Why isnt this in the news

I live on mountain street, and the junkies have free rain to do what they please. How can the community keep supporting them, and why isnt the police doing anything about this problem. The photo you see was taken last night, from my understanding someone was squatting in someone’s house with a weapon. They had the whole street closed down and not one of the residents notified.

This is bullshit I grew up in sudbury and it’s the worse it’s been in years.

Keep supporting those people and hopefully this bullshit moves to your front door or your fucken kid gets stuck with a random needle that’s just left in the park where they play.

It’s time to step up and deal with this problem



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  1. Truth Speaker says:

    lol your problem is you live on mountain street, this street has been a bad street full of drunks and drug addicts for the last 60 years. Maybe don’t be a welfare bum living off tax dollars living in bill to income neighbourhoods and you won’t be surrounded by the rift raff.

    • Hmmmmm... says:

      Wow…you seem to be quite judgemental of someone’s whole existence from a little Maybe you should learn to realize there are issues people go through, you seem to have no idea about, but don’t mind making up a situation in your head to justify your ignorance. and your not perfect. Can’t help but call you a douche after our response…Truth seeker! Lol.. more like WhatruthImakemyown!

    • Dave says:

      Wow how narrow-minded and rude.

    • Dave says:

      Wow how narrow-minded and rude. Second comment below was by accident. Sorry

  2. Lmao.. its called swatting. Totally different than squatting.. swatting you make a false call to police. Squatting you are illegally occupying a building or land

  3. Bonnie WM Bonnie WM says:

    The drug epidemic is occurring everywhere. Not sure the jails could hold them all or if that’s even the right place. Let’s start with making treatment and rehab easier. When what you call a “junkie” decides to get help they get buried in paperwork and applications all to be put on a waiting list that can take months. We know how that works out. Maybe some small but meaningful measures can start to help and start holding pharmaceutical companies accountable as well. They knowingly put highly addicted narcotics on the market. Made billions, convinced ppl it was safe when they know otherwise.

  4. Susan Richer Susan Richer says:

    Sudbury is a shit hole now and rent and houses keep going up it’s crazy !!

  5. Ebony Alicia Ebony Alicia says:

    I read this in the news ….

  6. Dani Ellis Dani Ellis says:

    It was definitely on the news, which if you watched or listened to it, you would know it had nothing to do with ‘junkies’.

  7. Jason LaFaci Jason LaFaci says:

    We’re out there trying to fight this and help people yet the public health unit, SACY and city hall aren’t doing anything about it yet we are constantly getting criticized for saving lives …. Sudbury professionals need to wake up and do something before vigilante groups do it for em

  8. Before you bitch you should get the facts Someone called in a shots fired in the building “didn’t happen” So calm down and stop trying to blame it on addictions people can be clean and be assholes and post on Shout out 🙂

  9. Becca Wells Becca Wells says:

    Move to Toronto lol tell me that’s any better

  10. Ricco Swave Ricco Swave says:

    Not in the news cause they don’t want people to boycott the downtown. It’s like the jungle in town be ready for drama drunks stoners and crackheads. Oh maybe carry a pocket knife would be a good idea. Merry Christmas.

  11. It was swatting not squatting. Swatting is when people make a fake phone call to 911 and give an address and say there is guns and stuff so its basically a false call. Learn the difference.

  12. Colin Amer Colin Amer says:

    Police had a section of Howie St. blocked off last night, too. I wonder if this is related.

  13. Matt Major Matt Major says:

    You’re hoping a child gets stuck with a needle? You’re a special kind of fucktard, aren’t ya?

  14. There are two cops cars there , did you expect the whole force …

  15. most junkies get a beating now its ok to bully them if they dont care bout others

  16. I’m pretty sure that they said it was “swatting” not squatting. Educate your self….

  17. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Someone didnt get their skip the dishes

  18. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Oh wow. Hopfully your kids get stuck with needles. Buddy thats so wrong. Go post on the uncut shoutout so we can see who you are. Coward.

  19. Are you for real?
    “Keep supporting those people and hopefully this bullshit moves to your front door or your fucken kid gets stuck with a random needle that’s just left in the park where they play.”

    Your logic and choice of words show how well you handle shit. How about u take this to CTV and ask. Dont forget to Mention your feelings towards kids who play at public parks

  20. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    No revenue being collected arresting junkies. The sooner you realize that the sooner you’ll realize the roll of the police.

  21. Alysha Simon Alysha Simon says:

    Someone got swatted, it has nothing to do with addicts and their personal issues. But thanks for your ignorance.

  22. Cassandra Clement says:

    i literally had no clue. no information was given to me, so i decided to run through back yards and jump fences to get home.
    no time limit, no rhyme or reason, just “you cant go home”
    Now that I see what was really happening, i wish i didn’t jump through all those yards. maybe i could have been hurt.
    but the GSP didn’t share any information, thus creating my life in more jeopardy

    • K says:

      So let me see if I have this correct. Correct me, if I am wrong. You are saying that your life was put in “more jeopardy” bc the police didn’t inform you of what was going on, so they FORCED you to disobey orders? YOUR choosing to ignore police orders and YOUR choosing to jump people’s fences, and YOUR choosing to run through their back yards had absolutely NOTHING to do with your life POSSIBLY being placed in “more jeopardy”? Is that what you are saying?
      I REALLY hope this is just a sarcastic, stir the pot type post, bc if not, I just have no words….

  23. Wasn’t in the news? It was all over the place…

  24. And the SWAT claims another victim…

  25. Natalie Bourcier mountain street!

  26. Lisa White Lisa White says:

    Wow better hope that is not your kid or someone you know!! What a fucking attitude you have ASSHOLE!!!

  27. Andrew Hinds Andrew Hinds says:

    Wait lmao let me get this straight. You’re mad cause they closed “your” street down without telling you? The fact that it’s about drug addicts has nothing to do with it.. it could have been anything a murder suspect. I’d hate being your neighbour and I’d make sure to grow my plants right where you can see them lol

  28. Its says way more about you that you wish a child gets stuck by an infected needle then the users themselves. What have you done to help with this issue? What contributions have you given to harm reduction? Have you donated any of your dwellings at a reduced rate/subsidized rate for affordable housing? Instead of pointing out problems be part of the solution.

  29. Ginger May Ginger May says:

    It was reported, actually, and updated frequently. I live here too-I heard all of the sirens. Turns out it was a prank. Sounds like your hate and ignorance is showing.

  30. Bad attitude! These groups of needle users need help and support not someone bashing them….hope u dont need help one day

  31. Stan Specht Stan Specht says:

    And that’s why I moved to the county

  32. It was a swatting should be mad at the person or people called in this prank, wasting valuable emergency services resources to play a prank…it isn’t always a person struggling with addiction that causes problems…there are all kinds of assholes in the world…

  33. I believe the person was swatted. I believe an article said that. Happens a lot in the States.

  34. James Nash James Nash says:

    Although there was no weapons.. Someone got swatted. Its a trend for youtubers streaming FIRST PERSON SHOOTER games …look it up.

  35. It was all over Facebook and Twitter.

  36. Sudbury 420 has tried to do what they can. But they keep getting put down because people only complain and dont so shit themselves.

  37. Tina Fay Tina Fay says:

    Fuckin’ moron. It’s a swatting story, not a squatting story. LMAO

  38. Sudbury is fixing the problem with free needle program lol

  39. Ginger Niemi Ginger Niemi says:

    OP should read the full story.

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