Sucks to be this guy, why would anybody go to greater Sudbury graphics when they can’t even spell eavestrough correctly ?

Expensive mistake for CHR roofing lol



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  1. I think this is technically spelt with or without the would be plural and one singular. Eavetrough is not incorrect, we are just accustomed to saying eaves as there’s more than one

  2. Pam Bourcier Pam Bourcier says:

    Really it’s not wrong. And I’m sure he had to proof read and approve it before hand.

    Basically it’s the Singular form meaning one eave trough.

    But in today’s English Eavestrough is “correct”

    Unfortunately, we can’t have a single eave in English. At least not any more. Originally, the Anglo-Saxon word efes WAS a singular noun. It just happened to end in -s (the plural was efesen). But, as we have seen before with skate, cherry, biceps and hero, apparently the English-speaking brain just cannot wrap itself around singulars ending in -s. So “eaves” came to be interpreted as a plural for which there is no corresponding singular.

    But with that being said eavetrough can be used in the singular form.

    Free advertising = smart man

  3. Ingrid Rose Ingrid Rose says:

    Trevor did an amazing job wrapping my storefront! Professional, punctual, attentive to detail…..I can’t recommend him highly enough!

  4. This was clearly worth every penny due to free advert

  5. Not like he’s a roofer anyway. He’s just a thief and crook taking ppl’s money to be a middle man and hiring someone else to do it. Let’s not forget he’s a rapist too.

  6. Andre Wonder Marcus Savage

  7. It worked he got everyone’s attention lol

  8. Sad part looks like the idiot that took the pic is standing on the guys front lawn to take the pic tresspassing

  9. No spelling mistake. Eave trough is correct spelling.
    I’m disappointed that only one person on this comments thread, other than myself, noticed and acknowledged that. A dictionary is a useful tool. It’s a shame so many people don’t seem to know how to use one.

  10. John Brown John Brown says:

    Mikey Jameus really that much huh. For roofing. Easy to say

  11. Well, you noticed and helped advertise by posting this. Brilliant marketing!

  12. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    Rem when the Sudbury Regional Police had the Red Maple Leaf painted on the sides. The guy who painted them made them look like pot leaves. Then they painted new, leaf like ones over top but with thinner paint so you could still see the old leaf under. Guy got fired. Never ever heard anything but good about GSG and their work.. Roofer is an …

  13. Don’t blame the printer. Blame the designer. Someone had to proof this. The sign companies are NOT responsible for your oopsies.

  14. Troy Lamond Troy Lamond says:

    to bad the client couldn’t of spell checked an approved his own wrap that was going on his own vehicle… I can garuntee the GSG asked the client to approve the work being printed……so really whos at fault here?…..this site is junk , its brought attention to the public about the bad companys out there, but also the good ones that didn’t deserve to be slandered such as this one ….will continue to support them anyday!

  15. I think it’s an unimportant error. A lot of people say eavetrough. Doubt many would have noticed if it wasn’t splashed all over Facebook. Now I’m thinking of making a slight spelling mistake on my own trucks so I can have the free advertising. LOL

  16. Nova Fox Nova Fox says:

    And by the way, evetrough is a word (checking a dictionary before commenting is probably a good idea)

  17. Nova Fox Nova Fox says:

    For those who comment, but don’t necessarily understand how the industry works, absolutely nothing gets printed or installed without client approval. This company is in fact amazing to work with.

  18. Nick Mabbott Nick Mabbott says:

    Nice block shingling on your profile … way to null and void any warranty ….. gong show roofing 101 …. whats your companies name ill check and see if you are up to date with yoir wsib ….. probably not …

  19. Nick Mabbott Nick Mabbott says:

    Mikey Jameus of course they do ! I have forgot more about roofing than you will ever know since i started typing this ….. now go get the shingle stretcher grunt .

  20. Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

    Nick Mabbott still pay dirt cheap?? Flat roofing #1 gets paid upwards of 40 – 50 dollars an hour. Labourers get paid more than the lead hand at Patricks Roofing.

  21. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    To busy being Taught Cursive in school

  22. Trevor says:

    as the owner of the business I just want to point out that in multiple discussions with the client I did mention to him that the word is misspelled but he insisted on it being this way. I make sure every project is signed off before I even print.

  23. Brad Holden Brad Holden says:

    Greater Sudbury Graphics is one of the top Graphics companies in the City.The owner Trevor M. Munavish is usually meticulous with the work he does. I suspect this was either intentional or in the rare event it was a mistake(they happen) then I’m confident he will do everything in his power to make it right. I know from experience that GSG are very committed to Client satisfaction.

  24. It’s ok, most people can’t read anyways.

  25. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    You know what’s bad about bad spelling that chances you will remember the bad signs Name more then you will remember the right spelling Think about it something that is wrong is more thought about then something right

  26. And that’s a fail.
    You’re fired.

  27. Awwww thats so unfortunate… jeeeez

  28. Ty Lockton Ty Lockton says:

    Wait until you see their tattoo.

  29. Kelly Jane Kelly Jane says:

    Sad thing is, when you order a sign the printers print exactly what you tell them too. I guess the roofing company should’ve triple checked the spelling.

  30. No regrets bud not even one letter

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