Why just cry and make posts? Trudeau is here Wednesday, let’s have him hear us!

So I see a lot of posts about the fall down ruining our country, and is this what we are about? Luckily for us, this Canadian Tyrant is here Wednesday and we should all be out there voicing our displeasure at the job he is doing for himself, and not for Canadians…
Basically an open border to allow terrorist in Canada, millions handed out to everyone, including terrorists but not for anything Canadian, spending millions ridiculously when we have a huge deficit to begin with!
Now the stepping in and interfering with a prosecution for a liberal party big cash supporter, and firing the Attorney general for not taking his orders to stop. (Money does buy a non guilty verdict in Canada) What he has said to vetrens, construction workers, and his general care for anything Canadian. The money he spends on private trips, the fact that now, Americans are starting to look at us as terrorist supporting nation! His wife spends apparently $400,000 a yr on nannies?? Are you kidding me?? While the rest of us struggle with a few dollars saved to keep our kids in daycare so we can work! What does this woman do with her time anyway? $700 million to keep the media in his pocket, ?? Seriously? A open bribe we all bend over and just deal with??
Bottom line is the list continues right down to the fact he is Quebecois Canadian racist hating ass, and if you search on Google enough, the proof of this is in black and white how he thinks they are better then us. Go ahead, search it,.
Also search media outlets in Europe, youtube what the people are saying over there, In 3 years look and see what has now become of Sweden, Germany and Italy with their open border liberal attitudes towards migration has brought them. Broke, outnumbered and afraid to leave their homes. But hey, why listen to the people living there. This is not something that should be ignored because of a soft heart. I like helping people, but I just dont leave my door unlocked and say hey, come on in! Doesnt matter your religion allows you to kill infidels, or rape women, and man is better then your servant wives! And when has religion of a certain group outweighs anyone else’s religion in Canada? We bend over for their religion but kabash others? I’m not a religious person but can see hypocrisy when its slapping you in the face.
Let’s get out there and let this ass know that we are unhappy with his leadership, if that’s what you want to call it, and ruin his day! This bozo the terrorist loving clown, needs to step down!



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  1. Just to spite you Im voting Trudeau

  2. Derek Morgan Derek Morgan says:

    Almost everything you said is completely wrong. Your assumptions about Italy and Germany are hilariously wrong like I was just there, what are you talking about? Over run and afraid to leave their homes. Come on now. If you don’t like Trudeau that’s fine, he’s a politician you should be kinda wary of all of them anyway, always be suspicious of anyone who seeks power, but when you have to make up stuff to make him look worse you have a terrible argument and look brainwashed by memes and lazy propaganda.
    Reality is we don’t have open borders, our crime rate is way down, our gdp is way up and our unemployment is a record low, in those ways we’re improving greatly over the past few years, the snc lavelin investigation is disconcerting, if you want a criticism start there. Seriously, check your sources and think for yourself, memes are never a news source. Don’t fall into this us vs them trap, it’s a divide and conquer method used to manipulate you into clicking on yellow journalism websites to create ad revenue for shady people who make up news stories designed to get you mad and click on more of their articles and share more of their crappy political memes.

  3. Let’s go backwards
    Harper style
    Country is in relatively good shape
    Liberals not perfect but best choice right now
    Peace out

  4. Nice racist post. We’re totes making notes of who liked this crap and some of the comments here as well.

    Have a great Valentine’s Day.

  5. Corey Walker Corey Walker says:

    A new PM isn’t the answer….we need an entirely new system! Replacing one bad link in an entire chain of bad links is fucking pointless! This system doesn’t protect our people, it’s designed to protect itself, it is time for change but for REAL change!

  6. Trina McColman but my aims getting better

  7. I would go I would have been arrested so I just stayed at work because they dated take half my money from work and taxes to pay for all the illegals live in here anyway

  8. He wont be voted out. He’s going to cheat his way into getting re-elected. Also has anyone else ever heard that voting is a made thing so that people feel they have a say but really the decisions for who the PM / politicans will be in are already made up?

    • Tyler Leduc Tyler Leduc says:

      DiCarlantonio Angie okay your like semi right, but im sorry it’s things like this that are said that just make people roll their eyes. People hold very little power yes were aware of it. No voting is not a made up thing, I assure you it exists. No these are not made ahead of time and faked roles. They also believe they hold power to some degree.

    • Personally I don’t see the PM has any real power, people think they do but they are just a poster boy for the top 1% whom pay for everything through loans to the country… they have back office direction and the PM follows suit.

      Great example is the Kinder Morgan pipeline, the back office deal was put this pipeline through, even Harper had agreed it would go through. The deadline past due to BC courts so we broke a back office contract forcing Canada to be accountable for if the deal took to long. The result we bought a pipeline.

  9. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    He, just like every other politician don’t want to hear it. He just wants to walk around with that stupid grin and have everyone swoon over him, which they will because “Prime Minister boyish smile is here”. No one does a townhall cause the give a shit….they do it cause they want to see how many people will show up and lavish attention on them. He does it for ego, not so he can hear about your bullshit problems. In one ear and out the other. He only wants to hear your clapping, other than that, he will just ignore you.

  10. Paula Rennie Paula Rennie says:

    Does anyone have anything positive to say about Trudeau’s competition in the upcoming election?

  11. James Fine James Fine says:

    So, you’re basically a racist then. Glad you cleared that up.

  12. r u fucking stoopid? this guy is destroying us, and you feel sad
    you deserve what you get

  13. James White James White says:

    Go smoke a legal joint and calm down.

  14. Matty Morris Matty Morris says:

    Could be worse.. u could have trump as a president hahahaha

  15. I would take him over any bible-thumping, anti-social conservative any time.

    • James Saidane are you always this stupid?

    • look at it this way, in order for conserv to win they need to flip liberal voters(hence majority last time round) if said voters dont like trud anymore where do u think they have a tendency to go….ndp or conserv,, who has more similar view points, now add the fact that he has such a big majority say 20% of his base flip ndp and even say 20% flip coserv that my friend leaves us with a lib minority

    • 70% or our population si more then smart enough to see through blatant and baseless lies (for example, when trump wanted to make about post-birth illegal, thus j about that and see what the problem is here), the other 40% however are a dumb as peanuts which is an insult to nuts because they aren’t racists to other nuts.

    • James Saidane Let’s do a legitimate experiment right here. There are 5 Likes and 1 Love which both fall under the left wing, then there are 4 laughs however they are ambiguous and can go with either way but for the sake of argument we will put those 4 under the right wing. Now it doesnt take 3rd grade to figure out that 6 out 10 respondents equals exactly 60% while the remaining 4 out 10 respondents equaling 40%. By my calculations, 40% of the country is made up dumb, naive uneducated, brainwashed fools with no empathy for other people and the selfishness only to thrive the lessers expense.

    • Carl Edward Weaver Coming from the guy with trump memorabilia on his Facebook. The value of your opinion to me has about as much pull as a heifer slowing taking a crap. And you sir, are also part of the 40%. You don’t have the mental capacity to debate me, so sit the fuck down and shut up, just like you’ve been doing to anyone else who disagrees with you for decades, until now though. The Conservative Reign of Terror is about to finally end soon. So, unless you neglected to head my warning, bring on your stupid and invalid arguments, otherwise, go check into Ontario Shores. I’m sure they would be eager to take a degenerate such as yourself.

    • Raymond Duhaime I think you might enjoy this bro

  16. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    And our mayor was “honored” . Thats a scary word.

  17. dont care what he says I refuse to follow his rules. 🙂 I listen to family and friends, F*** the rest of the world

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