We will remember you

Just a friendly heads up to all you dinks and dumbasses going around undermining public health and vaccine efficacy by repeating lies and claiming to understand anything about current events when you’re all nobodies with very limited mental resources.

The truth is, you are just the latest iteration of the garbage that good people have always had to deal with.
You would have been the ones accusing people of being witches or later, communists.
You were the racists fighting against ending slavery and then segregation.
You were the bigots fighting against gay equality and now it’s trans people you hate.
You are all about ignorance, division, paranoia, and hatred of those with education, knowledge, and a life that you can never attain.

Soon things will be back to normal. You’ll be sitting in my office applying for a loan when you happen to mention how you’re proud to be “one of those people”. I’ll just smile and nod but then later you’ll get the bad news that your loan wasn’t approved, or maybe it was but it’s gonna cost a lot more. Or you won’t get the job you applied for. Or maybe your kid won’t get into the daycare you want. Maybe I work in a nursing home and I just wont feel like doing extra for you parents.

Whatever the case may be, being a piece of shit will have consequences for you in the long run, and you deserve whatever comes your way. Don’t go crying about how your life sucks and your poor and this country doesn’t do enough for you, when you are the one who is a shitty Canadian.



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  1. Lucifuge says:

    I just want to leave this here for you all who are capable of reading to read.
    you by now no doubt have heard of Quebecs “tax for the unvaxxed”.
    you can coerce people to take your fucking vaccine but you can’t restore their faith in this broken society.

    After a full year of watching America riot and protest police brutality in 2019 and 2020 you witnessed the insurrection at the capital in 2021.

    you can remain blind to what is coming, but you cannot ignore the consequences of choosing to ignore reality.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know why the Amish and Mennonite communities don’t have covid? They don’t have tvs

  3. Bubba says:

    Lmfao yo guy, you know that shit works both ways right?

    Maybe you’re a loud mouth fucking pussy who can’t shut the fuck up and you keep ranting about these “racists and bigots” and you feel safe doing so because your a fucking ponce, who’s been coddled your entire yellabelly chicken hearted existence and you think its your right to go around flapping your gums, and one of these racist bigoted don’t give a fuck about the rules motherfuckers comes along and shanks you repeatedly in the throat and neck with a knife covered in excrement like they learned how to in prison…

    I mean you never know right? Like 20% of the population has just been made “outlaws” and you think that after all this division and shit talking things are simply “going to go back to normal”

    News flash fucko, things ain’t going back to “normal”

    Prior to this “pandemic” you had riots from coast to coast across America (a country with 10x the population) you have American Generals warning of a military coup, and the threats of civil war, you being a coddled pussy ponce having never experienced a threat or war or conflict think “it can’t happen here”

    But then the fighting in america starts and the largest undefended border in the world gets overrun by militia groups (whom by the way have been gearing up across the USA)

    But maybe, you luck out, and you simply become a bottom bitch, and your anal raped repeatedly because….why not your not really a man anyway lol

  4. Anonymous says:

    What this person is suggesting is actually criminal in many fields. I guess the nazi liberals take care of their own. Trudeau’s dog whistle is his nazi eagle tattoo that he has and displays proudly, looks like something the 3rd reich uses as one of their symbols to be frank. Go ahead and be a criminal, have fun being someone’s prison bitch. Don’t drop the soap. A time of reckoning will come and no amount of half assed political talks or apologies will change. The people are getting fed up and someone is bound to snap sooner or later.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I guess you’ve never heard the age old saying: 2 wrongs don’t make a right? Some person’s kid is anti lockdown so you are going to shit on the parents in their old age home. What the fuck is wrong with you? When your boss comes and fires you for half assing your job because of your personal beliefs you will have no one but yourself to blame.

  6. Lucifuge says:

    yes yes worship your pedophile master the arbiter of social justice and feminism the great black face of Canadian politics and ethics


  7. Anonymous says:

    Everyone in the comments get -5 social credit points (you’ve all lost tinder priviliges and now cannot get a loan either) Op you’ve done well with your post and made papa trudeau proud, +1 social credit point to you. May the odds be in your favor.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We need a cure for liberalism. This is another example of libtard logic. They spread hate and division.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Op: “don’t question my views or disagree with me, I will ruin you for it, also I am a faithful trudeau shaft swallower and ball licker”

  10. Anonymous says:

    So you are going to fraudulently alter peoples loans because you disagree with their views. Karma my karma. Careful what you wish for.

    There is no leader in the West who could have done this without a willing and compliant population.

    They didn’t have to use violence nor even threaten it. People BEGGED for their rights to be infringed upon.

    Many are still begging. You are one of them.

    I am also shocked that this passed and was posted. You are the scum friend.

  11. Anonymous says:

    what do dinks have to do with it?! I am a dink and got my 3rd booster shot a few days ago, wtf?!