When does your ex wife leave you alone?

For all the divorced men out there, when did you finally get some peace and quiet from your ex?

It’s been 9 years divorced and my ex wife still tries to get information about me, still asks my kids a million questions about me every time they go back to her house after being at mine, still tries to add my family to her Facebook, still has kept her married name and asks everyone to refer to her as Mrs such and such and the list goes on and on.

She isn’t remarried or with anyone to my knowledge. I’ve told my kids I don’t even want to know that she asks about me. I am married and have been with my wife for longer than my ex and I were ever together. I just want her to move on and stop interfering and trying to remain connected to my family and life in general.

If it isn’t a concern that needs to be brought up about the kids, why be so intent on trying to stay up on my life? Does it ever get better? Do I have to wait til my kids are grown so I can move away from her?

Please tell me they eventually move on and find other things to do with their time.



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  1. Have you tried this thing called communication?
    How do know all this? Do you run your kids through questions about your x when they come over?
    Is she interfering in your life? I think as a mother you want to know what kind of situation your kids are going into.
    Does she bad mouth you? I think not, because you didn’t mention that.

  2. Unfortunately this will go on & on & on – till she finds a new man to harass. Hopefully ur kids will be old enuff to not answer her questions- or give phony answers.

  3. Damn it took me 12 years to get my divorce and he was still spreading crap about me. And the name callings etc. I left him after one and a half year of marriage which includes 8 months in the hospital. He passed 3 years ago and sorry to say that after 26 years i finally have peace and quiet.

  4. As someone from a home with two divorced parents, with a dad who refused to speak with my mom at all after the divorce… I feel it would have been better if they worked out their differences enough to be there and be supportive. It didn’t just take a toll on them, but myself and my brother as well. It made it a lot more stressful on us, being the in between. If something happened a mom’s, dad didn’t want to hear about it. It made it so we had to walk on eggshells and it definitely wasn’t fair.

    Face the fact that you have children with this woman and she is ALWAYS going to be a part of your life. She’s likely making an attempt to try and make it as normal as possible for the kids, which is what YOU should be doing as well.

  5. Bryan Poulin Bryan Poulin says:

    Ouch, that ball and chain routine could go on for a while. Best of luck to you pal!

  6. D.j. Dean D.j. Dean says:

    That goes both ways bud…There are a few assholes just like the women.

  7. Sounds like someone I know…

  8. Dave Seguin Dave Seguin says:

    Have new wife do t.k.o from merico

  9. Nope and doesn’t look like anytime soon I pity ur children if they are young. I went through the same thing for 20 yrs with my now exes ex it stopped cuz she died unexpectedly. In the end I realized it was a mental health issue. I feel for you n your new spouse.

  10. Until the kids move out…then the leash comes off and becomes emergency purposes only…

  11. Never… or until she finds someone else

  12. Paula Rennie Paula Rennie says:

    Never..nope, the kids are in your life forever therefore the father of your kids should be always involved.

  13. Keri Grant Keri Grant says:

    Are you leading her on in any way? Have you had a discussion with her? To me, this just seems like a lack of communication

  14. She’s obsessed kindly tell her to leave you alone your happy with your new wife

  15. Good luck…..stay strong, cause she appears to not be able to let go! The only real damage is what she is doing to the kids! It is certainly damaging her relation with them!

  16. omg me too I dont even have kids she goes through all my friends trys millions of ways to find out things still had to install cameras and still trys to find ways to bug me she even got remarried and still trying to bug me

  17. If you’re a big enough of an asshole to her.she might learn to hate you

  18. I feel for you. She’s obviously not happy with her life and is looking for anything that could remotely be a negative in yours. She shouldn’t be using your children as the go to, however depending on the age of your kids, you can always with a smile say “let her ask, all she’s going to get is words”

  19. Obviously she was the one left with the broken heart. The only way to heal is to find another. In the meantime she will continue with this behaviour unkess you talk to her yourself about this. Tell her to leave the children out of an adult situation.

  20. What she is doing to the children is psychological abuse. She should never put the children in such a position. You should ask the advice of a family lawyer in my opinion

  21. They will leave you alone when their happy

  22. Jona Taylor Jona Taylor says:

    Get it court ordered where she can only talk to you when it’s about the kids.

  23. Stage 90 clinger!!!! Fml- I feel sorry for you buddy!

  24. You can get a restraining order

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