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How do I sue a funeral home for refusal to add me to the death certificate of a parent, who’s other next of kin didn’t let me know everything was happening until he was being cremated and papers were already signed. I wasny even allowed to get a phine call by them since they wanted to do everyjting on the dly and i had tontake a few weeks to educate myself on the entire process that they refused to let me in on. I wasn’t invited nor was my name added to the certified event though I’m first born and am gaining the role of estate trustee. I wasn’t even allowed to make a vote on which funeral home we werr going to go with.

Basically I was kept in thebdark if the entire process of my dead parent, and while I’m doing all the work myself to be part of the process, they’ve already excluded me from the certificate which allows them to divide bank accounts, and any remaining small assets without me, leaving me with zero power since the funeral home is refusing to send me a revised proof of certificate including my name, allowing me equal rights to my parent things, just as much as the other next of kin..



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  1. Anonymous says:

    YOUR name doesn’t go on a death certificate. The deceased name is the ONLY name on the death certificate.

  2. fuckboi2016almostrapedandmurededcausehisfamilyhisawesome says:

    thats not even close to as bad as whats happening to me.

    the hospital barred me from being with my dad the moment he passed on. i was sleeping in my bedroom and sleeping when i should have been by his side when no one else would. i fucking promised my dad i would do that. my uncle was downstairs flirting with my mom. the same uncle who has travelled with my moms sisters at private parties. That very uncle, fucked one of my peers about 6 years and told me right in front of my dad that i need to shut the fuck up. The same uncle who promised my father that he would not charge ANY FUCKING FEES for doing estate work but took $15,000 dollars from my fathers estate so he could hook up with my brothers mom on the side.

    tell me about how they are keeping you in the dark again?

    • Anonymous says:

      also i immediately woke up when he passed on bhecause i saw a light or something rise to the heavens. . . these wahmen just dont give a fuck about anything. i can see why the bible talks about eve being an evil piece of shit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You need to see a lawyer asap!

  4. Anonymous says:


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