There’s a massive mural (largest mural in Canada) currently underway on Sudbury’s old General Hospital


Update: Turns out it will not be a wolf; but rather, a splash of color.

Not sure if you’ve heard of it yet, but there’s some shtuff going down at the ol’ General Hospital right by Science North. Currently being created is what’s going to be the country’s largest mural.

When completed, it’s going to be a beautiful wolf. I look forward to seeing it completed.

Before getting up in arms about the whole ordeal, please see the following public Facebook posts:

Here’s those responsible for doing the work:

Final photo credits go to:

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  1. Marc Pronovost says:

    LGBTP (P for puke)

  2. Doug Baxter says:

    Would look so much better if it was just ONE mono tone colour.
    The original eyesore just gets worse and worse with every stroke of IN YOUR FACE colour.

  3. Christian says:

    It’s not going to be a wolf. I’m part of the team painting the mural. A article from last month mentioned that the current record holder in Canada is a wolf mural in Thompson, Manitoba. Someone misread that article and started this rumour.

  4. Watch it be all done nice then the building collapses

  5. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    Don’t waist your time reading these comments,they are very annoying and childish

  6. Polished turd is still a turd.

  7. Devin Bruhm Devin Bruhm says:

    Looks like shit and a complete waste of money

  8. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    Coming in from
    Toronto this afternoon seeing this in the sunlight I can’t wait for it to be finished

  9. Turn the building into something positive and not just art in the outside
    This building could be turn into something good to help ppl

  10. Waste of money
    Should be investing in it and using the building for something good

  11. It’s all great to want a local artist to do it! But not every artists forte is such expansive murals!
    Can’t wait to see the final product….already loving it! Cheers me up when I drive by!

  12. The only disappointing thing about this is reading people’s comments. The negativity is embarrassing.

  13. We’ll be seeing evidence of “wannabees” all over town now.

  14. Not a very intelligent thing to do

  15. Patti Bain Patti Bain says:

    Citrine Stars….road trip!!!!

  16. All i have to say is they should of used our local talent. That would be my question why didnt they?

  17. I think it’s beautiful. pride colours or not. now it looks alive and colourful, versus a vandalized and broken down looking hospital

  18. Latest shot by Genevieve Webster!

  19. What a waste of tax payers money.. knock it down..

  20. I think you got the wolf thing from a post of another large mural, there is no talk of a wolf or any thing like that yet but let’s see it progress, we will soon find out

  21. People in Sudbury are so set in not trying change..what is wrong with people..everyone has to complain about everything.

  22. So far it’s just looking like a pride flag to me . And should have been a local or at the least a Canadian Artist .

  23. Nancy Taylor Nancy Taylor says:

    Who is paying for this?

  24. why not a Sudbury artist? Group of artists? Cool idea – just weird to outsource the artists when we live in frikkin Sudbury!!

  25. Jennifer Toffoli possible final product?

  26. Yeti B. Yeti B. says:

    Just tear it down give us a view Iof the lake. The town will never let any one build anything with that building.

  27. So ugly….what a waste of time and money

  28. Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

    That’s not a mural, looks more like a kid with a can of spray paint. The wolf picture someone else posted in the comments sure is nice, that’s what art is, right?? what i’m seeing here is more rainbow stuff, woopty doo, real hard.

  29. Literally the clown college everybody talks about

  30. Jewel Kelly Jewel Kelly says:

    Lindsay Kelly – answers my query.

  31. It would be better if Sudbury wolfs can finally win but they didn’t win for along time now

  32. Jason LaFaci Jason LaFaci says:

    Lol it’s the biggest joke ever … we have local artists who should have benefited from this but instead they fill pockets of others with taxpayer funded grants

  33. Well for Sudbury being aparentally an Art captial for talent and wanting all these art projects and expensive art buildings … Why did we get an American to do this and not a local artists ? Just wondering ….

  34. Nicole Gemus Nicole Gemus says:

    I guess you cant think of something more helpful to do with the building

  35. Yes, it’s an eyesore, but that’s far from the real problem.

    Why are we paying $25k to an Artist from LA to do this project, when we have plenty of artists here in Sudbury who could have done it for a fraction of the cost?
    Why is Barrydown paint covering the paint and supplies for free when the rest of our local artists need to pay out of pocket for their paint and supplies for our murals? Most of our local artists end up in the negative after paying for their supplies when commissioning the murals for Sudbury. Monique Legault looking at you! Start demanding your paint be covered too!

    It’s called the “Up Here Festival” yet we’re paying air fare, hotels and 25k to an artist not even from Canada? This artist clearly doesn’t give af about Sudbury or the job he’s doing, otherwise he would have gone much slower and done even coats.

    I yelled up while riding by yesterday if they were going to do a second coat, from the boom lift the guy yelled “fuck off we’re almost out of paint”, how can you be out of paint if it’s being supplied free?

  36. I’m excited to see the finished product, so are the ghosts in the window

  37. Cody Zlotnik Cody Zlotnik says:

    Cant wait to see it done!

  38. Why are there so many negative ppl in Sudbury that whine & complain about everything & everyone. Why not just relax & enjoy what’s out there. Try thinking positive for a change

  39. Karen Landry Karen Landry says:

    Is the artist supplying the paint as well, or is the city paying for it?

  40. My issue and only real issue is that when they decide to do something and finish the building to what ever it is going to be it will be wasting the time and all that with the mural. So in a few years (I hope less let’s figure out what is getting done and do it) they will have to paint over it.

  41. Since something is standing in the way of tearing this place down. I’d say this is the next best thing.

  42. I’ve seen alot of his work and he is an amazing artist.

  43. A wolf? That will actually be cool to see.. I just HOPE drivers are not stupid enough to take pics while driving by, and crossing that center line around the corner to boot… I fear this, even if beautiful, will create moron drivers in this town to cause accidents, because HEAVEN forbid they pay attention to the road, and not get a snap pic while driving..

  44. Connor Green Connor Green says:

    It’s better than nothing but nothing there would be better. Please take it down

  45. Looks like a pride flag to me

  46. The only people complaining about this are people that complain about literally everything. The negative people in this city are really sad.

  47. Some douchebag is going to tag over it anyways.

  48. Ahhhh I see it’s more accept gayness propaganda rainbow crap

  49. Moe Belec Moe Belec says:

    Ashley Carter we should go see this

  50. Fyi. It’s a bunch of Americans doing it. I met them all and none of them are canadain. All from L.A

  51. Matt Taylor Matt Taylor says:

    It’s like putting a top hat on a lump of shit, waste of time and effort. Locals will have it vandalized to fuck in 6 months or less.
    How about Sudbury addresses the homelessness issue, or all the needles, or the steady decline in education, or the lack of jobs if you’re not a miner.

  52. I love the idea of decorating the city with beautiful art murals. It gives the chance for artist to build there name.

  53. it’s still gonna be a huge eyesore.. what a waste

  54. WHy DInT tHeY USe THE MoNEy 4 Da rOadz!

  55. Kori May Kori May says:

    I don’t think it’s going to be a wolf.. it’s going to be larger than the current largest mural in Canada .. which is a wolf on a building in Thompson Manitoba

  56. What a horrible eye sore and poor choice of colour. The crumbling building looked better that this. Im so upset i have to drive by it everyday! Whens it getting removed

  57. Ivan Leo Ivan Leo says:

    Ontario has a Art Mural Grant program to pay for these projects.

  58. Brock says:

    Hopefully tax dollars are NOT paying for this.

  59. Hurts my eyes driving by there!

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