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Hello. Just wondering if a stripper can call himself/herself an entrepreneur, or is there a little more that would entail being an entrepreneur. From what I understood when owning and operating my own business, I was required to be registered and obtained many different business numbers/licences etc. And if they can be classified as an entrepreneur, since they work mainly for gentlemen’s “tips” & gratuities for serving nudity, could a waiter/waitress also call themselves an entrepreneur since they are working for gratuities from serving food.



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  1. Now I have never been a stripper nor wanted to be but I’ve been told strippers need licenses. They basically register themselves as a business. So in that sense… technically that makes them an entrepreneur.

  2. Sounds like someone might be starting an escort service?
    With “entrepreneurs”

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  13. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    A job’s a job, right?

  14. Strippers/exotic dancers are contractors. They move from place to place. Probably paid a set amount from the club for their appearances and tips are theirs. Wait staff are employees for the most part. They get paid hourly and earn tips.

  15. Mike Brown Mike Brown says:

    Carly I’m curious. Are your lips real?

  16. I’m pretty sure an entrepreneur is just someone taking steps to becoming a business owner. Because a stripper works out of an established business but for themselves, they’d basically be considered an independent sales representative or contactor, I would think.

  17. Did I ever say anything negative about strippers? You’re assuming

  18. I feel like you may not know what entrepreneur really means if you think a stripper can use that business title; Unless she’s branching out and starting her own club that is.

  19. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    If you are female and plan on dancing, I make stripper clothing. Call me!

  20. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    If they can claim in on theirs T4 as self employed, sure. This scenario won’t work because BOTH places collect a pay check!

  21. Carly Verch Carly Verch says:

    Why should it even matter to you that’s so childish, inexperienced and close minded. Women who choose to be strippers mostly go home alone, support themselves support there family, maybe they need extra money. There no out here hooking. You won’t catch a hooker in a strip club. And most of the time obviously they aren’t doing it necessarily because they choose to maybe there facing homelessness maybe they come from poverty and it’s a simple way out. Maybe they have debts maybe they are saving for a small business. People like you that laugh and judge those are the people I feel sorry for because I am unbothered by another person’s successes or failures and it’s truly a peaceful way to live.

  22. As long as you’re paying your way through college.

  23. Carly Verch Carly Verch says:

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  24. Brian Austin Brian Austin says:

    There are many words out there that a stripper is considered to be. But I highly doubt that “entrepreneur” is one of them.

  25. La Shwandah La Shwandah says:

    Independent contractors

  26. I’m not sure but if true 8 inch heels and crabs shampoo would be a tax deductible

  27. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    They should be taxed then

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