid being called. When I was younger and did something wrong I got a good beating for it and believe me I never did it again. So having something taken away from you must be such torture for the poor thing. Might actually have to have a conversation or read a book or omg go do something outside. You have it easy sunshine so get over having something taken away and if you did as your parent said then it would not be taken away. So listen and respect your parents.

  115. Basically if your kid doesn’t hate you at some point of them growing up your doing something wrong lol

  116. Mine gets a hour a day and if they bad at school they loose them

  117. When I was grounded as a kid or had bad grades, I had no stereo, no tv, no computer, no internet. If I was grounded, it was a week without all that. Stayed in my room, read, did home work, studied, ect. That’s it. It’s not wrong to take away those things. They have to learn it’s a privilege-they gotta earn it. Trust me, i’d do the same if I ever have kids. And no buying them cell phones and shit like that. Go play outside like we did in our time.

  118. Ben Rinaldo Ben Rinaldo says:

    They had this same scenario on the show “Man With A Plan” last week. He just had the internet password on a rotation day by day. You behaved and did your work….you got the code.

  119. Relationship for a a few yrs but cause 2 kids dont listen , which is mine n his child so mine says fine n pouts while other complain to father about situation cause I didnt allow them to internet anymore so it being said father thought I was being the bad parent !!!??? I think i was being fare to both kids my house my rules

  120. Cant wait till my kids pull this one, shit will be gone faster then you.can say I.

  121. If your kids don’t say your the worst mom ever when your parenting them I think means you aren’t doing a good job as a mom so think of it as your the best mom when they say those things to you

  122. I’ve not only taken electronics, I’ve taken everything but their bed and dresser. No where does it say I must provide these things. So if there is behaviour that needs privileges taken away, rest assured I will go all the way to a mattress on the floor and something to hold your clean and dirty laundry being the only things my kids have left. Needless to say I only had to do it once. I have also taken their doors off the hinges when slammed. Same result each time. 3 kids have slammed their door in anger. 3 doors have been removed for 2 days each. And they haven’t been slammed since. 2 of my kids are now grown in their own and my youngest is 16. No doors getting wrecked in my house

  123. Every parent who actually gives a damn is “the worst parent in the world”.

  124. Mine are 4/5/7 and yes I take the TV and fun stuff thay enjoy when they are bad

  125. My kids lose tablets xbox t.v
    And are told to play good old fashion card and board games until attitude and behavior get better.
    Plus it forces them to play old school games that I understand lol

  126. yes I do . before when we were younger it was get to your room no outside now it’s the electronics . it’s what they like most so we need to take it away of they are misbehaving. it’s not a right ots a priviledge

  127. Mine are 6 7 and 8 anf if they misbehave we take away tv time, tablets, games and make them clean their rooms

  128. Jo Richer Jo Richer says:

    First thing I take away and I’ve been a foster parent over 20yrs

  129. I take the power cords away im not getting rid of my internet (mind you, we where watching my gf’s younger brother) and if they are that mad they should learn lol good for you

  130. Nope your not the only one my daughter has been grounded from electronics including her cell phone for the last 2 weeks

  131. Josh Ua Josh Ua says:

    Children’s aid is en route.

  132. Sue Haddow Sue Haddow says:

    One of my sons threatened to call Children’s Aid on me. I picked up the phone and offered to dial the number. That was the end of that threat. Lol

  133. Gail Regan Gail Regan says:

    Sounds like good parenting to me.

  134. Helen Boland Helen Boland says:

    Its been one week now and attitude has not changed. It may take months . He thinks his bullying will work on me but hs will have to realize it wont. This time i stand firm. He will be 14 soon and has to realize there is life after electronics.

  135. Daniel S Roy Daniel S Roy says:

    Also use to grown the kids outside…so they would actually get so air…

  136. my parents took mine away , ive took my kids tv and such away when they dont listen

  137. Daniel S Roy Daniel S Roy says:

    We did when they were young

  138. If you don’t, your not parenting properly IMO. Limit electronic time, and send your kids outside!

  139. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    A good old fashion beating never hurts.

  140. I just did that last night, because my younger daughter was being disrespectful. I said two days but going to extend it until she apologies to me

  141. Andrea Cram Andrea Cram says:

    Just did it yesterday for misbehaving at daycare

  142. Absolutely …. sorry kid your mom is right . Listen to your mother

  143. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    My 6 year old is limited to 2 hours of video games on weekends, none during the week. If his attitude is crap or he doesn’t do his few chores, then he loses those two hours. And if his attitude goes to crap after playing his games, then he loses it for the following weekend he is with me.

  144. Neas Angele Neas Angele says:

    Your not the only one!! Good for you momma!!! Be strong

  145. My son is 15 and I take his phone every night at 1130 and he loses the internet if he is rude or in trouble.

  146. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    lol …. ahhh, this post made me sit and think fondly back to the first time my son and daughter each slammed their door for the first time in their lives (It took everything I had not to start laughing when my daghter did it because she was only 5. But Ive never reacted to the action and it never happened more than maybe twice each. Slamming the door is not something we do here and since they didnt get a reaction for it, it didnt seem to go far). The time my son got mad because he planned to take Ojibwa at school instead of french – I am not against having that as an option, but for our particular family needs and his dads side being french, I opted french for him. His response was “Youre messing up my life!”.
    When theyre on a “no electronics” round, that means NO SCREENS, period! No tv, no xbox, no tablet, no phone, no ANYTHING that is electronically pleasurable. If I send you for a breather in your room (usually the door remains open, and we can still chat), then grab a book or write a song on your guitar, or fiddle with your circuit boards youve been building …. but do not let me catch you with a screen lol.
    Even when my kids are NOT banned from electronics (which has been anywhere from 24 hours to 2 months at a time for various choices they made), I have them take a “game break” if theyve been on too long. They do good with this. I tell them that a game break is in 5 minutes, and then they plan what they want to switch to.
    And like Shawna Leah said ….. we are many and we are strong lol (I died reading that one!). Im the mom, I’m not your friend …. I will always give an ear and talk when you need a friend, but my opinions and advice will always be those of a loving mother …. which means pissing you off sometimes because its not an automatic take your side kind of thing lol

  147. It’s funny how they become angels to get their electronics back.

  148. Hands down pissess them off but they leave little choice as that is all that matters too them

  149. Same at my house… misbehavior means less screen time

  150. I have taken away electronics. I have banned all video games from my house. When they were younger. They have grown and moved now. I even grounded 1 of my boys from ketchup. 2 of my boys had to get there hair cut as a punishment. Creativity is key. Do what they wont forget.

  151. Beat those those lil’ bastards black and blue

  152. Nope my kids don’t get that stuff and won’t until they are 16.

  153. Jamie Lebel Jamie Lebel says:

    My child is too young for electronics right now but believe me, when he is older and misbehaves, I will be taking his electronics away for sure!

  154. Tara Major Tara Major says:

    My kids just went six months with zero access to anything electronic whatsoever! Six months! Homework is more important than phones and xboxes in my house!

  155. Just take them away and be consistent and not worry what your children say. They will thank you for it later.

  156. Tracy Riddle Tracy Riddle says:

    Awesome! I have an app that allows me to turn off internet to specific devices so I totally agree with OP. It’s necessary sometimes to limit internet when boundaries are pushed. Thankfully I’ve never had to actually do it.

  157. My son loses ipad all the time.

  158. I still do it to my teenagers ! Your lucky your mom doesnt pull out the wooden spoon.

  159. Lisa Tarini Lisa Tarini says:

    Not the worst mom in the world – I’d do the same thing if I had kids.

  160. My daughter is only allowed to watch her ipad on the weekends. If she is bad during the week she loses it on the weekend. She isnt allowed to watch tv in the mornings during school unless she is completely ready for school. After school as long as homework is complete and no shower/bath she is allowed to watch.

  161. Krista Breen Krista Breen says:

    That’s the first thing I take away

  162. Going on a month without her phone or Internet. She’s much better behaved and more pleasant without it.

  163. I take it away as well seems to be the only thing that works

  164. My kids lose electronics if their bad plus they have no electronic week every other week!

  165. Lynn Roy Lynn Roy says:

    I do too! No electronics and I unplug the wifi.

  166. Ron Dom Ron Dom says:

    Ha ha ha this is funny cause I use to take away my son’s internet and electronics when he got grounded and I would make him go play outside lol that pissed him off.. when we were kids we got grounded our rooms when I grounded him he had to go outside lol cause he loved being In his room that wouldn’t be a punishment to kids now a days

    • Ron Dom Ron Dom says:

      Jessica Faries and it’s a good punishment lol my son just sat in the steps outside all day he forgot how to play … lol it finally worked tho he got iput of his room and had a life.. a real life with real friends. But he hated me at the

  167. Melissa Cote Melissa Cote says:

    Always lol my now 8 year old doesn’t get electronics during the week .. ever ! Lol and the oldest… well we block her phone IP from accessing internet if she misbehaves (mostly sassiness)

  168. Electronics are the first thing to go .. that includes ALL . even the TV ,and if it still escalates. I just tack on more days .

  169. My son’s gonna think i posted this hahaha

  170. For sure! We just recently put a limit on my sons fortnight playing… it gets to be too much!

  171. Are you even doing the parenting thing right if you dont get told your the worse parent ever? My kids get privileges taken away with bad behaviour.

  172. I got permission to make a facebook account as my 16th Birthday present. My mom had my password, and my sister and I had 30 minutes on the home computer each, per day. My moms favourite saying was “the more you hate me, the better I’m doing my job!” When I was younger I was upset and felt like I was the only one facing such strict regulation regarding the web. However, I’m now 23 and AND SO GRATEFUL that my parents cared enough to limit my internet time, because I played outside and communicated with my friends face to face, instead of online. I also was not allowed a cellphone until almost the end of high school, (I was working since 15, so I could afford one) however, it was not something I was permitted to do. I think I turned out alright, so props to you! I wish more parents would step up and discipline their children. That’s how contributing members of society are made.

  173. Yup they got learn repect there parents

  174. I do more then just take away electronics.
    If my kids don’t respect me. I take away EVERYTHING but toilet paper and water breakfast lunch and supper.

  175. Renee Benoit Renee Benoit says:

    Says all children to their mothers.

  176. I only let the kids use internet / tablets etc for school purposes.

  177. I agree. Take the games and internet away. Not gunna hurt to play with toys or help clean up the house or their rooms.

  178. Damn right !! Those are a privilege not a necessity!!

  179. like I tell my children when they say I’m the worst mom ever… ” thank you for making me aware that I’m parenting the right way!”

  180. Amy Winn Amy Winn says:

    Absolutly… misbehave=no electronics
    In my house (my 8 yr old and i) I do not allow internet and video games to be a priority in our lives. I strongly beleive in limiting time on tv and vids. Homework and after school sports only leaves limited time for social media and vids as it is.. our children have a funny way of making us feel so bad. Dont fall for it, just you disciplining for bad behaviour says your a GREAT mom. We need to raise gentleman, boundaries are good.

    P.s my sister makes my 9 yr old nephew do chores for video game time.

  181. Dani Chev Dani Chev says:

    Put locks on the end of there plug ends!

  182. Chelsey Viau Chelsey Viau says:

    I had my phone and internet taken away multiple times and not just for a day or weekend. I also had to write an essay on how the internet worked(downloading,uploading,ect) because I kept going over the limit/cap. I eventually got my own internet in my parents house. Seems mean at first, but I learned my lesson.

  183. If you dont teach them lifes hard, they wont amount to much.

  184. Caity Lou Caity Lou says:

    I was taking away their technology and recently I started taking away the internet at times too

  185. Back in my day, we had spanks, fly swatters, spoons at our butts …principals gave out straps or ruler on the hand of a child for their behavior.

    • And we could be darn sure if we got in crap at school the punishment at home was twice that…none of today’s “My kid would never do that” bull

    • Lynn Yolande Thomas and that generation of kids were raised with alot more respect

    • The school’s these days dont even inform parents anymore about children’s behaviour, my little sister was just bossing some kids around at school (telling them sit down , its lunch time , turn the tv back on .. things like that) ans the 2 girls who wouldn’t sit down went over grabbed a pointer stick(I didnt realize those were still a thing lol) poked her in the ribs with it and the other one pushed and shoved her said nasty things to her and the teacher gave my sister trouble and turned to the other 2 and said “dont do that again or you’ll be in trouble ” the only reason any of us knew this happend was becasue my daughter told me , we weren’t infromed at all and were told by the teacher the two who shoved her arounds parents have no idea about it either!!! And basically they feel it’s been dealt with so theres no reason too , might be a reason some kids are acting up the schools do nothing and parents aren’t made aware to do anything, we’ve spoken to her about being bossy and worrying about her self and what shes suspsoed to be doing but the other parents aren’t able to fix the situation with their children

    • Unfortunately schools aren’t allowed to do anything other than suspension and what good is that..kid sits at home and plays video games

  186. Yes i know many parents who do this. Lol

  187. Hmm my parents never did that , well there was no such thing. Missbehave well mom took out the wooden spoon , talk back well now that was dads department a slap up back of the head so hard if we did have internet you woud not beable to uncross your eyes to see the monitor .

  188. You’re doing awesome. Keep it up. They are saying you’re a bad mom only because they are not getting their way. I know we live in a world revolved around electronics but kids need to get mobile. They need to go out and play and interact with other kids. I agree they need some down time as well, so allowing them some electronics is ok too, but of course in moderation. You’re doing great. Keep it up. Its for their own good!

  189. Kimm Kruk Kimm Kruk says:

    Give him all the tablets and candy!

  190. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    100 percent my daughters consequence for. Misbehaving and other notables is removal of her electronics

  191. I do! Don’t listen, don’t behave. DON’T DESERVE to play on things I pay for.

  192. Good for you, keep that up,it’s much better than physical punishment and beating their asses.

  193. I do! My kids are off the electronics for day 2 now!

  194. Guy Carriere Guy Carriere says:

    Those types of things are privileges not rights. Keep it up!

  195. I do as well. And my kids on average are only allowed a show or 30 min at the end of the day unless its just a blah lazy day then we watch movies or whatever

  196. Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

    Hell yes, they’re a privilege not a right lol.

  197. Me! And my kids only
    3 lol

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