Where’s the deal

As a senior I have purchased clothing at value village many times, but lately it’s out of bounds for me…summer button short sleeves men’s shirt. $14.98.

P.S. Have I got a business deal for you, we will get clothes donated to us and we will sell them …it’s a big racket now, everyone is in on it now..

I will wait til Walmart has there summer sale on..



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  1. cz says:

    hope you all may have seen notes that valu village is actually run by big corp who pays the charity a cut …no longer a an actually charity group/organization direct run place….lot of these kinds of places are run by a corp who pays a cut ..% or set amount to the real charity meanwhile looking like its the “charity represented” actually operating the place
    yes they get some $$ but not as much as most think…look it up on net…found few that talk about high paid corp gys…some of the so called …”gifts” of like education/collage awards going to actually famly members of the copr that operates the “charity….ah well thats how things are …behind the scenes for the most these dayd just my comments….

  2. Anonymous says:

    value village has become absolute trash. You used to give them 20$ and they would hand you a garbage bag that you could fill up.

    But then thrifters started becoming cool. Instead of buying all those expensive new clothes why not save some money and have a uniqie outfit?

    It totally detracts from the core of value village. I don’t know what the Jarret Center is like but I am pretty sure they are non-profit. People need to donate to them, not Value Village.

    That or value village can start paying people for dropping off items.

    Fuck that place, i haven’t been there in year and probably won’t ever go back; unless i need some rag to clean my car. But even then, Costco would give a better deal.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And you better make sure it fits…because your not getting your money get a voucher to exchange for another item

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