What’s with the attitude?

I’m not sure what gives recently, but I noticed when going out to various retail locations throughout the city the service/lack thereof is reall bothering me. I noticed a few years ago if I went to stores dressed in my usual hoody/jacket people would treat me like a criminal. So nowadays I make sure to shower, shave and dress properly before going out anywhere.

But recently I feel like there is something else I am missing but I can’t put my finger on it. I went to staples and wanted to buy something that was locked up, walked around the store to find someone, saw a few staff but as we approached they quickly turned and fled, ended up finding another clerk who did not work in that area to help us out and thank you to that gentleman we got what we came for. On another day we went to tim hortons, there were 3 available cashiers and we stood there waiting to place our order and none of them would come up to serve us. An old lady showed up and was quickly greeted, and she even pointed out to them that we had been standing there before her and the staff relunctantly took our order. Same thing happened at almost every store we went to, grab something, go to the cash, cashier was basically nodding off until we spoke up and stated we were here to purchase the items.

So what’s going on? People hate their jobs but don’t want to find a more suitable one? Or is it me? Is my money dirty? Do I smell bad? Is it the way I look? Anyone else noticed something similar or have a similar experience that would like to share? What did you do to fix it?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its not just you, I am noticing the same trend. The other day this happened at the Food Basics on Lassalle, we were at the express cash and had about 5-6 items to purchase. The cashier was extremely unfriendly to the person in front of us, and once our turn happened she just walked away and started browsing through some magazine at the near by desk without even saying anything, we stood there for about 10 minutes waiting and then just left and went to another grocery store. Most people are shit these days, and its really hard to come across a decent person.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder if drugs are an issue with all these cases? I’m not 100 percent sure but I wonder everytime I see someone who struggles to scan items at the cash, or can’t remember certain codes and doesn’t know how to look them up on the wheel thingy.. People act like they’ve never worked before but look to be in their 20s and 30s or even older. I think there should be mandatory drug testing for every job so we can be sure people aren’t giving their paycheques to drug dealers and gangs.

      • Anonymous says:

        One thing I wonder too is if they aren’t on hard drugs, where do they buy their pot from? I saw a few documentaries saying regular bush weed is being laced with synthetic cannabinoids to improve the THC content, but the thing is these new synthetic drugs do not act like regular THC on the brain, they are more addictive, more rage inducing, and can even lead to death. Dealers do it because they can charge more for their shitty weed and pass it off as something better. In europe most street-level “kush” is just laced brick weed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Too many meth heads getting jobs. All they care about is their next hit, duck the customers, duck the company, can’t even put a sandwhich together for 15 bucks an hour who cares, they can get another job tomorrow at the next chain store desperate for a body to pour coffee. Let the robots take over I say. 15$ an hour used to mean something now it means nothing and we need to tip on top of that.

  3. Percy Purvis-Peabody III says:

    Ask any retail or hospitality employer, and they’ll tell you the general work ethic of most younger folk ( with some exceptions of course ) is absolutely horrid. Fact is… Mature employees are sought after to maintain stability in the ranks, but again .. there are exceptions with older assholes being let go as well.
    I’ve observed some crazy workforce turn around in many establishments this past year and it’s an odd revolving door of hire & fire. These have traditionally been low paying positions… so I’m not sure what the expectations are anymore.
    I don’t tolerate poor service or attitudes and tip generously when it is well received.
    Our buying power is our weapon of change.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s called fuckititis…. When you have zero fucks left to give because of your soul destroying job and the fact that there’s no prospect of improvement…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like some employees need to be promoted to customer, starting with innefective managers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Gentrification sucks. No one should have to dress in their sunday best to go to walmart of all places. I bought my clothes there, I should be able to wear it to go shopping. We are losing our small town vibe and it shows. No need to be friendly to clientele when there is a new batch every september that shows up.

    • Anonymous says:

      And also doesn’t help all the toronto fuckers moving to town with their new found millions from selling a house. Assholes with money are just even bigger assholes and they move here and judge you for your clothes, the way you talk, the fact you drive an older car with some rust. The fact you have to work for your money while they are swimming in their piles of cash like scrooge mcduck and partying all night keeping you up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Are you not glad that minimum wage went up? Gone are the days of earning your keep. I was a clerk making 7.50$ an hour and damn did I work for my paycheque, so much so that by the end those 3 jobs had been cut down to 1. Now they get paid 15 an hour and just need to show up and think it is so tough. Adjusted for inflation 7.50 an hour is 11.50. Makes a lot of sense.

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