Where to meet women

I’m a 23 year old Male who used to like being alone and never really put myself out there but now that I’m getting older I’m getting out of that phase and I’m not too sure how to meet new women. Any advice would be nice, ive tried dating sites but they’re more of a headache than anything



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  1. Dani Chev Dani Chev says:

    Stop looking she will come to you!

  2. Get a hobby, women will come.

  3. You take anything for your brain?

  4. Put yourself out there. Find hobbies and events and just get to know some women. Good luck !

  5. your brain hasn’t fully developed yet but ok old man.

  6. Go do something you enjoy doing and find someone with similar interests while doing it.

  7. Colson lol wrap it though !ewww Colson girls be dirty lol

  8. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Older? You are still a pup.

  9. Stacey Berton is that friends to talk to

  10. Debie Myre Debie Myre says:

    Volunteering..great way to meet people

  11. Craigslist bud. Quality women there.

  12. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    Go on POF… Lots of high quality partially used women just like this…

  13. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    I think they had speed dating here lol

  14. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Don’t be afraid to talk to a woman who interests you. Worst that could happen is that she’s not interested or taken. Not a big deal.

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