What is with all the sign people?

What is with all of the sign people in this city? What can we do to stop this movement? They seem to be an organization, clearing hundreds (thousands?) of hard earned dollars tax-free every week. This money is doled out by normal citizens who I have no doubt work hard for that money. I think it’s a terrible idea to contribute to these people.
-there are job postings everywhere in this city;
-panhandling is not a job, people!

Some people think they are doing good by helping these people, for all you know they could be part of an organized crime syndicate using this money to do harm to people.

Don’t be a part of the problem! Do not donate to these people, and if you have the time, please take a minute to report them to the local police.


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91 Responses

  1. Definite scammers. Passed one guy on Lasalle/Barrydowne. Went down to Metro to pick up my buddy then doubled back to the beer store. He walked right past us in the lot, put his sign in the back seat of a Lexus and drove off. We both laughed at how many people were handing stuff out to this guy.

  2. Why do they bother you?
    People get into desperate situations… get over it.
    If YOU don’t want to give that’s fine, what you do is your own business. But inspiring people not to give to those in need is wrong.
    Let others making their own judgment. I for one feel uncomfortable giving money, but I’ve given my lunch on my way to work dozens of times.

  3. Joshua Moses Joshua Moses says:

    Tried giving a couple cards to apply for work. They just turn and burn. The younger ones are just lazy. No sympathy for the ones who are able to work and choose not to.

  4. the more people give them money the more there will be of them and they are a safety hazard at the lights where people stop or slow down traffic to give them money

  5. Keep Moving People, Keep The Crowd Moving…

  6. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    I wish we had the purge

  7. Misty Smith Misty Smith says:

    Crime syndicate? Lol mafia much

  8. Most of these people can’t get or hold regular jobs for a variety of reasons. If you can’t help-then don’t. If they were able to hold a regular job,they wouldn’t be sitting out there in snow blizzards blistering heat and pouring rain,every day all day. A lot of us couldn’t handle the hours weather or the nasty people. This is the job they’ve chosen. They don’t harass others. They are polite. If I get a chance I try to help with a little conversation. I have no money but a smile and a kind word can change their day. If you’re lucky enough to have a job and family support congratulations. You’re very lucky. Not everyone has that. Sympathy Empathy not Nasty.

  9. And why does this bother you… it’s got nothing to do with you mind your own business and carry on with your life

  10. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    I was with you until you said report to the police. Unfortuantely nothing they can do it is a bylaw issue

  11. Kori Marie Kori Marie says:

    Clearly you’ve never struggled or been homeless. It takes an address to have a job and when all shelters are filled how do you expect one to get a job? You sound like an ignorant privileged asshole.

  12. MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS I GIVE TO WHO I WANT WHEN I WANT. You are making numbers up because you dont really know. Go live your pathetic life

  13. Sudbury panhandlers are Hydra agents spieing on us…..

  14. Could be U/C cops checking your seat belt and cell phone for the cruiser up ahead … or just down on their luck and serving penance by greeting a nasty NIMBY

  15. I could much easier live with myself knowing I did my best to help someone who appeared to be struggling, than to neglect to help someone on the off chance that they’re sitting in the freezing cold for hours just to “trick the working man”, but that’s just me. This post is shameful.

  16. Best way to call them out. If they have better shoes then you. You know they don’t need the extra money.

  17. Dave McMende Dave McMende says:

    Reading this post just inspired me to give to the guy at Lasalle and Notre Dame.

  18. Shylo Parent Shylo Parent says:

    DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY MONEY. Thank you very much

  19. Steve Parker Steve Parker says:

    They are the police , looking for seatbelts,distracted driving,etc

  20. I know a guys who dresses like a homeless guy and begs for money. He owns a house and a very nice car and pulls in $9000 a month roughly from pan handling. It’s sad that people get taken advantage of by people like this. He’s living high on the hog while we are busting our asses to make ends meet. Unfortunately the only way to stop them is to stand by them and tell people as they give them money. It’s why I don’t help any of them

  21. I watched my father move around, to different boarding houses, apartments in all of downtown. He was a step up from being homeless. And I met a lot of homeless people my dad would help with what ever money he could, or coffees, or what ever he could do, and most of these people are incredibly kind, and helpful, humble, giving, amazing people who are genuinely struggling. So when I see someone who needs some money, or food, or anything I can spare. Even a minute to shoot the shit, you bet your judgmental ass I’m going to sit with them and talk.

  22. You have way to much time on your hands

  23. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    This is a criminal organization they all get dropped off in a white panel van and I see a black ford Cube car at the Lasalle beer store a guy sits there and waits for the one to finish its shifts they have shifts it’s hilarious

  24. I would normally agree that this is horrendous but I went out for coffee the other day in the south end and one of my NEIGHBOURS was holding a sign beside east side mario’s saying homeless and hungry.. I believe the hungry part but homeless? No. I see you walk your dog every night, I know you live here.

  25. Brady and Paris intersection they walk in between the vehicles , someone gonna get hurt.

  26. It isn’t that easy to get a job if you have no clothes,no transportation,no home or money, and especially if you have mental instability. True..some are scammers but not all.

  27. Steve Boyd Steve Boyd says:

    Was this posted by Scientology or the Luminaty ??

  28. It’s unanimous! We all think Kelsey is a selfish princess sad u got so many fans by being a snob and a cold bitch

  29. Debrah Blair Debrah Blair says:

    Let’s hope that the person whom posted this never ends up where they are,and people treat them this way…horrible

  30. Jonathan KC Jonathan KC says:

    Ya, let’s clean up this environment & make them go help build Trudeau’s pipeline

  31. #murder #panhandlers #dontforgetgodbless

  32. Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

    All you are doing is enabling these people…most of them just need to get a job

  33. You sound like a lovely person.

  34. Kelsey Scott Kelsey Scott says:

    I always call and hate when people stop the flow of traffic to give money to them. If no one enabled their behaviour they wouldn’t do it.

    • Cause they want to be there? Not everyone chooses to be homeless

    • Kelsey Scott okay ill get out and leave it in the way to keep you there longer while I get in and out. You’re so inconvenienced with someone who doesn’t get to eat daily possibly getting some food.

    • And it’s my time I’ll use it how I please. I don’t care if it holds you up so someone else can have a meal since you clearly haven’t skipped any

    • Kelsey Scott Kelsey Scott says:

      Gabriel Berthiaume why are people assuming or putting things in my mouth. I’ve never mentioned homelessness or if they want to be there or not. I don’t like them asking money in the middle of the roads… we have plenty of services available especially in our downtown area. Obviously no one chooses to be homeless just like how people don’t choose to be an addict.

    • Kelsey Scott no one said you were plus sized. I said you didn’t miss a meal I don’t miss meals and I’m not plus sized. It means I have food ffs. Who’s putting words in someone’s mouth now?? You’re just feeling guilty cause youre selfish and inconvenienced waiting in a worm car over someone who hasn’t eaten in a week and sleeps on the ground in the cold possibly not knowing if they will wake up tomorrow cause they may freeze to death but yep that five minutes you waited soooooo brutal to your time

    • Kelsey Scott Kelsey Scott says:

      Phil Turcotte what did I say other than I don’t like and don’t it’s safe for people to stand at our lights. Wow I’m so horrible. I feel if people want to help them giving them your change and enabling them to continue to stand there I don’t this productive. I didn’t say anything else.

    • Kelsey Scott oh my your a piece of work! Who the fuck told you that you are so special !wow what a snobby bitch you are wow .

    • Kelsey Scott Kelsey Scott says:

      Stephanie Lamarche you said clearly I didn’t skip any meals as if that wasn’t shade

    • Kelsey Scott read it how you like. Just like we’re reading your selfish ignorant comment about having to wait a while 5 minutes

    • Kelsey Scott Kelsey Scott says:

      Stephanie Lamarche you are assuming these things you don’t nothing about the people standing there ….

    • Kelsey Scott Kelsey Scott says:

      Stephanie Lamarche no where did I say 5 mins but yes when the lights green and your holding up about 15 or so cars I don’t think it’s right . I never said anywhere where people shouldn’t panhandle or do anything they please. I said they shouldn’t at our lights or in between cars because ITS UNSAFE plain and simple.

    • im on kelsey’s side, go ahead, give them money when its a red light, but when the light turns green, that means go, its holding up traffic and that person holding up traffic should get a ticket. And yes 90% of panhandlers sitting at the corner of intersections aren’t poor, i had a chat with one once, they laughed cause they get over 300$ a day tax free, yeah laughed at the idiots who keep giving him money cause he put on an old pair of torn jeans and got a 2$ jacket at the thrift store.

    • Jonathan KC Jonathan KC says:

      They are an important part in our society, doing a job reminding us that our system isn’t perfect, that there are many in need of something bigger then food, they need hope, possibilities, a future. They represent something that needs to be noticed!! What about enabling the bigger picture by not recognizing the value of our smallest denominator?

    • Kelsey Scott your right, there are alot of services that will help to get them started. Welfare will help them get clothes etc.

    • Krista Breen Krista Breen says:

      Stephanie Lamarche your a rude bitch who the fuck Re you , you clearly need to get a life I legit see you commenting on shit 24/7 always see you name popping up with your fucking opinion but no one else is aloud to have one or say anything , how dare you say anything about someone’s wieght like clearly she hasn’t missed a meal ??? Seriously who the hell do you think you are ??? U have kids and this is the way you treat ppl by saying shit to bully them great way to teach your children how to act in society , it’s funny how only Kelsey Scott isn’t aloud to o have an opinion

    • Krista Breen Krista Breen says:

      No one is aloud to be inconvenienced by this shit ??? I work 40 hours a week to support my family there are tons of services these ppl can go to yes not everyone chooses to be homeless there are millions of reasons that could be happening but there Re shelters and place to go to make resumes and get a job instead most of these ppl would rather sit on a busy corner and beg for money when I’m driving by and seen half of them wearing Jordans on there feet or pulling there cell phones out it aggravates me as I work hard for my pay cheque and I have helped many ppl in bad situations out so say what you want it’s fine

    • Colin Amer Colin Amer says:

      So, you have to wait an extra 30 seconds from time to time because the person in front of you wants to do something nice?

    • Krista Breen Krista Breen says:

      I never said anything about time , and I have done it plenty of times but clearly no one is aloud to have an opinion or you get attacked

  35. Call the cops on the homeless .! Don’t give hungry people food !…who are you ? SATAN! . Maby you need a taste of there life to understand them … ya the homeless community is a mofia! You sir or miss are a complete bafoon!

  36. Call the police? Seriously? I’m sure they have better things to do rather than go after panhandlers

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