Where do you park for CRA?

I’m getting a job at the Data Centre but I realize I can’t park there. I didn’t ask before I accepted job thinking I work there II can park there. I was told I can do. Oh my God I am freaking! Where am I going to park?



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  1. Get there by 615 and u will have a spot in back at 4$ parking

  2. Park at the New Sudbury Centre and take the bus to the CRA.

  3. If your dayshift park in the daily lots. Get there for 615. Nightshift has passes available for 50 a month go to to register now while they are available

  4. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    Ask the apartments next to taxation centre…if someone isn’t using their space I’m sure they’d rent it to you for a great rate!

  5. Cindy Boyd Cindy Boyd says:

    Parking lot D has spots available for evening shifts

  6. Arthur Blain Arthur Blain says:

    Wow that’s pretty bad, can higher someone to work there but can’t have a place for them to park.

  7. I work at McDonalds, if you park at the back or the DT side your car can stay there all day, also under security cameras 🙂 just don’t park in our Curbside ordering spots and we won’t care how long you park for.

    5min walk from the Taxation center.

    Alternately, you could get a Jeep and make your own parking spot 😉

  8. Mike Huard Mike Huard says:

    Call witraks they may have spots left

  9. Downtown sucks…. Oh wait

  10. The union hall behind Collins barrow also rents out spots and subway

  11. Leslie Chow Leslie Chow says:

    McDonalds or Bingo 1 and walk over.

  12. Jim McEwen Jim McEwen says:

    Buy a parking pass. Or try Witrak speed and custom. Across the street. they sell spots if they have them available, as does Ambrosia Jewlery.

    • Jim McEwen Jim McEwen says:

      Why does everyone go for the negative right off the bat? Some people ask for a legit reason! I can’t actually understand why they ske employees to pay for parking in the first place. they are parking on an old filled in swamp. Just another way for the government to get your money. Pay me to park while you work for us….nice grab dickheads!

  13. Dan Gingras Dan Gingras says:

    I have an afternoon parking pass if this would help

  14. Its crazy they have a 2 year waiting list

  15. Park at winks or food basics and bus up

  16. Be there super early for the paid lot. Put your name on the waiting list asap. Ask around to all close businesses although ive heard they are sold out. There is a carpool board set up in one of the main hallways in the building..its near accomodations, just ask and someone will show you. Sometimes people will rent out their parking passes when they are on extended leave. Ill be renting mine out starting in May when i go on mat leave for a year.

  17. Rick Shaver Rick Shaver says:

    You’re freaking because you may not have convenient parking and you’re going to be working for CRA? Wow!!!

  18. Saved gas. Take the bus.

  19. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    Step 1: Get in your car
    Step 2: Drive as far away from the taxation center as possible

  20. You can get a spot in daily parking at the FAR back for $4 a day. Get there EARLY like minimum 30 minutes so you actually get a spot though.

  21. Collins Barrow (now Baker Tilly) has monthly parking spots available across the street from the CRA. It’s first come first serve for the available spots

  22. Judy Lee Judy Lee says:

    Parking lot right at the rear end for 4$ a day or front side for 8$ a day

  23. Ooouuuu freaking out about where to park?? OMF and you going to work at CRA ? Poor Canada!!!!

  24. Jenn Morin Jenn Morin says:

    Carpool. Find someone. If more people did this everyone would save money and there’s would be lots of parking

  25. Kyle Burke Kyle Burke says:

    You can go across the street at witraks and they may let you park there for a fee, or you can find someone working the same shift as you and work something out with them, you don’t have to many options lol

  26. Aline Richer Aline Richer says:

    If someone sees this can offer parking please message me!!

  27. Drake White Drake White says:

    Park downtown, take the bus up

  28. my landlord rents out our parking spaces to people at the data center

  29. There is daily. Paid. Parking. At the back of the lot. . Just make sure you get there early.

  30. Park at the mall. Take the bus

  31. As a former cab driver there is parking available for employees. Many spots are open as the lots are large.

  32. I heard all the government employees have to scrap it out each morning for spots in daily parking.

  33. I think there’s a back parking lot that emloyees without permanent spots use. I believe it’s on a first come first serve basis. You may just want to call and ask.

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