Wasn’t meant to be

You put up with a lot but was never able to take what you dished out, you never were open enough about problem for your other half to help mend them, you thought your friends had all the answers but it wasn’t a relationship between your friends it was between you and your significant other.

They let you get away with things and never lost their temper over what you did, but you would rip them apart if they ever slipped up.

You were toxic even though you think you weren’t because you could never take responsibility for your mistakes. You can’t hide away playing the broken victim your whole life bound to repeat the SAME things later.

Get some help get new friends learn that if you can’t communicate with the one dating you, then you should never have held onto them in the first place



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  1. Joel Bradley Joel Bradley says:

    Yes so true lol my ex would talk to everyone who has nothing to do with our relationship lol

  2. Dave Seguin Dave Seguin says:

    Think ops the one that needs friends air drying laundry on fb ;p

  3. Shane G-Roy Shane G-Roy says:

    Ok and what do you expect shoutout Sudbury to do for You ?

  4. Bob Léger Bob Léger says:

    Days of our live….. The Live Greater Sudbury edition lol

  5. If you’re looking for a dairy I can direct you to over 10 places that sell them. If you have something to say to someone, slap on your big girl pants and open your mouth. You’re an adult, use your words. Stop trying to post “mysterious” paragraphs all over the place in hopes you’ll get your message across to someone who – quite frankly, probably won’t see this or realize you’re talking about them.

  6. Shout out Sudbury should change its name to “dear diary”

  7. Lucy Simcoe Lucy Simcoe says:

    I don’t see the point of posting this stupid stuff here. Nobody knows who it’s about and even if the person this was meant for was reading it, they still wouldn’t know it was about them. Grow the hell up!

  8. Its 2019, if you can’t handle that people will use social media as an outlet, then you are seriously behind on the times. If you dont like it, there are literally thousands of other groups with mindless entertainment for you to scroll past while you shit. Until then, live and let live.

  9. Derides someone for not
    being able to communicate, but does so to that person anonymously.


  10. If you can’t communicate, you won’t build a sustainable relationship… people will be hurt and anyone worthwhile will stop giving you a chance… it’ll be a loss for all involve…

  11. Paul Gascon Paul Gascon says:

    Going to the store to get some popcorn, anyone want anything ?

  12. Sounds like a perfect example of projection

  13. Braids Riel Braids Riel says:

    i dont know whats more sad . the op or the people who spend their summer dropping memes on these pages

  14. And you should move on. Theres always 2 sides to a story. Let it go!

  15. Renee Di Renee Di says:

    I feel like I know who this is about

  16. I hate when people comment” mind your own business ” as soon as u made a facebook account and joined shoutout sudbury u signed up for other people’s business… this page is to vent and rant about things anything actually .. if u dont agree or like what u read “mind your own business ” and move along ?!

  17. Lots of hobbies out there!!

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