Why do we doubt people’s beliefs?

Is it because we may not have experienced the same phenomena we think therefore it simply cannot be? I have experienced ghosts and UFOs. I am not crazy, nor am I on drugs. These things happened, and oh boy do I believe. I am not religious but I do believe in miracles created by the power of our energy from prayer. I give someone the benefit of the doubt when they tell me they believe in something because really who am I to judge. Unless it has happened to you, you just never really know for sure do you?



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  1. Karl Puiras Karl Puiras says:

    I don’t believe or respect beliefs because, well, have you MET people? They’re fuckin insane!

  2. there are SOME things we can be sure didnt happen to anyone tho.. miracles and ghosts are part of those things

  3. Have you even watched One Strange Rock. Like it was so random and perfect for life to be created here the chances of their being a planet with Spock is slim. Single celled organisms probably, space flying, anal probing aliens…probably not.

  4. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    People dont believe in Aliens or the possibility of them. It just isn’t possible. But, there is a guy….with a white robe and a beard, and he’s all powerful, and he lives in the clouds and he sees and knows everything and controls us. And he loves us, but he makes us suffer and lets us die and be sad, for things that we never did, but the very first two fucks up he made (even though god is infallible), so he punished us for his fuck up, etc….And it’s not possible that a more advanced society made us and periodically checks up on us, no…its the guy in the cloak that we’ve never seen because if you do you will die (yeah great cover). I have flown in planes many times, if you went back 100 years ago, they’d tell you (because they couldn’t fly) oh yeah he’s up there. Pulling his daily miracles….I’ll put everything i have on the aliens and ufo’s. At this point, they’re the safer bet.They’re both kind of the same stories, but thanks to technology and science…call me crazy, i’ll say the aliens are more feasible if i’m going to say i believe in any of it.

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  6. Nick Kennedy Nick Kennedy says:

    Audburys officially fucked for life

  7. Jeff says:

    Canada is a free country and you can believe anything you want, unicorns, UFOs, ghosts, Trump etc… as long as you don’t pose a threat to yourself or society and bog down our healthcare system with your BS. The world is yours

  8. Kyla Lee-Owl Kyla Lee-Owl says:

    I upset a flat earther last week so I am staying out of this!

  9. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    It’s a proven fact energy ….which we are made of…doesn’t die. It only transforms into a different energy.
    I may never have seen a ghost but ave definitely had “something” that has created electrical phenomenon …..

  10. Tom Campbell, physicist, look him up

  11. Ghosts are not real. UFO’s are though, without a doubt. And I am for sure not crazy.

  12. Extraordinary events require extraordinary evidence… like that time I seen elvis and bigfoot get abroad that alien spacecraft!

  13. Many people simply refuse to believe what they see. There are real documented unexplained phenomena out there. The closest thing that could describe what I saw in the valley over the course of a summer is this: There are many similarities between the hessdalen region of norway and the sudbury region, they say old copper mines and the geography of the region could maybe cause them

    • Jeff g says:

      Sorry, but you are wrong. Just because there is no accepted single scientific explanation for similar phenomena, does not mean it is supernatural or aliens. Let me remind you that a few hundred year ago people could not fully explain lightning, radio waves or electricity. Humans are still working and gathering knowledge and insight about the world around us. You are not helping with imaginary friends at all, all of these imaginary theories have failed again and again throughout the ages.

  14. Alex Lozier Alex Lozier says:

    Ghost and UFO experiences have been proven to be overwhelmingly caused by “waking dreams” combined with an another stimulus. The brain can do amazing things. Sorry but they’re are no ghosts. As for aliens they certainly exist but so far evidence of their visiting us has been dubious at best

    • Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

      Alex Lozier if I’m having waking dreams there are plenty of other things I’d be seeing besides UFOS….like winning lottery, naked Shemar Moore, and riding in my Lamborghini….
      So why out of 5 billion people has no one reported any wake dreams of anything OTHER than ghosts or UFOS?

    • There’s declassified government documents proving that we have had contact with extraterrestrials. Why do people still think there is no evidence of this lol

  15. “I am not crazy”.

    A crazy person wouldn’t make that claim, I’m sure. Carry on.

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