Why angst & sour grapes

Why are people so quick to rule out karma. Why do so many think karma is a punishment. There’s been a plan mapped out for you since conception my good friends. What will be will be. And what comes in between the plans and dharma will either be part of the plan and feeling like somthing pleasant or it won’t feel pleasant. The rest of how we choose to deal with it all is free will. But either way why do we try so hard sometimes to deny destiny and fate. Like a tiny speck like us can somehow rewrite human code and override the big plan of it all. We can’t. We can either roll with the punches for less pain and bruising along the way and work with the science and brilliance and miracles of it all, or we can go against everything that was meant to be and come up with some pretty big self inflicted wounds. It is our choice. No one else’s “fault”. Everything that ever was and everything that ever will be is all part of the big plan, my sweet friends.

Peace, health and ❤️



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  1. If everything is pre-destined and part of some “plan”… why do people bother praying? Or going to church? You apparently can’t change the plan, so why sit there whining and begging for something different?

  2. Gail Decaire the person who wrote this is probably one of my haters from previous post that can’t save money lol sounds like some milenial bs

  3. Joe Wilson Joe Wilson says:

    Its just karma.

    Honestly tl;dr.dc.

  4. Better to stand alone for what you believe than to sit for the uniformed acceptance.

  5. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    Karma is a Woman. So is Mother Nature, the Three Fates, AND God. They are all mad at us for how we treat each other and the Planet!

  6. Britt Any Britt Any says:

    Wtf.. Life is what you make it. Its not a damn plan.. Lol

  7. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Not everything is peachy .. you never know what awaits you…

  8. Lol there is no plan. We make up our own lives with our actions.

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