I went to look at an apartment today. And it was a dump. And the person showing the place was very rude.

It’s a blizzard outside. And me and a dozen other people are waiting for the person to arrive who will show us the apartment. She gets there twenty minutes late.

We are all taken upstairs to the apartment. Everyone packed together despite covid. She yelled not to touch anything. The person showing us the property treated us worse than dirt. She acted as if we all were bothering her. Couldn’t look in the cupboards or the fridge. And then she screams that she has to go, as if we were taking too long. We had only been there not 5 minutes. Very rude and unprofessional.

The apartment was as bad as the property manager. The tub looked like a nuclear bomb was dropped into it. Thick smell of mold throughout the building. But going for nearly 1000. Complete nightmare.

What has this city come to? When they can charge so much for a place that is nothing more than a health hazard. And treat potential tenants like dirt. Very very very very disturbing.



4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    yup the pretty well all landlords are scumbags

  2. pmlaberge says:

    Report them to City By-Laws (Health department) and the LLTA.

  3. Cicada says:

    Sudbury was and is not equipped to handle the influx of people migrating here. Thank the libs and con governments that allowed mass migration for years. As torontonians, montrealers, and vancouverites get fed up and leave, small towns are filled to capacity. The only thing you can do immediately is move to an even smaller town even more remote with even less opportunity but you could find a half decent place to live (for now…). This artificial growth of our population is not accompanied by artificially building more places to stay. Everything the government does has intentional consequences. If we had rules in place like other countries where parents had to make sure their child was set up with a place to live when it came time to move, and migrants came here legally with a job lined up and a place to stay, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. Now our only hope is for a kind hearted developper to start building more affordable places real soon or the situation will keep getting worse. This is what people have voted for after all. Every year cannot be better than the last, at some point everything will stagnate to a point that society will collapse.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Being a land lord has went to their head, but when potential tenants are a dime a dozen these days and the available places are not, good luck. Probably a sign of things to come if you do put an offer on the place.