Who calls for school bus cancellations?

Curious as to who decides that school buses dont run? First off, let’s get safety for the kids out of the way, if we were so concerned about safety, shouldnt they have seat belts? Secondly thes buses are designed to handle a 6 inch snow fall, and of all the years running how many children have been hurt in a school bus accident because of snowfall? We have apparently trained drivers to care for our kids driving buses, no? We all survived the harsh snowfall days on the school bus in the 70-90’s without major crashes and death!
But I would really like to know who decides? If it’s the bus company calling so many days off, does the school board get reimbursed for that days payment to the bus company? I’m sure not having to run your fleet on a snow day is quite the nice payday! And if it’s the school board, if it’s too rough for these big road machines to handle, which are heavy enough for most snowfalls to drive thru with ease, then why do you open the schools and enforce your staff to drive to work, or the parents to drive their kids in is ok? Or the younger ones that live within walking distance, walk? Kind of a double standard your putting there on who’s lives matter then aren’t you? But my point in all this really is I personally think its ridiculous with a 5 or 6 inch snowfall school buses are down, but can do the job no problem hands down. So if bus lines are making the call, maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to call these snowdays if cash reimbursement is involved, and maybe school board would consider letting the whole school board shut down for the day with no pay to the people making this choice, since this affects so many families who need to work but have to stay home because their child cant take the bus, and lose a days pay, or get the heat from management about their job being affected missing work. Am I the only one who thinks that a few inches of snow to be absolutely absurd to cancel school over??



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  1. I have raised this question many times. And everytime im called out for laughing at buses getting cancelled due to snow i always point out if they cared about the safety the buses would have come with seat belts from day one.

  2. So do you not think a bus getting stuck in snow or breaking down in the back of skead at -50 with a bunch of JK’s and Sk’s should be worried? We are NOT all living in the heart of Sudbury lmfaooo! Omggg get educated dumbasses

  3. James Laforest what about all the retard drivers on the roads while our little people are out there waiting? Often my road in new sudbury isn’t plowed until the next day. My son, who is in jk struggles to walk in the deep snow. Yes, we did it when we were kids and didn’t die, but that doesn’t make it right- they are obviously doing this for a reason. I’m sure if they didn’t cancel the buses, the same group of people would be whinning about that too…

  4. Staying away from this post. I get annoyed with people who bitch about snow days.

  5. Drake White there is one adult for upto 72 children!

  6. no snow today sure were alot of accidents

  7. D.j. Dean D.j. Dean says:

    LOL! I like this post! Over 91 comments as of now, and some idiots as usual with their no brain comments but a great debate and alot od information being provided, MUCH BETTER THEN…Yo ur girl is with me tonight or I f**ked your mama and sister…

  8. Sue Landry Sue Landry says:

    No sense in arguing, read the posts I shared, it may answer some of your questions!

  9. Jill Rogers Jill Rogers says:

    The schools are still open, regardless of the weather conditions. I have friends who are teachers, they still have to show up for work. If the poster could find other means of getting thier children safetly to school on those days, the teachers will be there to greet and teach

  10. Nicole Rees Nicole Rees says:

    Recently we had a fatal accident on our bus route. If they think the roads aren’t safe than I’m with them. Not all bus routes are in the city where the plows have been. some bus routes are more than an hour long. Very easily could have been a bus in that accident. My childs life is more important!

  11. Alex Charest Alex Charest says:

    Seat belts? Imagine unbuckleling 40 kids if smething bad happen…

  12. I think it has more to do with kids waiting for buses in extreme cold. Instead of cancelling buses, the school boards should just announce complete school closures, even telling teachers not to come in. That is what they do at Wellington County/Kitchener/Cambridge district boards (here in Guelph).

  13. Jim McEwen Jim McEwen says:


  14. Karl Puiras Karl Puiras says:

    Thanks for illustrating so well all the things they’re supposed to be able to do and did for decades. Life is risk. Deal with it. Fucks sakes

  15. “shouldn’t they have seatbelts?”

    You sounded completely stupid just a few lines in lol. Has no one ever taught that during an emergency it’s faster to get the kids off the bus without the use of seatbelts? I’m pretty sure in grade 1 they go over this with the kids SMH lol.
    When it’s -40 and these kids are waiting outside it’s torture, and due to buses being diesel, they don’t enjoy the cold so there’s a good chance the bus is going to be 15 or more minutes late. Buses barely even warm up too, and if it was to break down children would be waiting in -35 for another bus.
    The only roads that get plowed by time buses are out are main roads, and ones city buses go down. Any side streets or people who live on the outskirts don’t see a plow till mid day,if one even decides to go by. You should probably give your a head a shake and realize these buses are carrying our wee ones, the ones we love the most, our future, and if the buses get cancelled than it’s solely because safety is an issue.

  16. 1. It’s not the bus drivers
    2. It’s not the school board
    3. It’s literally in the hands of a few people at the consortium.
    And lastly you can drive your kids to school.

  17. You’re not the only one that thinks it’s absurd that buses are cancelled on only a few inches of snow. When I was a kid I had to walk to school in tons of snow. And when I took the bus as a teenager we still had to go to school when there was a ton of snow. Its pathetic if you ask me. Maybe I should sue the school board for putting my life in so call danger when I took the bus as a teenager lol

  18. Isn’t it so the buses and the school stay on schedule and almost nothing to do with safety

  19. Lydia Gaudreau you are correct. Busses are MUCH heavier than normal cars. Therefore have better traction. I am only 32. And I remember the buses driving in deeper snow. And in -30 weather. Dress properly…and drive slower. Its winter. Winter has never changed. Well sorry one thing has. Many many more snowflakes. We all did it as a kid. And we didnt die. We are still here.

  20. I’d bet you’re the same kind of fucktard that sends their kid to school when they’re sick.

  21. Those buses are like big missiles going down the highways and side roads. If people don’t like it, drive your kids to school.. But < I sure as hell would not put my kids on a bus in dangerous conditions.. If the consortium calls for buses off the road, there is a reason for it

  22. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    So so so many triggered …

  23. seatbelts are actually less safe when used in a bus

  24. Jewel Rain Jewel Rain says:

    If there was a significant snow fall and you were the one to make the decision that a snow day is out of the question and a school bus full of 4 year olds gets into an accident and die, would you want to be the one to have to live with that? I think not. Safety first. If your that concerned, drive your child to school.

  25. Sue Topps Sue Topps says:

    Imagine a child not 100% properly dressed at the side of the road waiting for the bus and its late cause it couldn’t start…imagine that was your child and he or shr ended up with severe frostbite from haning to wait???

  26. On the seat belt note, in an emergency, the driver would never get everyone too young to do it themselves unclipped in time.
    And part of the reason for cancellations is they can’t let kids wait at bus stops below a certain temperature. Sorry you have to find a babysitter for your kid but you can drop them off at school. It’s open.

  27. Connor Green Connor Green says:

    Lmfao you won the internet today for the dumbest rant. #clueless

  28. Pretty sure it’s the Insurance companies.

  29. Buses have deisel engines. Anything below -30 and they are very hard to start because the glow plugs tend to gel up. Also buses travel a lot of back roads which most are not plowed. Sure the hwy is manageable but different story on the side streets and back roads. Safety is number one for the driver and the children

    • James Ouellette most companies own diesel trucks …they’re all running and working fine lol and it’s not glow plugs gelling up lol that makes you sound silly…the rest I didnt read and I dont know where I stand on this issue… I just couldnt let the diesel part go is all lol

    • Moe Lalonde Moe Lalonde says:

      Trevor Beausoleil hmm 10 out of 30 didn’t start for us. Tarps and frost fighters. Bet your talking little diesel in cars and pickups. Real diesel don’t have glow plugs! Don’t get them first try your done!. Now days parents are big cry babies..

    • Moe Lalonde most likely a battery issue with the 10 not starting..especially if 20 started. And James Ouellette busses can easily maneuver in up to 6 inches of snow.

    • Big diesels have glow plugs can’t start in sub zero temperature with out them and these busses are very hard to start at -30 been an issue for ever don’t you guys remember when you were kids

    • Consortium rule is buses are automatically cancelled if base temp hits -35 without windchill. Too hard to start and heat up everyone

    • Modern diesels now has glow plugs and intake heaters as a diesel mechanic a good battery and good glow plugs a diesel will start with no issue as long as the fuel isn’t gel and fuel companys now put additives to help prevent that your part is to drain your water separator

    • Paul Nosko Paul Nosko says:

      Trevor Beausoleil there is a difference between a truck and a school bus – in a school bus the gas tank is in the back and has to run through a long line to the engine – it is not up near the engine where the fuel is kept warm like it is in a transport truck.

    • I fucking hate when my glow plugs gel up pisses me off

    • Paul Nosko you think those two big tanks on the side of a transport holding 500 liters is warm because it’s “near” the motor ? Diesel don’t gel till hrs a lot colder . My 1994 diesel that has 435000km on it started at -43 the other day . Temp not windshield

    • Ok that’s fair I never claimed to be an diesel expert .. but I know for 100 % it’s not the cold temperatures that gel up a glow plug lol but now you guys actually have me at 99% lol

  30. Jawsh Coffin Jawsh Coffin says:

    Bus drivers arent super human…

  31. Rob Kemp Rob Kemp says:

    The poster is an idiot… Firstly, there aren’t seatbelts because in a vehicle that size it’s more dangerous to have them. If that vehicle was to have an emergency situation in which evacuation was necessary there is no way 30 kids are getting out. Even commercial buses dont have belts because it’s more dangerous to have them. Also the cancelations are more temperature based. In this current weather it takes less than 5-10 minutes to get frostbite…

  32. Haha 30 students is the like the tip of the iceberg lol!!! In the 40 foot bus it is like 30+ students. Those big buses can fit 72 students.

  33. First off there have been many tests done with the option of seatbelts. If there were a fire, the amount of time it would take to get all the little ones out of the seat belts would be dangerous. Also they made the seats higher to protect them from being projected. Second, anyone is more than welcome to drive there kids to school. The schools are not closed. The buses are either not running because it’s too cold and they wont start, or the roads are nasty and there is risk of them getting ditched or crashing. I for one am glad they take such precautions. As for who decides on bus cancellations? I can only imagine it’s the company who supplies and drives said buses…

  34. Wow. Maybe you should try driving a bus!!! I have driven in more then that in a little bus and it was like plowing with a bus lol!!!! This wasn’t no side roads it was in the Bush and I was at my first stop at 6:20 lol!!!

  35. Jessica Bard Jessica Bard says:

    Yeah if there’s a risk buses won’t be able to complete their route? Cancel cancel cancel

    Last thing anyone wants is a kid dying of hypothermia bc mom/dad left them outside for a bus that never comes

    • Jessica Bard mommy and daddy shouldn’t be stupid enough to let there kid stand out there for a hour lol common sense . And most school bus drivers stop at the end of there driveway to see if they will come running out or not

    • Jessica Bard Jessica Bard says:

      Yes well… have you met people
      And I’d be more worried about the kids whose parents go off to work

    • Kids go wait for the bus and parents leave for work. If the bus dont come the parents dont know and the kid is left out to freeze and get frost bite or worse. Nobody tells us if buses are going to be canceled where i live so we just drive them everyday. If you want something done right do it yourself.

  36. If you would like to blame anyone blame the snow plow service our great city has hired to do a “wonderful” job

  37. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    Some peoples parents!

  38. Yes I oersonly know school bus accident does kill so unless u know and Herve the skill to drive one of those monsters please shut up u can’t win Mother Nature ok

  39. First of all you should respect bus drivers!!!!!
    Think before you speak..
    They think about children’s safety and it is not recommended for children to walk in that weather , when they post anything.

  40. Liam Robins Liam Robins says:

    Seatbelts are costly and probably unsafe in the event of bus evacuations, please think before speaking.

  41. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    Just checking back to brd

  42. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    Anyone wanna challenge that fucm u

  43. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    I keep frakwys sausy bi fucking more

  44. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    Just let fucking shit up

  45. It also has to do with the temperature and the way the buses run, the fuel lines run the entire length of the bus, under something like -35 fuel can start to gel normally it isn’t that big a deal but apparently school buses just had a bad design for the north (I asked for a very detailed explanation of this before too lmao)

  46. Kids or cash?, I can see which is more important! The city isin’t bad at 4 or 5 in, it’s the side rds that are the issue.

  47. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read Hennessey Ramsey

  48. It’s the consortium. They have people go out around 3 or 4am and say if the roads are safe enough for buses and drivers who get up around 5am and decide if it’s going to safe or not

  49. Elizabeth says:

    It’s drivers and other professionals based on current and projected weather patterns.

    Busses on seatbelts is a rediculous and dangerous idea.

    In 2013 we had ten snow days. We are currently sitting at eight.

    If you want to complain about busses being cancelled, just wait till Ford cancels full day kindergarten without proper daycare availability Haha.

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