Where are my rights

City not responsible….the police are not responsible …so who’s responsible ..




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  1. Shawn Topple says:

    The answer is right in the email.. it’s a civil matter you deal with it in court….. that’s where your rights are

  2. The facts aren’t very clear, but a couple of points.
    One, you can only put snow on your neighbour’s property by shovelling it, or snowblower. You can’t plow it.
    Secondly, you can’t move the snow across a street or lane way.
    You’d like, and hope, everyone to be neighbourly, but some people aren’t.

  3. Wow, lmfao, what a baby

  4. Etty Veldman says:

    Lots of snow , every year! Move to Florida if it’s too much. If that is not an option….discuss the issue with the neighbours , come to a solution. Nobody likes extra work….or trouble with the neighbours….no matter what…

  5. The judiciary is not helping and the law enforcement is not serving the society.
    What they do is just collet collect collect collect more more fuckin taxes!!!!

  6. Burt Brian says:

    Cameron Cucksey

  7. Lynn Feher says:

    My neighbor blows his snow in my driveway.. I end up paying to have it removed because I have an attached garage.. hence no place to push it.

  8. Dave Jewitt says:

    Everyone has to be neighbourly

    But obviously some are far from it

    The next time your neighbour hires a backhoe to clear his drive way and puts the snow on your property and subsequently floods your basement in the spring , you may begin to have empathy for the author

  9. Denis Pilon says:

    why dont we all start putting our snow on the street and let the city take care of it ? after all we pay enough damn taxes for the services we get

  10. David Bigney says:


  11. Damn, thoughts and prayers for you through your struggle. #1stWorldProblems

  12. Dean Farinha says:

    You are paying TOO much taxes. Put those tax dollars to good use and return to school.

  13. Stop being a dick , stop complaining ….its only snow ….like really I too have a neighbour who every year takes more & more advantage of my front lawn , taking over more & more of it ( where’s my snow to go ?? ) it’s not my problem they have 2 driveways they want kept clear to the pavement , fenced off their back yard so they can’t access it …You have too much snow call someone to remove it , don’t take advantage of your neighbours . Talk to them , yes we did the first year when they pushed it into my flower garden & wrecked my fencing , we allowed to share some of front yard but they just take advantage and push more & more . You all say ” talk ” you got some great advice on how to stay neighbourly , and tell them to back off at the same time ???? / I don’t know the full story in this article can’t bring it up but I know what it’s like to deal with someone who takes advantage of

  14. Line Dupuis says:

    Us white people are now minorities we pay more and more and have less and less rights and freedoms no special cards for us.
    Been frustrated now for a long time. We should be loud about our rights.
    The so called special group are loud and get everything handed down to them, free….

  15. James Nash says:

    You have no rights. Shut up and give more so who ever our control board is and council can say what they want and do what they please with our money. With ass hats like kirwan in control … you really question this? The province donated 88 million to our transit system and all they did was cut services while changing routes to take focus off the fact there was less service while people now had to figure out the new routes. Instead of just adding times busses and stops they made everything stupid. Wonder how much that cost. Cops are….citys lazy…. Or are they just playing the blame game because we are to stupid to figure it out while they take our money.

  16. Denis Bosse says:

    What a joke this city is

  17. I had a neighbour who would snowblow his back yard into mine … I let it go couple times then I let him know that I would borrow my brothers snowblower and do the same to his yard … I have dogs that poo in my back yard lol… Problem solved

  18. Problem will be fixed in the spring lol

  19. You call a lawyer and you sue them in civil court. That is how a civil matter works.

  20. If you have a concern with your neighbour it is your responsibility to discuss the matter with them. So to answer your question as to who is responsible; it’s you.

  21. Holy shit don’t you have anything better to do instead of crying for damm snow welcome to winter we see it every damm year stop being a whinny cry baby for a neighbor

  22. You better figure a way to solve this now. We’ve only had one snowfall this season. Lots more snow will come

  23. You are all assuming that there was ‘no talking done’! Some neighbours can’t be spoken to because they don’t own common sense! Remember that!

  24. WOW ….Before you assume,,learn Before you judge understand .Before you hurt, FEEL ..Before you say ….THINK…ARROGANT & PRESUMPTIONS ???? look who’s talking ???

  25. D.j. Dean says:

    Welcome to Canada. You have no rights, just the right to believe you are in a free country!

  26. You’re responsibility to solve your problem?

  27. Joe Wilson says:

    Buy a snow blower and build a wall of snow between your two properties. A wall solves all problems. (If you were my neighbor however I would likely view this as a sign of aggression and build a fort outside your wall and start preparing snowballs to fight you.)

  28. Scott Seguin says:

    Maybe stop being a dick my neighbor’s put their snow on my property and I don’t have a problem with it sometimes we run out of room it’s called being a neighbour and not a dick.

  29. Ivan Leo says:

    Your rights???? What rights do you feel have been violated?

    You sound like shitty neighbor.

  30. Todd Timony says:

    Just shoot him next time after that probably won’t do it again

  31. Konner Brown says:

    Your right is to take the individual to court. You know where they resolve civil disputes or you can be a grown up and talk to said neighbour.

  32. Ill put snow where I bloody please lol

  33. Allen Lawson says:

    Omg it was 15 cm of snow …. only 10 feet more to go … get over yourself and talk to your neighbors.

  34. Lisa Dunbar says:

    Cops cant exactly arrest someone for placing snow unless it’s all the time or lots of it! It says it’s a civil matter….so it’s your responsibility…take him to court…but like Heather Gallo said…talk first

  35. Leo Bigras says:

    Well it’s quite clearly spelled out in your letter OP. Maybe it’s not the snow but reading comprehension that’s the problem?

  36. We live in a society where when we have problems, the first thing we do is call authorities instead of trying to deal with the problem ourselves. It’s sad

  37. Maybe go talk to the person/people you’re having an issue with?