What does this mean?

I’m 9 months pregnant and my boyfriend told me I’m fat, what does that mean?



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  1. It could either mean you’re fat and pregnant or just pregnant. Omg question solved, much wow, such complicated!!!

  2. Gail Barton says:

    It means he is an asshole and you sleep with the wrong person

  3. James Nash says:

    it means he is being truthfull but putting it in a bad way. when there is a tiny human in your stomache the size of a small bag of potatoes which has a weight that ranges from 4 to 10 lbs you tend to look bigger than what he is normally seeing you look like and he knows that your body is changing more rapidly. just tell him his penis did it as ajoke and if you dont like the word he used ask him to try another word like pregnant or a phrase like ‘full of life’. people are over dramatic about it but i wouldnt let it bother you too much he was just being a guy.

  4. You are beautiful… tell him to grow up.

  5. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

  6. That he’s ridiculous

  7. Laura Lea says:

    It means your boyfriend is an ASS…I feel badly for you that you are with him

  8. Kelsie Dawn says:

    This can’t be real… obviously your bigger, there’s a effing baby in your belly. I used to call myself the whale.

  9. Fern Myers says:

    It means you have the wrong boyfriend !!

  10. He your boyfriend means he is a shit stain ass hole who needs a good beating.

  11. It means your boyfriend is
    a compete ass and needs to show you some respect and learn to keep his big mouth shut.

  12. Sorry but he’s an insensitive ass!

  13. Tress Paul says:

    It means your boyfriend is a disrespectful douchebag. You’re pregnant, you’re getting bigger because you’re carrying a life inside you.

  14. kick him in the balls

  15. It means he’s a dick. When I felt fat during my pregnancy my hubby did a people’s jewelry trip and I got a diamond…

  16. It means you kick him to the curb.

  17. Dont take it to heart. My own mother calls me fat and im only 8 months pregnant.

  18. If he was serious I’d tell him to take a hike

  19. It means your not skinny… But it doesn’t mean your not sexy. Pregnant woman are a turn in for me. When my wife was Prego I was like a walking hard on

  20. Ally Rebekah says:

    It means you’re fat

  21. Benni Norris says:

    it probably means that you’re fat.

  22. Omg no wonder so many kids are screwed up with broken homes. I cant believe how many people jump to saying “leave his ass” …. we know f*ck all about this situation from this simple sentence/question! His tone and facial expression REALLY helps to understand where he was coming from. Which is something that we could never get from a damn post! Or his history.. is he abusive? Who the fuck knows?! No wonder the divorce rate is so high… people dont want to solve their problems just throw in the towl. Its disgusting

  23. Rebecca Dee says:

    That he doesn’t understand what the birds and bees results in

  24. Sheri Kirkey says:

    He’s a dick face that needs a throat punch!!!!!

  25. Maybe she gained more weight than she SHOULD HAVE???

  26. Don Burton says:

    Wow … welcome to Jerry Springer. The only comment missing here is “Oooooh Honey …. You gots ta lose dat zero and git youself a hero, Girl”.

    Talk to the guy and find out why he said it. Don’t listen to all these idiots trying to talk you into unnecessarily becoming a single mother for one stupid comment. I don’t know how much experience you have with kids … but being a single parent is damn hard. Try to resolve this with leaving as a VERY last resort.

    When the hell did our society become so shallow and accepting of revolving door relationships?

  27. Jamie Kozera says:

    Means your boyfriend is a douche bag and will be one hell of a father one day.

  28. It means he’s a dick!

  29. Scott Lauber says:

    Nothing it means nothing just shut up and go about your day. Since when did we become a society of whiney little piss ants?

  30. Jen Stone says:

    It means he’s an insensitive asshole….

  31. you picked the wrong man

  32. Sandy Blake says:

    It means he’s a fucking douche bag!!!!

  33. Lol Well, clearly he is beyond immature and basically brain dead. Is he 15? Tell him to grow a set and be a fucking real man. You’re pregnant – you’re supposed to gain weight!
    ..people are ridiculous..

  34. Means he thinks your fat. Take him to your next doctor appointment and have them explain to him that your not. Unless you are then maybe he’s just worried for your health. I was thin when i was pregnant with my son but gained a ton with my daughter. My bf openly told me i gained a lot and he was worried for our health. Turns out my midwife said i was not a concern and he dropped it because he was not longer worried. So i guess it just depends on his intentions behind his words.

  35. Your dating a teenager

  36. Tim Holmes says:

    Pretty self explanatory

  37. Means he is an immature little fuck that doesn’t know what real beauty is

  38. Paul Pilon says:

    It means he’s getting a sex doll for Christmas. What a balloonhead.

  39. It means you need a new boyfriend.

  40. Look at the butthurt women in here lmao

  41. Megan McCabe says:

    It means your a beautiful soul and you dont need this in your life…your not fat your pregnant !! ๐Ÿ˜› wow some men.

  42. Delmo Gotti says:

    it means your with an inconsiderate person and your gona be in relationship troubles

  43. Like most women you probably avoided the right guy and chose the one who came with a free ride. But don’t feel bad. 98% do.

  44. Gratz to your bf… I grant them the title of bag of dicks

  45. Dale Gerow says:

    That means you should turf his ass

  46. maybe he was just joking around or hes just not use to you being that big and had to say something? i know i wouldnt get mad at my hubby for saying it unless it was a constant thing and he wasnt joking around! if he keeps it up just tell him its bothering you!

  47. Sean Lynott says:

    It means you’re fat… Brett Lalande

  48. Means ur boyfriend is the problem .

  49. Debrah Blair says:

    That he’s an asshole

  50. That he’s dumb as f^*k!

  51. It means that this is the first in a series of hit you in the face style red flags , be wise be safe

  52. It means your boyfriend thinks you’re fat, unfortunately . The only thing that’s fat is his head because clearly there is no brains in his head. Even though there is a baby involved, it’s not worth staying with him since if he’s starting insulting you now, it’ll just go downhill moving forward. Your mental health is not worth staying with a dickhead just because he’s your baby’s father.

  53. It means he is stupid

  54. Morgan Evans says:

    Does he know you’re pregnant?

  55. Tell him he has a tiny dick. Lol

  56. Means your life is now ruined

  57. Dawn Carne says:

    Means he’s an insensitive dick and needs a throat punch

  58. It means you dump his ass today and move on with your life with out the ignorant pos! Do not waste another second of your life. It means he doesn’t care about you. Get out now. It will get worse and you don’t want your kid to be subjected to a man who is ok with verbally abusing his pregnant girlfriend.

  59. insensitive, immature, and ignorant

  60. Jean Murphy says:

    I would throw a glass of cold water in his face.. Ask him how he feels…. Now tell him how much he has hurt your feelings.. That should get is attention.. Focus on your baby.. Yes you are beautiful….

  61. It means that this is a supremely amateur troll attempt

  62. Everyone is so quick to jump the gun and tell you to leave. Maybe he was angry when he said it or upset. Or it was meant to be a joke that came out all wrong. Talk to him tell him what he said hurt. Figure out on your own why he said it not up to us to all sit here and guess why he would have said it none of us know anything about the two of youse

  63. Tell him he’s got a little cock

  64. Pam M Burton says:

    It means he doesn’t respect you and get out asap he’s a child you need a man

  65. He’s an ass. It was just a laps in judgment on his part

  66. when guys are fat what is their excuse? especially what looks gross on a boy is man boobs

  67. means he is an immature punk get rid of him

  68. Mean ur bf is a dick

  69. Piece of shit…probably cheating on ya or will be soon…Hopefully that doesn’t happen…

  70. It means you need a new bf

  71. It means he is an inconsiderate asshole and you would be better off without him. Dump his sorry ass!

  72. Crystal Love says:

    Hes a fucking asshole.

  73. Well its better than me saying congratulations(pregnant) to a girl who is fat? oh i have so many regrets LOL!

  74. probably a joke that was poorly planned and implemented and possibly never should have been attempted

  75. It means he’s an ass.

  76. It means you need a new boyfriend.

  77. Depending on, did you gain a bunch of weight threw your pregnancy ? Face arms legs maybe you got bigger then you should have ? Maybe it isn’t to insult maybe bring up a concern. Be more open minded people.

  78. That means he’s an asshole!

  79. It means that your baby will be healthy and that you are beautiful while he is afraid of being a dad. I think its stress that just blurted that out otherwise he is just nasty. Ask him where his 6 pack is….not the one in the fridge.

  80. Tara Major says:

    You should have picked a better man to have a baby with….you are in for problems

  81. Nick Essig says:

    Tell him the father, Mike Newman thinks you look great!

  82. Dump him and tell him you just lost about 200 pounds of dead weight ๐Ÿ˜‰

  83. It means he’s verbally abusive!

  84. It means he’s a total asshole and gets the “asshole of the day” award!! O.P…a pregnant woman is a beautiful thing!!

  85. You have a piece of shit for a boyfriend

  86. It means you boyfriend is a douchebag!

  87. It means your husband is a bit of a clod.

  88. It means he’s an asshole. You’re carrying his child and he has the gall to criticize your body for it? Sounds like he has some growing up to do.

  89. Means he is an asshole lol

  90. If you can’t figure this out my concern is how are you going to raise a child

  91. Taylor Jones says:

    It means you’re just going to be another single teen mom of Sudbury. I think there’s a club for that now though.

  92. That means get rid of him.

  93. Izzy Silver says:

    Means you are fat! NOT! Means your you need to start adding lard to your bfs meals get him nice and big cuz he’s a BIG DICK!
    Can’t believe he made you feel this way. Shame on him he doesn’t deserve you!

  94. Most likely it means your fat …. lol

  95. Option C, you’re a troll.

  96. It means he thinks you are fat. It probably also means I should wish you good luck with the babies….

  97. What an asshole. Don’t care about what he says , he’s prob an immature punk. Just focus on you and your baby. You’re beautiful.

  98. Well i mean if youre 9bmonths pregnant, i wouldnlike to think it was supposed to humour

  99. Means your boyfriend wins Dick of the Year…. and not because he got you pregnant!

  100. That he’s a douche.

  101. Tina Saari says:

    It means he lacks common sense and any knowledge of biology.

  102. Means he is an asshole

  103. Luds CL says:

    That means your boyfriend is an idiot.

  104. Zack Tryon says:

    Means he has good eye sight

  105. Amy Blount says:

    It means your boyfriend is an asshole. It could also mean he’s feeling insecure about the upcoming baby and taking it out on you. Try not to get too upset with him, I’m sure you look beautiful mama, sit down and talk to him and see what’s going on. Good luck and congratulations!

  106. That he’s an ass.

  107. Amanda Boone says:

    It means you have a Jerk for a boyfriend.

  108. That he’s ignorant..

  109. It means he’s stupid lol