When you get cheated on

What ppl don’t understand is that when you get cheated on, something clicks in you, you feel like a part of you just died and like you aren’t good enough, sometimes you don’t feel good enough for this world and wanna end it, you’re ability to trust will be destroyed.

If you have ever cheated on a partner or are currently, think about what you’re doing, you could be permanently destroying that person.



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  1. Annolymo says:

    People cheat cuz they aren’t really in love. Life isnt a movie but everyone wants the fairy tale. Everyone is delusional, get over it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The only one that needs to understand your situation is you. Understand that you`re depressed and not everyone wants to end their life when a relationship ends. Yes, the heart hurts. It`ll hurt the time it hurts and life will go on because that`s life. A few kicks in the *** along the way. You speak in the “you” tense, which seems to imply you`re speaking for everyone and their experience. No the ability to trust is not destroyed and neither does it permanently destroy a person. You`re depressed. You`re heartbroken. You loved much like many do. And it`s taking a huge tole on you. Get some counseling for that. For the third time, you`re DEPRESSED. Go talk to someone about your pain. Don`t stay in it. It`s not forever. You`ll grow. You`ll learn. You`ll love again. And you will be you again. We all change, we all grow, we all screw up. And in the end, whether you move on or not and cope, will be up to you. That falls squarely on your shoulders.

  3. Anonymous says:

    People cheat for a reason. They don’t just wake up one morning and think, I should have an affair. Chances are the person has been telling you what’s wrong for a while but you didn’t listen. Sometimes there is a good reason. Maybe you don’t satisfy your partner? Even I’m tempted to cheat. I love my man but the 10 min of sex I get that includes 4 min of dry rubbing just doesn’t cut it. I need real sex with real orgasms. My man is just selfish and unteachable. I often feel an affair would be better than becoming a total bitch because I’m seriously sexually frustrated.
    My point is the rest of the relationship is good but the sex sucks. It’s not so easy to just break up and move on. Money, kids etc makes moving on difficult.

    • Anonymous says:

      You`re judgmental. Who are you to presume the reasons behind another couple`s infidelity issues. Not everyone is you. A good reason, huh? You must be very close to cheating. You`re already disrespectful. And you think that makes you a Saint because you haven`t acted on it? And to be with someone because the consequences are not convenient and easy. If you can`t find a solution lady, you just might be the unteachable one. Mistake number one is thinking of sex as something you get. From what I can see, he`s telling you plenty.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Agreed my ex crushed my soul and she denied it until she was blue in the face.

  5. Do unto others as you wish done unto yourself ! A very simple sacred rule indeed ! says:

    What you’ve said is very true , and all too common ! It’s very hard to cope with , as it’s so personal and irreversible ! Still , there are many forms of infidelity , cheating and immorality , which altogether cause trust and commitments to often be broken and/or destroyed collaterally ….

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