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Just wondering if anyone happens to know when Spotchek normally gets their winter coat selection in stock. Its been years since I’ve been able to buy a nice Columbia winter coat. I’ve always been too big to fit in them but during the pandemic I used my off time to exercise, eat right and lost a whole bunch of weight. I havent had a Columbia coat in about 20 years because of my weight. This is the one thing i want to treat myself to since bikini season is pretty much over.

Any help would be great. My coats normally come from Walmart. Not that they have bad ones, they’ve lasted me, but my coat is not 3 sizes too big and I want bame brand this year and something that will last a few winters. I would also maybe be interested in other name brands and suggestions as to what else to look in to



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gimme a sec ill ask google for ya????

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ramakko’s might be a good place to look. Might find a good sale on last years stock

  3. Anonymous says:

    Call the stores to ask when their winter stock arrives, and you can get an idea of what choices are out there on SportChek’s online website. It will tell you if what you are looking at is in stock in the store or not

  4. Anonymous says:

    What size do you need, I have an extra Columbia winter coat here … but I live in Mattawa

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