We STILL Need a REAL Lockdown!

Last year I posted here, suggesting that we need a REAL lockdown: no one except for emergency workers and delivery drivers should be allowed to leave their homes. You can have everything delivered to you. Many could work at home, and the rest get government assistance.

Many of you laughed, and look where we are now – an explosion of cases, hospitals overwhelmed, and people dropping like flies (thanks to all the babies refusing to get a little poke). Still don’t agree with me, idiots?

Again, we need a REAL lockdown: step outside – to the slammer you go!



14 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to get the same protection that doesn’t protect the protected

  2. Jim Shorts says:

    People need to say NO to the booster. I got double vaxxed and regret it. Did absolutely nothing to prevent transmission or from getting covid. Now we see so much data on treatments that were withheld from those with covid and died needlessly!!!! the vaccine hysteria needs to stop. we need to say NO. There are treatments that work…get over your self. we messed up taking a vaccine. thats the FACT of the matter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “more data will be available Wednesday”
    This virus so dangerous public health reporting takes the holidays off. Remember that!
    If this was truly a danger to society we would not be taking days off on reporting, testing or gathering data.
    You wouldn’t even know there was a pandemic if it wasn’t for the constant daily number counts and visual mask reminder. Omicron(moronic) is a blessing, it is very mild….time for herd immunity. Bring it on! Also remember the same “health experts” that brought and approved the jab brought and approved oxycontin and fentanyl once upon a time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you avoided any family members because they weren’t vaxxed over Christmas, your Government thanks you for your obedience.
    Your reward in the form of a QR code will be arriving shortly.

  5. Will I Am says:

    They are making too much money forcing the useless vaccine on mindless sheep . They have been led by the pathetic leadership to believe it will keep them from catching or spreading the virus which both are lies! The only thing taking care of the virus is Mother Nature right now since it is mutated into a simple common cold and will soon be basically gone.

  6. Anonymous says:

    They are literally telling us that the jabs don’t work against moronic so we should get another jab.

  7. Lucifuge says:

    Imagine an illness so bad that without a test you couldn’t distinguish it from a common cold.

  8. Jim Shorts says:

    On the 649th day of COVID
    my Masters gave to me:
    12 Useless masks
    11 Lords a’ lying
    10 Docs a’grifting
    9 Nurses singing
    8 Fictitious models
    7 Fake tweets
    6 Flawed tests
    5 Quar-an-tines
    4 Shattered friendships
    3 Lost jobs
    2 Freedom passes
    And a vaccine that I don’t need

  9. Anonymous says:

    Awe poor little fella don’t worry your shadow can’t give you covid. It is safe to take your mask off in the car. Soon it will be difficult to recognize a difference between the needle banging junkie or the covid junkie. Your arms will look the same, you mope around sketched out and either bug eyed paranoid or avoid eye contact the same. You are outcasts of society but stick that needle in your arm and you both have that same sense of power and security. You both vote liberal because you are leaches off the system and demand the most handouts for the least effort and contribution. You both hate men and women in uniform and laws unless they fit your narrative.

  10. Krusty says:

    Jokes on you! Trudeau loves xinnie the pooh and is hellbent on turning our country into a communist shit hole like china. Ever notice how the liberal climate scare has taken a back stage to covid. Too bad they don’t keep track of every virus that goes around, the clap rates in sudbury would astonish/terrify people into never leaving their holes, just got to show a few people dying of clap on the news and the whole town would become celibate.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fucking shut up you clown

  12. Anonymous says:

    I say we have a big covid party and everyone can catch it and let it run it’s course, time to end this nonsense. Covid was here way before they announced it and were playing videos of people dropping dead in the streets, time to cut the crap and get back to living.

  13. Will says:

    You are a fucking clown. How about you stay home and follow your orders then you will be safe. Problem solved. It’s fools like you who are giving the power for this charade to continue.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh found the wannabe cop pulling people over the first lockdown. If only emergency personnel would be allowed out it would still spread. Tell someone they are essential and they think it gives them immunity from a virus. Who cares about a cold anyways, not like we are mandated to walk around in NBC suits yet, the cloth mask isn’t stopping transmission lol. Glad ya feel prerterctrd with it on tho. Keeping the nutbars and head cases sedated is what all it does.