We need Uber

Why does Sudbury not have Uber? We really need to get it in this city. FUCK EVERY CAB company in Sudbury, their fees are fucking jokes, The meters jump every fucking 8 seconds it’s outrageous.

The city needs Uber, it would be better for everyone and put these stupid cab places out of business. They’re all fucking useless and some of the cab drivers are fucking creeps, do Uber, save us.



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  1. Troy Dubé says:

    “it jumps every 8 seconds”…. that’s how fare boxes work, dumb ass. It’s based on mileage when driving and time when stopped. Don’t like the way the cabs are? Call the city. They’re the ones that issue licenses and control bylaws.

  2. Did it need that many F bombs holly crap

  3. Amy Derkacz says:

    I waited for a cab last night that was supposed to be 10-15 minutes… Over the course of an hour and a half, I called back twice to get an ETA… Both times I was assured the cab was on its way… It never showed up an eventually I just gave up. And I won’t be calling Aaron again.

    I agree, we should have Uber, maybe some competition would improve the cab service.

  4. you know many people that have vehicles and want gas money go to bars and what not but people would rather go to a cab that doesnt allow most of what you want, smoking, stops that cost an extra 20$ cause they leave the meter running

  5. Pam Whalen says:

    ORide Passenger is like Uber but for cities without UBER….Sudbury just started using it

  6. Thank goodness for awsome cabbys, I have known many over the years, all good hearted, helpful. Some going over and above what they are paid to do. So Thanks for reminding me to be grateful. Thanks to all hard working Sudbury cab drivers.

  7. Due to exceptionally high insurance rates…. A shit ton of people would have to use uber steady to even make a decent profit ….to pay the drivers…the gas….and constant vehicle maintenance…. Places like Ottawa and Toronto have enough people to sustain uber and stay above water here… come home with the extra dime….
    I normally don’t write responses this long…but living in a world of merchant survival…id like the op to take a couple of deep breaths and look at the big picture…
    Gas prices.
    Internet for the deb machines.
    Constant wear and tear.
    Pay the drivers….I could go on…during my coffee time…
    Bus vs taxi
    Bus is cheaper but takes more time to get to destination
    Taxi is more costly but less time to your destination….
    … what’s it gonna be….time or money….
    Yes I got off topic with the uber thing….and it DID pass legislation in Aug /16…….

  8. Try writing an argument that sounds intelligent.

  9. Jamie Lebel says:

    Fuck you too asshole!

  10. I’ve used Uber a few times and love it. Poor Sudbury folks, I’m sure they are working on it.

  11. Michel Ngoga says:

    yes we need uber in sudbury

  12. Take your chance with uber… cab is clean and maintained my rides are good

  13. Shaun Beare says:

    You do know that for uber on holidays like halloween and new years the fees are x2 or x4 also depending on times ….

  14. Tony Martin says:

    “Why does Sudbury not have Uber?”
    Why not ask UBER? I’m sure they have an email address. Be pro-active rather than whining your petty little rant on here.
    “We really need to get it in this city.”
    Actually, we don’t. We’ve survived without it for over 100 years and no one has died from their absence.
    “FUCK EVERY CAB company in Sudbury”
    The companies, or the drivers? Because fucking a company would be quite a feat. Be careful, if you actually try, you might hurt your little wee-wee.
    “their fees are fucking jokes”
    Bitch to the city. They set the rates.
    “The meters jump every fucking 8 seconds”
    That depends on the speed you’re moving. Every 100 meters is 25 cents. If you’re sitting still, I believe it’s every 33 seconds another 25 cents is added, although if you’re nice to the driver, he/she may pause the timer. From your demeanor in your post, you don’t seem like someone who is nice to drivers, so you may never have had this happen.
    “it would be better for everyone and put these stupid cab places out of business”
    Since UBER drivers have no set hours, and they only drive when they want to, what would you do when you need a ride at 4AM, and all the UBER drivers are at home asleep?
    “They’re all fucking useless”
    And yet thousands of regular cab customers disagree with your poor, butthurt opinion.
    “some of the cab drivers are fucking creeps”
    You should meet a select few of the passengers. You’d run home screaming and hide under your bed.
    “Uber, save us”
    Now THAT is the funniest thing I’ve read in years 😀 😀 😀

  15. Ppl need to stop calling three companies and even so wait time is twenty minutes we can be there sooner. Would you make uber wait……

  16. Go uber until peak season… then I’ll be begging for cabs….I’ll be thankful ur getting a 20$ cab ride instead of 500$ for the same ride

  17. Bob Daigle says:

    Never had an issue with Lockerby Cab. Great people and, with a wee bit of planning ahead, great service especially if your in a wheel chair.

  18. I just moved back from Ottawa and while I was there I used Uber every week for me or my boyfriend. I’ve never been shocked by the price because they tell you before you book the trip how much it’s going to be! The most expensive ride I took was $34 for a 40 minute ride! I never waited more than 5 minutes to be picked up. I at least hope oRide takes off here so we have a useful service like this.

  19. Tony Martin says:

    OP……Merry Christmas…..from a cabbie 😉 🙂 🙂

  20. Rob Dobson says:

    Whining about how cabs over charge LMFAO google uber overcharges you will be thankful there not here

  21. Luc Rioux says:

    you seriously don t no what ubber all about if extream busy they make there own price so a cab that would cost you 50 bucks now costing you 600 bucks and the cab compagny in town the meter are set by the city and lock so they can t play with it but ubber can change there rate when really busy to extream prices cause they consider it better service for you to du it faster well you end up paying out you re ass for that service so many people got caught with 1000.00 and up fares for a simple ride that would normaly cost less then 100 dollars but because they where busy the add on that much and say it because of good service it more like a scam to take you hard earned maney from you so many people are in court again ubber compagny for that reason alone

    • Taylor Jones says:

      Ok so, 10 words into this [sentence? Paragraph? Story? Novel?] I lost track because I know for damn sure this wasn’t English I was reading.

      I would like the IQ point I just lost from attempting to read this back please.


    • Luc Rioux says:

      well for a french persone i am sure you could make out what was said there all that counts to me

  22. and apparently there is a thing called O ride? i have no idea what it is but bf just said theres something

  23. uber is not all its cracked out to be, ill stick with lockerby thanks!

  24. uber would be great i think the person that posted this should look more into it and create an uber sudbury

  25. Jeff Pigeon says:

    People who complain or bad mouth uber have either never taken one or just had really bad luck. I use Uber in Montreal and Toronto and it’s always been great and I get 30 min rides for 14 bucks. Drivers go through criminal record checks and must have newer cars, also if their is a bad driver reviews can shut him down from driving.

  26. We do apparently oride

  27. Sudbury’s actually been planning to get Uber for a while, the only problem is that it takes time. From what I’ve heard, they’ve been already a couple years into the process of making that decision, and it could take several more before its implemented. But Sudbury has definitely considered it:

    • Old news their not coming get over it

    • Tony Martin says:

      Ryan, a city doesn’t “plan to get” UBER. UBER moves into the territory on their own if they feel thay stand to make a profit there. Sudbury simply set down some regulations that UBER will have to follow if they want to operate here. Those regulations are reasonable, and are set up to protect the customers/passengers.

    • Ally Rebekah says:

      Uber tried to launch here a few years ago but there wasn’t enough interest for it to take ofd

  28. Fuck a guy with a car. Or even pretend you will. Lmao.

  29. Lockerby taxi go app very similar to uber

  30. how much is a fare from the airport to Sudbury

  31. Here in brantford the meter goes up 10cents compared to Sudbury’s ridiculous charges …. all the vehicules are all electric …. something these cab copanies in sudbury should look at … revamp their entire fleets to accomodate lower fares to compete with uber ….. but again, the people who own these cab companies in Sudbury are not smart at all ….. My grandfather owned Gatchell Taxi, Frood Taxi, Was co-owner at one time for ABC and King Taxi and used to run our old checkered cabs back in the day with Queen …..and 1 thing my grandfather said …the future will change the ways Taxi’s operate …he knew this 30 years before …… Sudbury will never get out of the bubble of ripping off citizens of Sudbury …the city is so depressed with zero innovation ….. your population is decreasing so fast that city council is scrambling with their heads in their asses …. the cops there are so currupted that they can defraud their own police force and get away with it … list goes on

  32. Enjoy your uber. I will stick with my cab company.

  33. Uber only sets up in highly populated areas.
    Sudz will never have uber

  34. its coming maybe not right away but inevitable, once they take over enough marketshare, itll just make human drivers seem all the worse by comparison, they dont have to be perfect, just better then us(which in most cases dont take much

  35. 1) the city sets the rates, not the cab companies
    2) every cab is required to be inspected regularly by the city
    3)every cab driver is required to only work in their zone, set by the city
    4) every cab driver has to go pass a written test with the city and hold a taxi driver’s license
    5) taxi plates are limited
    6) Uber and other “rideshare” setups are basically designed to skirt those rules
    7) taxi companies can get the same app/setup working for them
    8) Uber, like Tesla, is spending more than it’s earning. It’s basically running at a loss to drive local options out of business. Don’t expect them to run as cheap long term.
    9) Uber doesn’t require safety initiatives for both drivers and riders, such as clear, approved, visible signage, panic lights, driving hours limits, etc.

    • Uber is quicker, from the drivers I’ve talked to they end up actually doing better than they would if they were driving cab (but this is just me talking to drivers so take it with a grain of salt), and it’s far more affordable. Taking a cab in Sudbury is unaffordable for a lot of low-income people, but Uber is not unaffordable for low-income people. Moreover, taking a taxi cab in Sudbury is like pulling teeth.

    • I agree that the cabs suck, but I also know that the Uber drivers aren’t doing as well as they think (because Uber pays flat out, they get no CPP or EI benefits from driving, and it’s not easy to do the math when looking at a cheque that says you made $X but in reality your take home after expenses is about half that or so).

      Ideally, the city should open up the taxi plates and try to bring in more competition that doesn’t run on shorting drivers with a wink and a smile.

    • Those are good points. Maybe the goal should be to introduce rules ensuring Uber drivers are unionized when they eventually get to Sudbury.

    • Uber doesn’t work that way. They like to say that their drivers are “independent contractors” and that they are only a “broker service” that takes a percentage.

      Some delivery companies run the same way. As a brokered driver you can make money, but you can also end up running your own vehicle all day for $60. It’s just downloading risk and costs onto the employees while controlling prices.

    • The same risk applies to cab drivers. I was talking to this one dude who made virtually nothing that week because everyone was gone from school. It’s a problem in the business, not just for uber drivers.

    • That’s on the cab company too.

  36. First of all, the companies do not set the costs for cabs, it’s a city regulated thing.
    Also, call an Uber at a busy time and you’re going to pay more than any cab because when the demand is higher the price skyrockets.
    Uber sucks, too.
    Get over it and get a license or take the bus.

    • Amy Derkacz says:

      First of all, It’s not as easy as just driving or taking a bus instead, that’s clearly an oversimplification.

      What are people supposed to do after a night out, when there are no buses and they shouldn’t drive? This is how drunk driving happens.

      What about areas that the buses don’t service?! What about people with a disability who are unable to drive? Too bad for them?

      It’s really not as simple as drive or take the bus. Sometimes those are not options.

    • If you decide to drink all night you should be responsible enough to set up a DD.

    • Amy Derkacz says:

      Lol well you just have all the answers, don’t you? Haha. But it again is another oversimplification and does nothing to address the numerous reasons that don’t involve drinking when a person would require the service of a cab.

      And not to mention, planning on calling a cab after drinking is responsible. They’re the DD. 😉 lol

    • Troy Dubé says:

      Uber’s price surging is designed to attract more cars out. It’s supply and demand. That’s how the economy works.

    • Troy Dubé says:

      Amy Derkacz Actually, it IS just as easy as taking a bus, and considering the bus schedule in Sudbury, it would actually be easier. As for your drunk driving comment? No, that’s not how it happens. How it happens is dumb asses get behind the wheel of their cars drunk and drive home thinking that they’re “ok” to drive.

    • Amy Derkacz says:

      There should be more available means of public transportation in a city of this size. Uber would be a great start!

    • Amy Derkacz says:

      The buses don’t service all areas, after 10:30 they’re once an hour, they stop running early, they’re only once an hour on Sunday’s… Have you ever tried to do groceries and take a bus?
      No, it’s not as simple as just taking a bus, perhaps if we had a more functional public transit system, I would agree with you. But the bus is not always a viable option.

    • Some people just like to complain about everything and will use any excuse to justify their need to complain.

  37. Daniel Aubin says:

    Uber is not currently in Sudbury but a similar ridesharing app called oRide started operating locally just last week.

  38. Uber is garbage. Used it twice in edmonton and its stupidly disorganized and unregulated. Also youget all these part time idiot who wont know the area as well as cab drivers. Wasnt any cheaper either. Id rather support people whos living this is anyways than some dummy who has no friends ona friday

  39. Apparently it’s already here, but I hope you realize any creep with a car can work for Uber. At least Taxi drivers are licensed from the city and MUST provide criminal record checks regularly! Make sure you’re educated on how Uber works as well. The busier they are, the more expensive it is I believe! Because I remember a story from last new years eve, some people took Uber and I think the fee was like in the 200 range. There’s ups and downs to everything.

  40. Greg Kay says:

    That’s what ya call a BUS

  41. Sudbury is stuck in 1990

  42. Get a car? Take a bus?

  43. There’s all ways the bus lolololol

  44. Driveseat is an option!