Why is it so expensive to live here

Grew up here and still can’t understand why this place is so expensive to live. What makes Sudbury so premium to make it OK to charge high rent and have huge tax increases of 3.5% property and 7.5% water? This ain’t Toronto. Transit costs more than most neighbouring communities. I feel like we are all getting ripped off, some of you except this but I can’t. I know I can get more for less some where else and I encourage others to think about it.

Are you gonna be able to afford your rent in 5-10 years.. or how about your house? Surely a tax hike of 3.5 land and 7.5 water each year is going to take its toll. Downtown is uninviting and dangerous. I seen pics of it 50 years ago and it had streetcars and looked like a bustling fun place. It looked so nice, can we not get that back? Sudbury has good features and things to offer, but its not run good at all. We need change here or us young people are going to keep moving on to other areas that are more successful.

Theres also so much crime, likely the fallout of the deficiencies of the city and fixable when the city becomes more success oriented. Right now there is a eat or be eaten kinda vibe going on here.


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  1. BETTY says:

    Population per capita is greater in the southern part of the province. We don’t have the population to sustain the North without the high tax base and even with it we are sustained by southern tax dollars. It sucks, without a doubt, but that is the reality of it and has been for decades

    Using words like “ain’t” and “gonna” when trying to make an intelligent assessment makes people immediately not take you seriously… You seem like a smart individual that makes some really valid points, don’t bumb yourself down.

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