What’s wrong with women now a days?!

I don’t understand what is wrong with women now a days?! You have kids with someone, cheat on them, then when they find someone new and they are finally happy you try ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to ruin their happiness. Like keep their kids away. Like try to make an ultimatum to either chose their children or their girlfriend when they shouldn’t have to chose to begin with. That being said, a real man obviously choses his kids but why should it come to that just because you’re insecure and jealous! Is your life really that miserable that you have to interrupt in his and try to ruin his life?! Reality check hunny! You cheated on him for months before you finally actually decided to leave him. Not to mention the games you played with his head after you guys broke up. Stop using the kids as a weapon!!! They aren’t a tool! They are people for God sakes!!! There are so many dad’s out there that don’t want to be dad’s why stop the ones that want to be dad’s just because you’re jealous and insecure?! Give your head a shake!



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  1. Dave says:

    DARA L ……

  2. Marie Anick Marie Anick says:

    Give your head a shake! Why dont you its not all woman! Alot of men also do it!

  3. Hmm not a gender specific topic…try what’s up with humans today?

  4. Umm not all women are the same and not all men are the same.

  5. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    The way society is going, I’m surprised their are things called relationships! all I can say is. Bitch, you pushed him Right back to his baby momma! Most controlling men and women dont get that maybe your not the right one for that person and you should let go. I hope they are keeping their personal lives away from the children like a normal non narsasistic, control freak parent would right!

  6. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    It goes like this and I’m so serious. Women we fucking get it. You have it over us, what you dont understand is that we have feelings! We are not disposable human beings. All feminist and machists should stop their crap! We are all humans with feelings! No one is better than the other

  7. Mandi Clarke Mandi Clarke says:

    Woman like that are fucking idiots. ANY woman that keeps their children from their father is a twat nugget. Grrrrrrrrrr that pisses me off

  8. K says:

    Here’s the thing that mothers AND fathers need to understand, whether or not you like your exes new gf/bf is NOT what is important, who they date(or even marry)doesn’t change their ability to take care of THEIR child. My ex-husband was dating a real piece of work, that quite honestly I’d have preferred not being around my daughter at all, so did that mean I had the right to keep his daughter from him while he dated her? NO, it’s called trusting him to take care of his daughter, and to deal with anything that would effect her negatively. I am not her only parent, I trust him to protect her just as much as I will, from whoever poses the threat.

  9. There are three sides to every story. His, hers, and the truth….

  10. Maybe your ego tells you that it’s “because of the new gf” must be jeolousy blah blah but where’s the respect to co parent ? Is that existant on ur part also? Sometime ppl are quick to blame other to avoid making honorable respectful decisions For the kids so blame the other , it’s all sad in the end all the drama kids shouldn’t have around . Maybe talk with her about being respectful and co parenting and not waste ur Fkn time on here trying to rally up your side of the story. Make it righ on ur part .nobody will do it for you

  11. Angie Jones Angie Jones says:

    One word. Court, if people can’t get their shit together and be civil. Time to go to court.

  12. Nice mom, her kids will be scarred for life because of her insecurity and jealousy. Your right, kids aren’t tools. She needs to think about her kids rather than your life, she’s the one that left you.

  13. This is so true. To both men and woman.

  14. Oksana Holly Oksana Holly says:

    I bet a few women are stretching their heads wondering if this is about them lol

  15. Sudbury woman are all mental! So glad I never married or had kids with a sudz woman !! Devils after control and all they do is ruin guys lives while they whore around with every dick in town …I feel so bad for all my guy friends who are living this nightmare with their exes!sudz b itches be crazy!

  16. Take her to court..child shpuld not be use as a pawn. The one that hurts the most is the children. Shameful

  17. Sherri Ivory Sherri Ivory says:

    Your man needs to put his foot down and either tell her to grow up or take her to court.

  18. D.j. Dean D.j. Dean says:

    He is dead right on some cases. But this plays both ways. Men can be just as bad or worse then women. It’s time to stop blaming Genders, and start blaming the individuals.

  19. OP is absolutely absolutely absolutely absolutely absolutely dead right. These immature, childish girls who behave this way are trashing their kid’s lives. Using them as weapons and depriving them of their real dad just to spite HIM. Not them. Sure you unfairly use what little power you have to “really stick it to him.” Oh boy you’re just so powerful. All your friends and parents must be so proud of you for screwing him over like that. Wow….the respect you must have gained. Too bad you chose to screw him over by ripping the father out of your children’s lives for no reason other than selfishness. Kids need their dads. Even if it’s only half of the time. Screw him over some other way if you must but let your kids have a real dad and not some stand in boyfriend who’s only in the picture for a while until he’s bored of you and leaves. And no I’m not a bitter dad who’s gone through this. My ex saw the wisdom in keeping everything friendly and my kids and I have always enjoyed a good relationship because of that. They benefitted from having BOTH their parents in their lives all the time. Why can’t all you other girls be that smart?

  20. As someone who has a kids father who couldn’t care less .. There’s nothing that pisses me off more then women like this. Do you know what I would do to have a kids father that actually cared and wanted to be a father !?!?!
    I’ve done everything but get on my hands and knees and beg a man to give a shit about his kids for 10 years. Shame on you.
    This isn’t about you. Or your feelings it’s about the kids.. Grow up.

    • What is worst is when the father wants to be in their lifes they gotta fight in court. I was fighting for 2 to 3 years in count when my ex said let’s stop you can have what you want…..a year later she said my daughter can live with me. All the wasted cash and time for what? But right now she lives with me full time and goes to her moms every 2nd weekend only. Real men fight. Boys gives up

  21. Josh Ua Josh Ua says:

    Yea I don’t know if this describes literally every woman

  22. Cause women are screwed up. It’s what they do. Jealous that the man they once had stopped putting up with their shit and moved on. You made your bed now sleeping in it. Whinny bitches

  23. Nothing like the new girl going up to bat for a guy, that shes only heard his side

  24. Because woman are spiteful bitches and unfortunately men have no rights in the court system. Spend thousands of dollars in court for what? Every second weekend and A few extra hours on a Wednesday. Majority (not all) mothers who have split with their spouse play kids as pawns. It’s all a game until your kid grows up and hates the other parent or stops visiting them because of what is fed into them over the years. Kudos to mothers who are garbage because it shows me what I will never be if I had a child. In 18 years, if your child goes every second weekend its 2.3 years in total. How is that right?! #teamdad

    • Paul Kigi Paul Kigi says:

      Deidre Thomas-Richer Very well said , unfortunately as time goes and the kids grow they will see the true colours around them
      Children is the only weapon mothers have

  25. ummm doesnt family court deal with this?

  26. Oh boy… Some of Sudbury’s classiest ladies on Shoutout are about to be triggered …. 3… 2… 1… See told you so

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