What is a good organization to volunteer with?

I have worked with a few different ones and although I loved the cause they were working for I was very disappointed with the board overseeing the operations. There were too many people there only to pad their resume, or because they were high profile in the community. The dynamics they brought to the table was deplorable at best when you heard things going on behind the scenes. I don’t want to be any part of that. I want to volunteer somewhere where the volunteers are appreciated for their contributions,and where everything is about the people/animals/charity itself and not boosting the board members personal agendas/egos.



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  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sudbury

  2. Pastor Brad is always looking for people at the mission, feeding the homeless and poor is a worthy cause….

  3. Nursing homes. They can never get enough help there by spending time with residents or helping with activities. The staff just don’t have the time to spend one on one like the residents deserve.

  4. Volunteer with sick kids
    Or is a “baby cuddler” a thing in nicu?

  5. Guy Carriere Guy Carriere says:

    CNIB, always looking for passionate volunteers

  6. Ann Lamont says:

    MEALS ON WHEELS (not just for delivering) can help in the off8ce or kitchen or there 8s the cancer centre or HSN

  7. United Way Centraide North East Ontario/ Nord-est de l’Ontario

  8. Mel Young, which is the organization you volunteer with?

  9. Allie Kat Allie Kat says:

    Best of luck in your search.

  10. if you like cats small things is wonderful

  11. CNIB has many rewarding programs you could volunteer with!

  12. Michelle says:

    Big brothers and big sisters

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