What the hell

Since when do companies charge you to downgrade from curds to shredded cheese?



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  1. looks like they charged for extra cheese as they alreADY CHARGED 2.00 FOR POUTINBE

  2. Yvon Lemieux says:

    I’ll never go to wacky wings again for that reason. Order a pouting and they charge you for the cheese.

  3. Open your wallet ya cheap ass

  4. Phil Newman says:

    What kind of a sick fuck substitutes curds with shred?

  5. Lana Ranger says:

    It appears as though they charge seperately for cheese. 1.49 for curds and 1.00 for shredded…why wouldn’t you ask the cashier to explain it?

  6. Joe D'Amours says:

    A real poutine is made with cheese curds, there’s a penalty if you change that

  7. Most places I’ve tried always show a breakdown like that… it looks like it’s $1.49 for curds, and it’s only a dollar for shredded. Most places that ask have the breakdown so they know which cheese type to make it with if they give the option. Don’t freak out until you read shit… it’s also cheap af anyways, so get over it.

  8. Who goes from curds to shredded??? Soooo wrong. You should be charged extra lol

  9. Without seeing the final sub-total and total, you are all just guessing!

  10. Rylan Stolar says:

    You’re eating at Harvey’s since when did you develop standards?

  11. Andre Roy says:

    Who the hell changes cheese curds for shredded cheese?! You deserve to pay more!

  12. David Bruce says:

    First world problems

  13. Dean Farinha says:

    Don’t eat that shit.

  14. They totally charged you for both.

  15. It’s just a breakdown of costs. They didn’t charge you to downgrade. If you have curds its 1.50 shredded is 1.00 so it’s actually less costly!

  16. Joe Wilson says:

    #1stworldproblems #cantunderstandprices #needsattention #whineypeople

  17. Since everything went up and if your gonna complain about a buck or two maybe you shouldn’t be wasting money on take out

  18. Nick Beland says:

    The better question is wtf is wrong with people putting shredded cheese over curds on poutine in the first place

  19. Holy fuck. Where are you, i’ll give you back your dollar to stop bitchin

  20. Some places charge you a fee if you make any changes or modifications at all because you’re paying for convenience

  21. Will Newman says:

    Curds all the way

  22. Who changes their order from cheese curds to shredded…And you call yourself Canadian

  23. for everyone saying they put both, look again, thats 2 completely different meals, the first one is 1.49 for cheese curds, the 2nd order is 1$ for regular cheese, looks like she saved on .49 cente

  24. They offer it with cheese curds if you change what they offer you should have to pay extra. If you aren’t ok with paying extra you can have cheese curds or make it at home?

  25. Pete Dunlop says:

    Life’s struggles , they are real ,lol.

  26. Ashley Nay says:

    Looks like you’re paying to have both types of cheese on there

  27. Al Manion says:

    That’s what you get for ruining a poutine.

  28. Kris Vouriot says:

    You were charged for both LOL

  29. The receipt say plus curds plus shredded cheese.

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