What the Literal Fuck Schools & Parents?

First, who the fuck lets their 15-16 (probably 12 but anything under the age of 16 is fucked up in my opinion, yes my opinion, if you don’t like it go fuck yourselves.) wear a shirt that reveals their bra, or half of their upper body, like it’s just wrong stop doing that shit. If you wanna act like a hoe (let me catch my daughter catching her daughter dressing like a hoe) all the power to you, don’t let your daughter take the same path you did.

Second, fuck paragraphs.

Third, seriously teachers, a “Christmas concert” should not fucking be “half rap half Christmas songs” and half the songs they had kids doing the dab. You wonder why kids are growing up to be retarded. (yea myself included) When I was a kid the only thing I had to be embarrassed about was Christmas songs, now these poor kids, gotta deal with being those kids who used to “dab.” Not even just the dab, you have kids equating Christmas songs with rappers who also sing “smack dat bitch n hoe” and don’t forget that top hit “ptbapdhtospshtkfaotvfpwht aptbfpabtosbtpsbrp” for real, quit it with the rap shit and dab shit during Christmas concerts. Next time I’ll just keep my kid home and save myself the revolver bullet to the head cause I don’t know if I can take another year of this shit.



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  1. Anna Maria says:

    Just dab. Life’s to short!!

  2. Idk about you but I don’t look at teenagers wearing slightly revealing clothes and immediately sexualise them. Just saying.
    As for the music and the weird ‘dance’ moves, do tell me how the 80s were so wholesome.

  3. Kate MacRae says:

    i used to wear a tube top as a skirt and huge platforms when i was like 12. and for the record; i really thought this concert sounded cool with all these dabs. pass the dab rig!

  4. You are a psycho and most likely single……get over yourself…..hope you feel better that 100% of people reading this are sitting at their computers laughing at YOU….prob smart that you didn’t put your name on this.

  5. It’s like you got a bee on your nose so you try to hit it with it with your biscep. It’s fucking stupid

  6. I’m dying Sean Lynott Montana McCulloch Kasta Pegler

    minus the swear words bro
    Cause now all the whiner/complaints/politically correct morons are gonna tear you apart –
    F*CK THEM !!!

  8. Tony Martin says:

    To paraphrase, “If you don’t like my opinion, go fuck yourself”.
    How to Make Friends and Influence People…..LMAO

  9. “second, fuck paragraphs.”

  10. Bob Daigle says:

    It’s just a “time”. There was a time when wearing blue jeans was “unacceptable”… oh, and long hair, tats, and, oh my God!, body piercings…

  11. Dabbing is the dumbest “dance” (or whatever they call it) ive seen in my life.

  12. Mel Coughler i told u that shirt was too much lol hahaha

  13. Cliff Dinner says:

    With a parent like you your child is sure to be fucked

  14. Haha, I was thinking the kind you smoke, it’s a dance.

  15. Haha, I was thinking the kind you smoke, it’s a dance.

  16. Just gonna say one thing. U said u dont like my opinoin go fuck yourselves. So why are you ranting on other peoples opinions? People do what they want to do, dress how they wanna dress. Its 2016 not 1990. Im sorry but you’re gonna have to get over it and move on. I dont like how the world is going either but i just dont give a fuck about anything and my life is great. Maybe u should try it out too

  17. Rob Dobson says:

    I think i need that revolver bullet after reading that I think your the one that would benifit from elementary your typing is atrocious

  18. living vicariously through other people’s children for relevance and cool points is a teacher’s true calling. Didn’t you know that OP?

  19. I agree with other comment below……….your language is despicable……your point isn’t even listened to with such terrible language spilling out… want to be real… yourself as someone to be listened to !

  20. Carrie Salem says:

    So much anger I feel sorry for your husband or wife !!!!

  21. I’d like to know as well.

  22. Wtf is this shit. The fact that girls are forced by social tendencies to grow up with it programmed in their heads that if they don’t hide their upper body they are being sexually explicit. No they are fucking existing in a female body. I can understand if you wanna tell a school board not to dress kids specifically in clothing that highlights certain bodily features as to attract attention sure but if they chose to wear it fuck off the dress code is strict enough. Do you know what it’s like to have to feel humiliated and embarrassed to change your damn shirt if your window is open because men think youre a sexual display, and have absolutely no control over feeling that way because our whole society promotes sexism. How about you start harping on the men who act out because of a sight like that considering it’s a lot more dangerous that adults act in such ways as to discriminate upon or degrade women and girls who aren’t clothed to their personal standards. If something you see arouses you, you control YOURSELF, not the choices of those around you. People seem to be under the impression that it’s the other way around, that if someone is aroused by something, it will cause them to LOSE CONTROL and act inappropriately and therefor we must hide our bodies away and demean anyone who doesn’t. If someone gets negative attention for having less body coverage it is her FAULT because she wasn’t respecting herself by dressing with the strict intention of avoiding the attention of perverts (we shouldn’t have to worry about accommodating our actions and lifestyle to these kinds of behaviours) Is this seriously how we manage our society? Or perhaps we should expect people to control their fucking urges when the subject of their arousal or attention is clearly NOT looking for sexual attention. As for the rapping, yea your just an idiot don’t take it all personally. Society adapts to popular trends to be relevant and especially with kids this is one of the few most effective ways to get their attention and effort is by making things relevant to them. Sorry you don’t like rap, I don’t like modern rap either, but it’s what’s relevant and it is what is going to attract the interest of the youth. Grow up. Your an idiot.

    • Karen Taylor says:

      Realistically, to protect our daughters, know that we will never be able to control or dissuade old horny pervs

    • Okay as I said there’s prisons and law for specifically that reason. If people cannot be respectful and act appropriately in society they should not be in society. Not the girls be mocked and judged and people say ‘she asked for it/deserved it because she chose to dress that way” when girls get groped or have photographs taken of them or god forbid raped.

    • It’s one thing if someone finds another person attractive and glances at them from time to time, that happens on regular basis even with people who are fully clothed it’s just part of human attraction. However when a person notices that they are making other people around them uncomfortable (by staring or acting otherwise creepy) normal people tend to correct it quite quickly and look away out of common decency and dignity that they too don’t want to cause confrontation. However when a girl or woman is slightly less dressed everyone thinks that it’s just unreasonable to expect that people maintain that same code of decency as they would’ve had for any one else. Males rarely face the same scrutiny for being in public under dressed unless they’re junk is showing which is how it should be (and I don’t care what any random person wants to say, breasts are not genitalia. It’s blatant fact of anatomy. )They do not serve any reproductive purpose what so ever. They are there to serve as potential milk sacs for nourishment of a child after having reproduced and nipple sensitivity designed to trigger certain biological and nuerochemical responses associated with body restoration and milk production. Men also are capable of exhibiting these features the only thing needed is introduction of the proper hormones.

  23. Wow.. this person is clearly not right in the head.

  24. Doesn’t matter what parents say to their teenage daughters, they still going to do it behind their parents back… I know this from my own experiences as a mother of four now adult daughters. Parents can encourage them but its still up to them to make their decision.

  25. Lana Marie Sherman LOLLLLL

  26. Somebody please report this to police

  27. Zack Stanger says:

    Other than the 16 year old tangent ya got there, You sound like a grumpy old man who fears change. Can’t accept new ideas. You’re the type of person who bitches at younger people on tablets and computers, sayin “You spend to much time on those!” and then go on to watch 8 hours of Dateline. Stay in that comfort zone.

  28. Heaven forbid that children actually have fun! I was at that Christmas concert. I watched a whole school full of children singing, dancing and having a blast! No cell phones, no video games no electronic devices of any kind. I saw the young lady in her tank top. Big Deal. The only things out of line were parents fighting in the aisle and parents leaving their empty or half full coffee cups strewn about the floor.

    • Ian Martin says:

      I recall going to a show put on by our church’s youth. Although I was a little off put by some of the top 40 acts (clean cut) and a couple of rap ones, the kids genuinely had fun and truly enjoyed the experience. The bond among them was amazing. Our ancestors chose their own creativity no different than our younger generations. Just a different playing field is all. And, I, like many other adults enjoyed the performance

    • Ian Martin says:

      I recall going to a show put on by our church’s youth. Although I was a little off put by some of the top 40 acts (clean cut) and a couple of rap ones, the kids genuinely had fun and truly enjoyed the experience. The bond among them was amazing. Our ancestors chose their own creativity no different than our younger generations. Just a different playing field is all. And, I, like many other adults enjoyed the performance


  30. Jenn Morin says:

    This made my day for so many reasons. Your second point is valid

  31. Hmm, do you use this language in front of your kids? Parent of the year.

  32. altho i’m not so much a potty mouth like that … i soo agree with the dressing teach your children to respect themselves for sure,, and yes the concerts i really do miss the actually putting on the plays and the odd songs etc… and i’m not liking the day time during school hours for it (what happen to the night concerts) alot of parents miss out and i’d be happy to pay $2 for the concerts the day that way school gets some funding and more of the parents can enjoy them.

  33. Dave Jones says:

    I’m not sure if rap is any worse than what I listened growing up
    Eric Clapton cocaine
    Jimmy Hendrix
    Hey Joe
    Every generation thinks the one after it is lost
    Truth is mentally and emotionally they have a much harder time
    So many rules

  34. Fern Myers says:

    They learned it from your dirty mouth

  35. Unless it’s the dabs you smoke…then you’re missing out 😉

  36. Leanne A Levesque think it’s a parent from your kids school?? Lol

  37. Find it sad to myself. So many lil 16 to even 18 year olds to posting half nude bra and thong pics etc. If your a parent and cool with your 16 year old being half naked on the net. I’m sorry but your failing hard as a parent. Must be proud your daughter is on the road to be a escort path..

  38. Jamie Forget says:

    you’re lucky you dont know…and you should keep it that way lol

  39. How about people dress how they want to and everyone just lives their own lives and worries about dressing themselves while realizing everyone’s own right to dress themselves how they wish to. If someone came to your home every morning and told you how to dress how would you feel?

    To me its a violation of another persons rights for me to try and enforce my ideas of acceptable and unacceptable clothing choices, its a subjective fashion choice that literally has no bearing on anyone but the person in question. Just live your own life.

    • Children don’t get the right to dress like hoes. There is no reasoning to that at all. Yes children have rights don’t get me wrong. But if my step daughter came to me in booty shorts and a halter top she’d be changed into proper clothing for her age and the other stuff would be tossed out. They do not get to pick their clothes until they are the ones who pay for them.

    • 15 to 16 is a teenager not a child.

    • Karen Taylor says:

      Teenagers should not dress like hoes… how many perverted 40 year old pervs would you be comfortable with leering at your kid because she was allowed to dress like that?

    • I wouldn’t be, but I’m not the one effected by pervy old people staring at me. If I had a child I’d make sure they knew full well there are pervs out there who may make them feel uncomfortable if they choose to dress in a way society deems provocative. I’d allow them to make their own choice on the matter, if they feel comfortable enough to wear something provocative then ok. Part of the teenage years is learning responsibility for your self and your actions, your going to be an adult in a few years who makes all their own choices with no one to guide them and that includes how they dress.

      The problem in this analogy is the perverts not the fashion choices.

    • Ian Martin says:

      Nakoma: would you still say this if something happened to your daughter??!! I hope you never have to answer that question..teenage years is about learning yes, but it is also about being guided, being taught self respect and learning from some of the (minor) choices that they make. To dress in such a way is not a choice a teenager should have. That is problem in our western society, too many kids have too many rights to freedom. And when a school board, for example, tries to implement self respect by disciplining them, what do they do?! They gather their peers and bully the system into their rebellious compliance. This is not right!

    • So your suggesting if a teen wears a crop top they are now more likely to be victimized? Because thats a highly debunked myth. A persons dress has little to do with actual chance of victimization, most crime has more to do with location and opportunity. So if something did happen to my child I wouldn’t even use their clothing as a factor because its no where near a factor.

      And the rebellion to the system is great, not everyones going to need to wear a suit to work or even have a dress code, perhaps a kid becomes a tattoo artist, maybe they start their own business online, maybe they go on to work in the fashion industry. You never know what kind of fashion will be acceptable in all workplaces and the need to conform to one in a workplace is different from a tax payer funded education facility.

    • Your not going to win this one Ian ….but hey …let them be victimized ….then let them fig it out ….and good luck with that.

    • Children should not have the choice to dress like a stripper or a hooker plain and simple. Teach your child to dress in a way that receives respect. My mom broke it down simple when I was 16. Do you want to be a whore? Do you want people to treat you like a whore? No? Then don’t act and look like a whore. That was the end of the conversation and the beginning of me seeing how other girls were treated from the way they dress and present themselves. Why would any mother be okay with their daughter going out looking like she’s gonna pick up some John off the street? Letting your kids walk out the house with their ass and tits hanging out teaches them that it’s okay to put it on show for everyone. It’s not. When they are five we teach the it’s their business no ones to see it or touch it. But at 16 you think we should turn around and say hey show those tatas off your 16 it’s the old man staring that’s the problem not the shirt that’s letting your tits fall out

    • The fact that girls and women are victimized in western society when there are cultures all over the world that coexist peacefully in a minimum amount to almost no clothing at all, for being less clothed than others is an issue that should be put upon the adults and their sense of self control not on the girls and women who aren’t asking for the innappropriate attention. Sad that most of society doesn’t realize this. Fuck your media influence. Your all sheep.

    • Teach your kids to respect VERYONE no matter what they are wearing and don’t fucking associate with people who don’t. We have laws for exploitation. Or at least I thought that’s what they’re for.

    • !6 year old girls want the attention of boys. They know skin sells. Boys are visual and see something they go stare at it. They are not looking for that girl to talk to them about history or math for that they talk to the geek girl. But its her right to dress to attract her target audience, she knows what it is.

    • Nakoma, I would have fully agreed with you 6 years ago when I was 17, until I was a baby having a baby and she came out a girl. Until you have children of your own, your opinion on things like this will not change. I Now have a 6 year old daughter who will not be allowed to wear provocative clothing until she’s old enough, and who also has already had a talk about “creepy people and her private parts”.
      I was 16 dressing like I was 21, looking back now at old pictures it was actually pretty disgusting the attention I got for all the wrong reasons. The way girls dress shouldn’t be their choice to make if they can’t make it properly

    • I agree….however your perspective is obviously not shared by the potential rapists and assholes that are out there…and dressing like this may bring unwanted attention that a 12-15 year old free spirited young girl would not know how to deal with …..i think the general jest here is to hopefully get the young girls to be smart about it…careful…and that a ” i’ll do whatever i want when i want” attitude can draw attention…..and not always the attention you want

    • SkankHunt42 says:

      Nakoma please do this city a favor and do not have kids by your comments we all ready tell your unfit to be a parent

  40. Pam M Burton says:

    People have changed the meaning of the dab to when you have to sneeze or cough do it in your elbow so you don’t spread germs. My son knows the real reason, he’s 10 but he prefers it this way instead cause he knows doing drugs is wrong and prefers to think of it in a healthy way. It’s all over the Internet and it’s the new thing. I do not see a problem with it personally. My son actually taught my 3 yr old and she does it, it’s hilarious. They also do everyone do the flop LOL
    Also did you know everyone takes songs that have horrible lyrics and change them? There’s a group of kids my daughter loves who do this can’t rememebr their names teen bop kids maybe anyway you hear this everywhere you go which I think is wonderful because kids hear these songs on the radio or etc and want to listen to them again, they do have good beats after all so you find the kid version and perfect now they don’t have to listen to the horrible music 🙂
    You know when I was 15 and 16 I was craving attention so much! I always took shirts that weren’t appropriate in my back pack then changed when my parents weren’t around hahahah. However I’m assuming this person was in a xmas concert or at the xmas concert so maybe it wasn’t a bra but a tank top? My daughter has shirts that hang off her shoulder and she puts a tank top underneath this is also a new style and I do it too actually lol. I don’t see a problem in it. Personally as long as my daughters underwear is not showing and she’s not dressed like her butt is showing out of her shorts or just gross then I don’t care what she wears tbh because my daughter has pride for her body buuuuut she also has the respect for herself to not parade it around like it’s for sale (like I did when I was younger hahahaha).
    I have two girls and both are in dance have you seen those costumes? Holy moly! But as long as girls have respect for themselves and their bodies and has plenty of attention from loved ones they won’t need to put their bodies for sale and they won’t need to parade around in very revealing clothes but they wear stuff they want because they like it and let’s face it have you seen monster high? That is our girls role models these days so they are going to dress like this whether it’s around their parents or not if they want too.
    So now to the rap at the xmas concert it’s entertaining and the kids have fun the parents have fun….why do you out on a show? For the parents and loved ones to see their kids perform that’s what they are doing!
    Old stick in the Mudd like people who have to be proper and blah blah blah need to take a hike. New way of parenting is we respect our kids and what they chose to do and be but we also teach them what not to be and do….if it doesn’t hurt them then what’s the harm?
    I don’t like xmas most people don’t it’s too commercialized and I’m catholic but I don’t practice I think the bible is crap but I do believe in karma I’m super spiritual however xmas makes people share a bit more and care a bit more and even be fair a bit more so I think it’s still working and when people laugh and smile it’s all worth it….these xmas concerts certainly make people laugh and smile that’s for sure so who do they hurt? Do they hear music they don’t know? Nnoopppeeeeeee do they hurt people’s feelings or hurt them physically? Nope so then mind your business pls and let others have fun at xmas time they way they chose too

    • Karen Taylor says:

      I taught my girls that monster high, Bratz, the Kardashians, miley cyrus, Ariana Grande and the rest are worthless tripe and they agree they’re terrible female examples. They are part of extracurricular groups that aim to work towards environmental protection and raising money for the needy. I’m so proud of them.

    • Pam M Burton says:

      That’s awesome but monster high do have some good qualities and lessons learned. My kids love monster high and actually Miley circus a few of her songs Justin Bieber my 8 yr old loves lol but they know the songs and who the person is are two different things.
      I love my kids school because they discuss all this too 🙂

    • Karen Taylor says:

      Lol I hate the way the world is going.

    • Pam M Burton says:

      Me too! So sad! Yes these people have talent but what are they teaching children who look up to them?!?!?! I’m not one to obey proper things and I say if it doesn’t hurt someone in any way then who cares if it makes you happy do it lol but this is hurting other technically it’s showing kids this is their role models :s

  41. I agree with OP. There is no need for kids growing up so quickly. Stay classy.

  42. Ian Martin says:

    If you took out the cursing this would actually be an intelligible post, not looking like the ranting of a lunatic. That said, I agree with the overall point of your comment, that girls under 18 should not dress so provocatively, since they clearly do not understand the potential consequences of their choices. And more parents should step to the plate and govern and enforce what their children wear. And shame on kid’s stores that sell such provocative clothing. Values in our society have dwindled so poorly and yet some members actually accept and welcome this…

    • I love how you commented about this post not being intelligent due to swearing, but yet you’re victim blaming.. Seems ironic

    • Ian Martin says:

      You are not a victim of undesired attention when you choose to dress a certain way.

    • Ian Martin says:

      It’s like an over weight guy who dresses in a skin tight superman uniform and goes to Walmart not expecting to draw attention… well perhaps he might fit in there but you get the point 🙂

    • No, you said “the potential consequences”, which usually means sexual assault.. There is nobody to blame for sexual assault but the perpetrator and if that’s not what you meant, you should’ve worded it differently

    • I agree with Nicole that sexual assault is only the fault of the perpetrator.
      On the other hand, you need to look at it like the odds in a poker hand. Wearing particular clothing can affect the kind of attention you get just like making certain bet sizes can attract callers or make players fold. It’s not victim blaming. It’s being proactive. If the girl wants to dress with her stuff hanging out, guess what, she’s going to attract a certain kind of attention. Plain and simple. Kind of like how birds show off their colors to attract mates.
      We need to teach our girls to respect themselves. We need to teach our boys that girls are not sexual objects. It’s going to take both sides working to make things better.

    • Zack Tryon says:

      Nothing fucking wrong with swearing . Conveys the message of being disgusted pretty well. See . Ouuu

    • Ian Martin says:

      Well said Paul St. Amand.

    • Paul St.Amand I agree that we should teach young girls to respect themselves, AND we should also teach boys from a young age that there is no excuse to treat women as objects.. It goes both ways, you’re right..

    • Ian Martin says:

      Completely agree with you Nicole. It does go both ways.

    • Ian Martin says:

      I’m glad this was pointed out, about self respect. Imagine if we all respected ourselves and others, how great the world would be… no more bloodshed, no more crime, no more anything bad.. But as I wake up from this nice dream… lol

    • Jo Watson says:

      I completely agree Paul. I don’t think it the right of any man to call a girl a hoe who is rebeling against parental rules.

      It makes them equally as wrong as the girl who needs to learn to cover up

    • Zack Tryon says:

      That would only happen if we abolished religion. And fake currency . And the government Ian Martin

    • Most of the time is daughter like mother

    • Ian Martin says:

      For some reason I am unable to see the last two posters’ comments

  43. Peter M Wade says:

    Your language and poor grammar tend to negate any message that you might be delivering. Some terms are widely rejected in today’s society. Grow up and know that you have our permission to get an education before it’s too late for you. Merry Christmas otherwise.

  44. Don’t feed the obvious trolls.

  45. Mindy Rocca says:

    What is “dab”?

  46. Yeah I agree FUCK paragraphs!

  47. Jo Watson says:

    First off as a mother of a teenage daughter… you’re a creep!

    Why because you want to judge women/girls for what they wear. This is victimizing them from a young age. This has been fought against years.

    Second if you knew anything about parenting… parents don’t let their teens do most of the shit they do. They are fighting for independence and rebeling against anything authority tells them to do.

    You can have a dress code for your teen. You can never buy them these clothes and trust me they will still apear in their closet. On their body. No they don’t leave the house looking like that. They change because they know you won’t approve.

    When my daughter was in grade 8 I caught her wearing a silk see through top, with a bando. Believe it or not this was in fashion in Vancouver. All the teens were wearing them. I have a dress code for my daughter mostly to not be victimized by assholes like you in her fragile developing mind state where they do feed off societies approval of them.

    Anyways I caught her. I told her to change and give the shirt back to who ever owned it or I would ruin the shirt. She changed after a huge fight. A week later I caught her in it again. I made her give it to me and destroyed the shirt in front of her. She was ferious. I paid her friend the value of the shirt and said she’s not allowed wear clothes that are like this. Then I informed her too next time I won’t pay you for the shirt if you lend her one I don’t approve of.

    Moral keep your judgements of young girls to yourself.

    Your one step better then a pedophile in my mind because you’re hurting young girls views of their body image and sexuality.

    And SHOUT OUT.

    I know you post everything but some sensorship need’s to happen. Teens have access to this too.

    This post promotes a rape culture and by sharing it your perpetuating the problem in society!

    • Ian Martin says:

      I am not the OP but you are an idiot. Although I respect the fact that for your daughter you put your foot down and did what you had to do; the fact you accept the dress of other girls and blame guys, accusing them of being predators because of the poor choices of these young girls … really??!!!!! Everyone notices them; boys, girls, men, women, and the elderly, but because someone (that may be a guy) points it out he is a pedophile??!! Idiot!! Girls should dress appropriately. When you look back at women in the earlier half of the 20th century, they dressed beautiful but weren’t provocative, thus not drawing the undesired attention of men around them. Women these days dress for attention.. You put on a halter top and a mini skirt… come on.

    • La Shwandah says:

      Im with you sister. Teach your girls how to defend themselves and prepare them for what they are up against. When they choose to defy you you will have given them the tools needed to defend against people who think the way they are dressed is an invitation to harassment.

    • Jo Watson says:

      I didn’t call anyone a pedophile. I said to degrade girls and women by calling them a hoe for the clothes they wear is a class just above pedophile. One prays on young people for sexual gratification the other degrades their RIGHT to wear clothing that they wish. Parent your own child. Attacking young girls by calling them hoes is disgusting. And classless!

    • Karen Taylor says:

      My girls will never dress like hoes while they live with me.

    • Jo Watson says:

      Karen the problem is calling a girl a hoe.

      While I agree with you I will never allow it. That doesn’t mean you can control it from EVER happening while they live with you.

      So your really going to kick your 13 year old to the street for it because you said no and they didn’t listen right?

      What you mean is your girls will have consequences for dressing how you find it inappropriate.

    • Karen Taylor says:

      My kids will have respect for themselves and their bodies.

    • Jo Watson says:

      My guess is you have yet to reach the teen years. Lol

    • Ian Martin says:

      Boom! At Karen Taylor. Well said!!

    • Jo Watson says:

      Good to see you support calling girls hoes

    • Karen Taylor says:

      I call them as I see them. People are too politically correct nowadays.

    • So telling girls to respect themselves and not to show off all their stuff is promoting a rape culture? Are you crazy or something?
      It is definitely the predator’s fault everytime but, allowing a girl to think that she can wear anything she wants because that’s her right is preposterous. Basically you’re saying if she wants to wear dental floss as an outfit to go to the mall it’s not her fault if she attracts the wrong attention? That wrong attention may turn into assault which is definitely not her fault but, if she had dressed more appropriately the wrong attention wouldn’t have been steered her way.
      The main problem is obviously boys need to be taught from a young age all the way through into adulthood that girls are not sexual objects. Period!

    • Karen Taylor says:

      If my girls dressed that way once, I would make it so they realized it would never be worth doing so again. Spot checks at the high school, be all embarrassing, I don’t care, my kids will be raised right

    • Karen Taylor says:

      My girls will be worthy of respect and they will be respected. I can’t stand most 20 year old women nowadays. Self entitled airheads

    • Jo Watson says:

      Paul no where did I say allow your child to wear what they want. What I said was no where is it okay for a random guy to call a girl a hoe for it.

      If this person had said to all parents out there I really hope you disapline your children for dressing this way. I would have 100% agreed.

      As for rape culture you don’t know the meaning of the term if you don’t see calling a girl a hoe for dressing a certian way

    • Jo Watson says:

      Karon how do you think I caught my daughter…

      Fact is they still try if it is in fashion.

    • A quote from you Jo “their RIGHT to wear clothing that they wish”.
      They have the right for sure. I have the right to throw asbestos in the air and breath deeply for hours and hours. Would that be a good idea? Fuck no!

    • I’m sorry….. I don’t usually post much but couldn’t ignore this …. the way people dress has nothing to do with pedophiles or rapists decisions to do what they do…. women and men…. boys and girls…. no matter the way they dress have been victimized back in the 20th century and still til this day!!!! We talk about the way girls dress…. well how do boys dress?? Are they showing too much??? Yet they are also abused!! How can that be if they have their bodies fully covered???
      You all talk about girls having to learn to respect themselves… how about teaching everyone about respecting others and their choices…. including what they prefer to where?? People will continue to think whatever they want no matter if you’re wearing a see threw shirt or have a big sweater on !!! It’s all about respect. Some people are just sick and perverted and don’t have any respect for themselves or anyone else. So instead of laying blame…. teach people and give them the tools necessary to survive in the real world.

    • Jo Watson says:

      Paul Ian and Karen quality people who think it is okay to degrade young girls by calling them hoe’s

    • Karen Taylor says:

      Nope… not true. I just think a good parent doesn’t allow their kid to dress like one.

    • Jo Watson says:

      Where did I say anything about a parent allowing their child to dress in sexually provocative clothing.

      I said it was calling a teenage girl a hoe was wrong.

      I said I don’t allow my own child to dress provocative.

      So I think you jumped on an attack where you didn’t even read what the message was. My whole message was about the attack against young girls. Not what their parents allow or don’t allow.

    • Ian Martin says:

      I hate to see when these young people grow up into old people and have piercings hanging off of their sagging tattooed boobs…. YIKES!

    • Ian Martin says:

      On another note anyhow. But to the point, young people do not understand the consequences of their actions. And I am not even talking just about the possibility of rape, but how their appearance is assessed by others, ie: college/university recruiters, prospective employers, etc. Not saying nice people don’t exist among these stereotypes, but first appearances do matter and when you dress and act a certain way, you limit your potentials in life. Someone made a comment in one of these threads about desire to sift away from the suit and tie. I strongly disagree as uniforms create a sense of unity, discipline and most importantly, professionalism. I can’t imagine I would take a psychologist, for example, seriously while she is dressed in provocative clothing and piercings/tattoos. Professionalism equals credibility. Albeit in some cases I agree, a false sense given the shenanigans that occur in our political system. But, they still command better respect.

    • Karen Taylor says:

      And nor did I call any kid a hoe. I just said they shouldn’t dress like one

    • One thing people forget in how other people dress is the concept of artistic expression. People are so scared of sexuality they suppress it rather than learning how to properly manage it and educate kids on healthy sexual attention and unhealthy attention, that is respecting yourself, not second thinking the clothing that you truly love at heart because you fear what other people will say. Most girls fear more what people will say than what creeps will do because they beleive that they’re society will lash out on anyone who tries to prey on a girl or woman rather than the victim but many women realize quickly after something occurs that most of society believes that what you wear reflects your level of respect for yourself or sexual morals.

  48. I don’t think we can take another year of your bitchin either…

  49. La Shwandah says:

    I dunno maybe its just me maybe im fucked in the head a little bit but when i see young people (girls or boys) i do not view them as sexual objects or feel the need to comment on their bodies, regardless of what they are wearing. As for rapping christmas Sure why not cant say santa or jesus or merry mayaswell smack a hoe

    • It’s not the point whether you view them that way or not though.

    • Sandy Blake says:

      You made me lol.

    • Carrie Rioux says:

      well this is perfect

    • You may not but parents know sick fucks do. So, parents have to think about the sick fucks and how to protect their children from them. Please tell me you’re not that simple minded.

    • Ian Martin says:

      Perhaps you don’t but there are those who do. Regardless, they are still dressing themselves up as sex objects.. And that is the point. It needs to be stopped

    • Omfg unless they are thinking “I wanna get fucked ” when they dress themselves and are actin sexually at every second glance, no one should take that as a liberty to approach a child or act inapropriately. And if it does make them feel that way, that’s why we have laws and prisons. You wanna protect kids? Educate them about the fact that they are NOT sex objects. And having sexual intentions also doesn’t make you a sex object people still need to be treating each other with a general code of decency regardless of if someone is ‘seeking human attention’, it goes against basic human rights for anyone to assume that it’s an invitation for just anyone to come up and say something that any common person would find repulsive or inapropriate.

    • Hold the adults accountable, educate children, and improve detection and prevention resources. don’t force generations of individuals to suppress themselves out of fear because these people exist.

    • Hold the adults accountable, educate children, and improve detection and prevention resources. don’t force generations of individuals to suppress themselves out of fear because these people exist.

    • Ian Martin says:

      Fact is there are people out there, men and women, who prey on children. One only has to read the newspaper on a daily basis to see this. Teachers, priests, lawyers, cops, judges, and your average every day citizen. Knowing this, parameters need to be in place to limit their (adult’s) potential. Harm reduction. Placing a provocatively dressed child in front of admiring eyes is going to increase the likelihood of that adult feeding their desire. It’s like leaving a cookie in front of the Cookie monster unattended.

    • Ian Martin says:

      Fact is there are people out there, men and women, who prey on children. One only has to read the newspaper on a daily basis to see this. Teachers, priests, lawyers, cops, judges, and your average every day citizen. Knowing this, parameters need to be in place to limit their (adult’s) potential. Harm reduction. Placing a provocatively dressed child in front of admiring eyes is going to increase the likelihood of that adult feeding their desire. It’s like leaving a cookie in front of the Cookie monster unattended.

  50. Mike Pratt says:

    Someone is having a ruff week

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