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Who are some of the best wedding photographers in the Sudbury area?



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  1. Lynne Poulin Lynne Poulin says:

    Sawyer Photography and Videography you wont be disappointed

  2. Sawyer Photography and Videography I promise you will not be disappointed

  3. Rob at Westmount Photography!

  4. Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson says:

    Shauna Kingsbury
    Sawyer Photography and Videography

  5. Photography by Adam …. he now offers videography too! Adam Grose

  6. Betty Dupuis Betty Dupuis says:

    Joshy Boyer thought of you????

  7. Sawyer Photography and Videography

  8. Emilie Lemay Emilie Lemay says:

    Rob from Westmount Photography is absolutely amazing. Check out his website to see some of the stuff he has done

  9. Angie Luoma Angie Luoma says:

    This isn’t even a question – Sawyer Photography and Videography is by far the best in the Sudbury area.

  10. Ashley Cheff Ashley Cheff says:

    Vivian Hogue Photography

  11. Photography by Adam whether rain sun or tiptoeing over farm fields, so much fun to work with and loved the final compositions. 🙂

  12. Im looking for one as well

  13. flofoto check out our page. We’re very lifestyle documentary & follow a dramatic style rather than a light & airy.

    We also have full wedding in our blog section on

    Alexander Fillion is also pretty rad & Stacey Lalande is brilliant as well.

    There’s quite a few really.

    Your wedding planner can also give you a good idea of who’s reliable & professional.

  14. Amanda Thirkill Photography

  15. Shauna Kingsbury Sawyer Photography and Videography literally hands down BEST in Sudbury

  16. Cathy Wong Cathy Wong says:

    Marg Seregelyi Photography

  17. Vivian Hogue Photography

  18. Michael Kaiser Filion Photography Allison Lucienne – Photographer Rebecca Bose – Photographer it really depends on your style of photography. Photography by Adam is also really good.

  19. Austin White Austin White says:

    Adriana Roque Photography

  20. Filion Photography Rebecca Bose – Photographer

  21. Ayla Mancari Ayla Mancari says:

    PhotoCaptiva they worked with what my mother wanted for her wedding. And worked well with kids and our dog. I highly recommend them.

  22. Cassandra Wight Photography

  23. Allison Lucienne – Photographer is amazing

  24. Kirsten Maki Kirsten Maki says:

    Keisha Duong Anthony Duong

  25. Based on my preferences, I found akaiser photo and Fillion were the best based on my style. You should just check out some portfolios and base your decision on your preferences. Other popular ones that I find are good in town are photography by Adam, captured moments by Julie, flofoto. We are going with akaiserphoto for our wedding.

  26. I second Shauna Kingsbury @ Sawyer Photography and Videography
    She did a few weddings I’ve been to and one just recently and she is so talented at what she does.

  27. Photography by Adam Photography by Adam by far!

  28. Keisha Duong
    Anthony Duong
    These are the 2 best to work with. Great personality and great prices. Sorry wont let me tag the company

  29. Glenda Tyson Glenda Tyson says:

    Photography by Adam hands down

  30. Jamie-Lee Desjardins
    It never lets me tag your page!!

  31. Shauna Kingsbury best one hands down !

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