Why is the Autism Rate So High in Sudbury

It seems odd that the autism average rate in Ontario is 1 in 66 children, but in Sudbury it is 1 in 36. Why are these Liberal voting complainers not trying to find out the reason for this absurd number?
I find it curious that they blame Doug Ford for what was a Mcguinty/Wynne issue.



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  1. Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

    Im sorry to hear Cameron

  2. Marty Neas Marty Neas says:

    347 is not one in 33.. there are over 75000 people here.. check your math

  3. My question is: why does it matter?

  4. I hate sudbury. This city is filled with trailer park pos with leaky brains filled with drugs

  5. Nick Pitt Nick Pitt says:

    Whole lotta not-doctors thinking they’re doctors

    Shoutout Sudbury, we gonna make these asinine posts not anonymous? because it needs to be a thing

  6. I like to have the general public just assume whatever, they are good at that

  7. Nick Pitt Nick Pitt says:

    Needs to have a [sarcasm] font

  8. Higher for autoimmune diseases and MS too.

  9. Do some research before you post. There are 391 children in Sudbury who are either receiving therapy or on the waitlist. At 1 in 36 that would imply there are on 14,000 children in Sudbury.

    Census data from 2016 shows we had 18,000 youth and that number has risen since. So that is not accurate.

  10. S.d. Lindsay S.d. Lindsay says:

    Lots of our stats are high….it’s mostly lifestyle…

  11. Keep on fuckin feeding your habit n be 6 feet Under n your child suffer in the long run LIKE THEY CARE IF THEY DID THEY GET HELP !!!! OR U HAVE A STILLBIRTH dont think needles r cool fucking bull shit fucking snort it lose pop another one but think twice opening You legs N U KNOW GOV CAVED NOT THEY TAKE A STUPID METHADOME DRINK N WHAT THERE STILL ATTICS THAT SHIT ADDICTING SUPPOSE TO HELP U BULL SHIT

  12. Theres so many drug attics in women why beats me

  13. N youll alll have FUCKED UP CHILDREN BECAUSE OF U

  14. There all on flippin drugs who care ehh just KEEP ON INJECTING

  15. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    vacination is one cause to it

    • James Judd James Judd says:

      the reason this vaccination myth came into play is because of timelines. Autism is hard to diagnose before the age of 1, and children receive many vaccinations in that time frame. This caused this “doctor” to come up with the theory that vaccinations were linked to autism when in all reality, it’s nearly impossible to see all the signs of autism until the child starts to walk and talk.

  16. Wesley Beers Wesley Beers says:

    You try being a fetus while mom driving on these roads

  17. Must have something to do with the mines?

  18. Cameron Laface I guess that would make the dumb af your kin??

  19. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Pamela Russell i get so high i come close lel

  20. Angel Leach Angel Leach says:

    I think it’s important to also remember many things are set in the first five years of a child!! We also live in a diagnosis society!! Sad really!

  21. Doug Ford is the asshole that took away autism programs. If autism was caused by vaccines then everyone would be autistic. You anti vaxxers are nothing but dumbasses with running mouths.

  22. Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

    Seems like all the parents of autistic children here have some sort of inability to think beyond the doctor dribble….perhaps a tad scared of realizing it may have been your fault in some way shape or form!?

  23. Then I guess that would explain the op’s stats lmao

  24. Cameron Laface there are so many antivaxers in Sudbury. People can’t tell if your joking because they have seen so many posts like this that are serious.

  25. What if autism is linked to marijuana? 🙂

  26. Someone told me that if a pregnant women drinks a lot of coke or Pepsi during first three months that autism, obesity amongst a number of illnesses to the new born will likely occur.

  27. Cameron Laface Considering you were fortunate enough to have 3 beautiful children, you’re very cavalier with the snide remarks. Vacs have been debunked 1000 + 1 times as the cause of autism. It’s been proven autism is a chemical imbalance in the brain. STOP blaming parents & forcing horrible guilt, for doing what they considered best to protect their children when, in reality, they are totally blameless.

  28. It’s actually been a Mike Harris that he did in 1998.

    We’re still suffering to this day.

  29. Btw who ever thinks this is serious is clearly dumb af

  30. I agree the rate is extremely high here

  31. Please provide your sources on those numbers. I highly suspect they are inflated numbers. Even so, Sudbury has a higher rate of alot of diseases or disabilities and I believe that a part of that is due to environmental factors are pollution from mining both in the air and in our drinking water which gets its way into our meat and produce..

    • Absolutely Eliza, I have lived here my entire life and have seen what our area looked like prior to re-greening in the 80;s. We looked like no mans land for a fifty mile radius, nothing but black rock coming into the city. Our lakes and streams have been severely polluted and it has certainly gone into the soil at one point. Before the superstack we would have air quality days where the smog was so thick we awoke and felt like we were sucking on matches all night. We had to walk in a line holding on to the leader to get to school because we could not see for the smog, keep windows closed at school as well. The tailing pond is still leaking in to Long Lake and moving its way to the Vermillion river. Acid rain was so bad there would be cars lined up getting new paint jobs no questions asked. Inco is without doubt the culprit for so many problems up here including cancer.

  32. If those numbers are correct it definitely isn’t stating that out of the 66% in Ontario, 36% is in Sudbury alone. It would state that 36% of the Sudbury population has a form of autism. The autism spectrum is incredibly vast. I have friends and family members who I had no idea until recently they have autism because of how mild it is. I also have family who have severe autism. 36% is not that large especially considering that out of the 36% some have recently moved in order to obtain better health care towards the issue.

  33. What about using drugs and alcohol too prior to pregnancy?and during too.

  34. Why does it matter? I have friends who happen to have autism and they’re amazing. I wouldn’t change them for the world.

  35. James Judd James Judd says:

    Bad food choices???

    Ever think that Sudbury is the Tertiary hospital that is the most referred for people in the north? That this alone causes more people from the north to move to Sudbury in order to get the proper resources for their children?

    That Sudbury has one of the only Neonatal Intensive Care Units that accept premature babies in and around the 29 week mark? That prematurity causes a higher risk of developmental delays such as autism?

    That further north (Timmins area) there may be 1 or 2 occupational therapists, speech therapists, and physiotherapists that are qualified to work with children. That kids are getting therapy maybe once every 6 weeks due to the territory the therapist has to cover? (Kapuskasing to New Liskard)

    Sudbury being the hub for all of the north will draw more people who have children with disabilities to move here in order to get the best possible care for their children! This would definitely cause a change in the autism ratio!

    It’s not the food!

    • Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

      And what does all this government funding have to do with having healthy kids

    • Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

      Well if mental health is a health issue nowadays…wouldn’t an autistic child therefore be unhealthy?!?

    • You’re not serious Danielle. What did you think ? It was an award ?!

    • James Judd I totally agree. A lady from a small northern town about an hour away from Timmins… told me that her son (who has severe apraxia like my own son.).. only gets a speech Pathologist from Timmins to come every 6 months for two days. There is definitely a reason why people are moving to Sudbury. The sad thing though is that for Apraxia, there is still not enough resources even here for children like my son.

    • Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

      Ya I’d say by some definitions of healthy, autism could mean unhealthy since it’s not something that desired by people who struggle with it. Everybody has something that isnt healthy about them and thats ok! I wonder how a group of people that are offended by everything try and describe something thats obviously not desired to each other, without using any words that could possibly have any kind of negative intent! He’s diff…I mean he can’t…umm…I mean he doesn’t..ummm..I mean he’s no the best at….uh…how could i say this…” like C’mon!!! Lol

    • James Judd they will only take 29 weeks+ anything less and you have to be sent to Toronto sick kids hospital. Where they have ALL the recourses they need to care for premature baby and mom… Sudbury sucks big balls! They’re birthing centre is awful and neo clinic isn’t top of the line either. (Both my kids were preemie so I do appreciate the work of the staff) hospital wise though. They were awful, protocol was THE WORST and actually put my daughter in danger! Sudbury is the shittiest place, I would reccomend anyone who has a choice to have your baby elsewhere! Lol

    • Andre Belanger Austim isn’t a disease that you can catch from one person to the next. And those who have it should be awarded with the amazing qualities and abilities that those (you) are less fortunate to have.. you’re some sorta stupid if you think it’s “unhealthy” to be a person with Austim..

    • Chanel Russell my gf and I actually elected to have our son in North Bay instead of Sudbury! Beautiful hospital and the birthing rooms are private rooms and modern!

    • James Judd James Judd says:

      Chanel Russell I know from experience as well, and I’m not saying Sudbury hospital is great by any means…

      All I’m saying is Sudbury is where a lot of people are sent from the north.

      As for Sudbury’s Children treatment centre? I have nothing but great things to say about them. Which is why I relocated to the Sudbury district to get more resources for my boys

    • James Judd & anybody who can get that can maybe understand that taking their treatment will be our community’s problem.

  36. Where did you get those numbers?

  37. Toxicity maybe. We also have a very high cancer rate

    • Amanda Kay Amanda Kay says:

      Ashley Rachkowski the growing number of children with thyroid issues its staggering. I have a daughter who’s hypothyroid/Hashimoto. The symptoms blend between autism and bipolar when levels are out of whack. Best way I can describe it.

      Every single child who has symptoms of autism or ADHD should have their T3 T4 and TSH levels checked.
      For some odd reason Sudbury doesn’t test first and many are left misdiagnosed

    • Amanda Kay Amanda Kay says:

      Ashley Rachkowski the growing number of children with thyroid issues its staggering. I have a daughter who’s hypothyroid/Hashimoto. The symptoms blend between autism and bipolar when levels are out of whack. Best way I can describe it.

      Every single child who has symptoms of autism or ADHD should have their T3 T4 and TSH levels checked.
      For some odd reason Sudbury doesn’t test first and many are left misdiagnosed

    • Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

      Finally someone who actually seems to know something about what they are talking about…..

  38. Dave says:

    It is likely that Sudbarians keep voting Liberal and NDP even though they have really done nothing to help improve the city and that includes the Bob Rae years. The left political parties see Sudbury as a safe vote so they do not place many resources here for prevention.
    In turn, Health Sciences North has a budget the size of a hospital that serves 500,000 plus in Southern Ontario, but lacks the services.

  39. Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

    I think it has more to do with the bad food choices ….everything processed and ready to it…..and the take out and restaurant industry is steadily rising..,no one eats home made anymore ….and a woman wanting to conceive and have a healthy child should eat clean two years prior to even thinking about having a baby….do your research people

  40. Umm, maybe because it was his administration that are forcing the cuts to autism funding. Nobody said anything about the autism rate. Typical uneducated opinion from a typical un-compassionate conservative.

    • Ivan Leo Yeah I like my information to be up to date. How stupid do you think I am. You think I wouldn’t do my due diligence? Oh yeah it’s you white nationalist morons that dont do that.

    • Ivan Leo I dont need to do that. Your doing it to yourself. Go ahead and out yourself as a selfish conservative. It was made painfully obvious the other day who your admired followers of your demented ideology are and such, are just as guilty for advancing that evil agenda.

    • Ivan Leo I dont need to do that. Your doing it to yourself. Go ahead and out yourself as a selfish conservative. It was made painfully obvious the other day who your admired followers of your demented ideology are and such, are just as guilty for advancing that evil agenda.

    • Hmm.. Trying to get 18000 kids off the wait list is evil? Since when?

      What’s evil is a 3 year waiting list for all these kids. To explain, IBI therapy works significantly better between the ages 4 to 6. Most people get their kids diagnosis at around 4 years old.. Which means the wait until 7 years old to get needed care. This has a significant long term increase in cost of services because of the wait.

      Let’s also talk about a little liberal secret (I lived this personally with getting support for my 2 autistic kids). Even though they promised the world of care for all parents, they deliberately delayed and avoided funding under the guise of a mandate(the upper ups telling the front line there is no money or resources).

      Conservatives aren’t being selfish here.. They are trying to give every kid a chance. Sure some parents will receive less funding.. But they likely won’t receive less services.. They will just have to shop it around..

    • They will get less services because there will be less funding and less funding will equal less work for those who administer services and then fewer jobs. Good luck shopping around in such an expensive part of healthcare btw

    • Patrick Merjo Oh dont give me that bullshit. Everything the conservatives do has some sort of nefarious purpose behind it. You wanna out yourself as a spineless conservative be my guest. You have to answer for your ideologies demented actions. And your supposed to a parent, you must be pretty informed if you can sit at home comfortably while hundreds of mothers and fathers protest daily at queens park. So you know better than them? Don’t make me laugh. Your just as detestable as your fat saviour, you probably stood behind him as he forcibly ejected protesters putting him and your dumb health minister on the spot. For the people my ass.

    • Patrick Merjo my daughter was diagnosed with severe ASD and Global Development Delays at 2.5 years old. With these changes, she will NEVER get ABA therapy and her SLP and OT end when she starts school. She has no concept of danger, she’s a flight risk, she won’t stay seated on a bus, she can’t feed or dress herself, she says very few words and she wears diapers so please tell me again how the changes to the OAP are going to help my daughter at school and get ABA therapy?

  41. It’s all the inbreeding.

  42. You realize that Autisim is genetic and not a phase or a trend?

  43. You realize you’re measuring a way different size of population….

  44. Mars Ulrich Mars Ulrich says:

    Could have something to do with why trees don’t grow and all the rocks are stained black, but that’s just a hunch.

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