What is Shoutout Sudbury?


WHO – Comprised of mostly Sudburians; whether that’s past (have since moved out of the city), present, or future (interested in moving to the Greater Sudbury area). Also includes those who have a connection to the city or those residing in it, or simply want to stay in touch with what’s happening in Greater Sudbury.

WHAT – A completely anonymous online community based out of Greater Sudbury, Ontario. Everything that we publish is submitted by people such as yourself.

WHERE – Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

WHEN – Established in November 2015.

WHY – To provide the city of Greater Sudbury with a place to express their thoughts anonymously and stay connected with one another.

HOW – Shoutout Sudbury was given exclusive administrative rights to a popular Greater Sudbury based Facebook page, and was converted into the Shoutout Sudbury Facebook page, with the addition of the Shoutout Sudbury website to ensure that there is an easily accessible and searchable database for many years to come.

SUBMIT A MESSAGE – To submit your own anonymous messages to the community, simply head here: https://sudbury.club/submit. We DO NOT accept messages through private messages to our Facebook page.

TIP #1 – You can have any post (anonymous message) read to you out loud by taping on the speaker icon at the beginning of any message found on our Shoutout Sudbury website.

TIP #2 – You can leave anonymous comments on any of our posts by visiting the post in question on the Shoutout Sudbury website. Comments made on our Facebook posts are not anonymous.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://sudbury.club
FACEBOOK PAGE: https://facebook.com/ShoutoutSudbury
FACEBOOK GROUP: https://facebook.com/groups/ShoutoutSudburyUNCUT

Last updated March 29, 2021


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