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Someone keeps stealing my license plate. What does one do with a stolen plate?

This is the 2nd time my plate has been stolen and honestly can’t afford to keep replacing it and Sudbury Housing isn’t doing much to help with all the stealing that’s been happening in their buildings.



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  1. Emily Tang Emily Tang says:

    first off try move out as asap and take your plates off every time,Could never imagine living in housing especially with children it ruff

  2. They got a front+back plate for their scrap car that they can’t get certified lol, it won’t happen again since they have both :p

  3. Put a shit load of grease on the back of your plate. They won’t touch it.

  4. Put it in a case so it would take more time to take it off. They will move on to an easier target

  5. Once about 15 years ago my uncle got a call from the police in Michigan to be told his vehicle had been involved in a collision, his car was in the driveway. Upon further inspection he noticed the licence plate had been stolen. Fucking criminals do it so they can put a crap car on the road with no insurance or on a stolen car.

  6. Jo Zee Jo Zee says:

    Here’s what one might want with your plate, especially if it’s your back plate. An updated sticker. When I was younger that’s what a couple of punk friends of mine use to do. They heat up the back of the plate over a stove element and carefully peel the sticker off. Pretty sure that could be the motive.

  7. You could always just simply put your back plate inside your rear window. ✍

  8. Ivan Leo Ivan Leo says:

    Grind the heads off

  9. Definitely u need to report this to the police. Stolen plates are usually used for illegal reasons

  10. I had mine stolen right out of my driveway and the neighbour that stole them, used them on a stolen vehicle.

  11. This is a police issue

  12. Mike Nadasky Mike Nadasky says:

    Use red lock tite to secure the plates. Use large washers and put lock tite in between washers and plate and head of bolt/screw. Strip the heads on the bolts or screws so they cannot be removed. This is also means that you won’t be able to get your plate off yourself either lol.

  13. Tamper proof bolts and red loctite good luck getting it off later on though

  14. Dave Lacasse Dave Lacasse says:

    If you have a police report are the plates not free??? Getting your plates stolen has nothing to do with Sudbury housing!!

  15. Mike Reid Mike Reid says:

    Go to rastal supply and buy some tamper resistant bolts…

  16. Or too use for ill gotten Gains

  17. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    Call police putting it on stolen vehicles or their own.

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