Who goes to see Who?

when you purchase products someone is selling in a MLM scheme, either just to support your friend or because you genuinely like the products (I’m looking at you, Scentsy), who goes to see who to complete the transaction? does the seller deliver or is the buyer responsible for picking it up? i don’t know, just seems if i’m supporting your monthly sales in one way or another, shouldn’t you at least drop off my purchase instead of making me run around your schedule to pick up what i’ve spent a lot of $$ on? what’s the protocol around this? am i being harsh in thinking THEY should DELIVER their product?



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  1. Most likely deliver because it increases likelihood of sale but it’s not mandatory. If you need a product from the store you have to go retrieve it. Whether you’re supporting your friend or not, at the end of the day your sales transaction should be separate from your friendship and whatever she normally does for completing transactions should apply. If she chooses to be nice and deliver when she usually doesnt, then that’s great… but if not then you know in the future to go with someone that does deliver.

  2. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Agreed. Find someone who delivers.

  3. If your not paying for delivery then you should go get it. Just my opinion.

  4. Dawn Kippax Dawn Kippax says:

    1 of my friends sells multiple companys she either delivers or agrees to meet up whenever possible

  5. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    It’s like Avon, not too many would go pick up as there are so many sales reps. Also lots of people at work by, so rep brings it to work..Except scentsy parties. Some pple sell scentsy, I’m sure not everyone rep drives.

  6. I deliver.. but sometimes i also have people come to me (specially if im clearimg my inventory at lower prices)

  7. I always delivered unless the person told me they would be in the area and would pick up. I think as a rep its really your duty to deliver the product to your customers. After all, they’re helping support your business.

  8. Initially, I think it’s the sellers but sometimes it’s not practical. If you set the tone for you picking it up for a while then it’s your court to change things. Say something or pay the shipping to fedex it or whatever,

  9. As an old seller.. you always are supposed to deliver the product you sell..

  10. It’s an mlm so they already have a web site they could have it delivered to them or to their post office. This person is trying to save shipping.

  11. Anne Bruneau Anne Bruneau says:

    I usually deliver but it really depends on our schedules. Maybe your rep doesn’t have a car?

  12. I sell scentsy and I always deliver unless otherwise decided with my customer. I also add little extra something as a thank you if they do pick up. Mind you I do it if I deliver too lol

    • Josee St.Onge right!!! If they are going to trust me and support my business even tho there are lots of other reps to choose from I want them to know I appreciate them choosing me. I’m in a small town so it means alot when they help me keep my business running

  13. There is no protocol lol
    It’s whatever is convenient for the buyer and seller.

  14. Umm they should 100% deliver . Or have a home show where you pick up.

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