Warning to Motorists

Warning: To all motorists traveling down Madison Ave this winter after a snowfall. You must remove the snow from your vehicle, it’s the law and it’s very dangerous to other motorists.

If you decide that it’s not important enough for you, be warned I will be standing at the end of my driveway with camera in hand to take your picture and report it to the authorities. This is with in the law check for yourselves.

OK now all you internet warriors can say what you want it won’t change a thing. Have a good day and drive safe. Thanks!



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  1. bahaha Adam Read well done sir

  2. Jason Holmes says:

    So let me get this straight, every time it snows, you’re going to call in sick from work/school just so you can stand at the end of your driveway and take pictures of motorists who “don’t brush off their car”? Have fun with that!

  3. Tony Martin says:

    OP: It’s only against the law if you’re driving down Madison Ave?
    And yes, we believe that you’re going to spend hours every day standing at the end of your driveway with your camera 😉

  4. You’re are honestly one of the saddest individuals I have ever come across.

  5. How about getting a job and actually contributing to society??

  6. Your life must be pretty boring, huh? You could have sex with your wife instead. All you have to do is go and get a prescription for viagra, cause you sound old and bitter.

  7. Scott Lauber says:

    Maybe some people weren’t ready for it to happen and didn’t have their snow brush out yet, or maybe it broke and they haven’t had a chance to get a new one. Who are we to just assume that they’re lazy? Maybe they work long hours and are too tired to go to Canadian tire after work. Fuck man. I hate the people in this city. Everyone’s a judgemental prick or a fuckin rat.

  8. Jaymie Jones says:

    You derived all this from a simple comment? Wow you two should work for the FBI. I believe they have a few cold cases you could put your 2 cents in.

  9. Adam Read says:

    Haha oh well maybe she’s trying to get a job or something, I wonder if he/she is one of those people who leave their dog shit everywhere haha

  10. Must be the same old fool on Madison who called the police 850 times this year lol

  11. I’m so bored, I walk in town, my cell phone video ready to capture anything criminal, I’m just trying to create excitement

  12. Jaymie Jones says:

    Yes let’s wish injury on someone. That seems valid.

  13. Aj Johnston says:

    You have no life other than making other people’s miserable? Well played Scrooge, well played. Think I’ll go for a drive down Madison. Anyone wanna come form a convoy?

  14. Probably another fake post.

  15. Let me guess your gonna suggest a step ladder be used for bigger vechiles to remove all snow from the roof. I think you must have some pretty big problems if ur gonna stand outside and take photos of random vechiles you feel are not cleaned off enough. Clearly you suffer from ocd and need to consider getting a job or hobby rather then stand outside and try to find reasons to bitch and complain about people.

    • Jaymie Jones says:

      I think you must have some self entitlement issues if you think using an excuse of “bigger vehicles,” as a reason not to clean off the snow is valid. Give me a break!

  16. Steve Parker says:

    Wow just look for the fur back standing at the end of their drive way!! You can also tell by the numerous dents on their arms from the Ratt traps ( mind your own business let Sudburys finest do the job lol finest

  17. Tara Ruiz says:
    Taken from the weather network. Yes it’s a transport but a car/truck/van can still have snow fly off and if there is ice with the snow you never know. Take the extra 5 minutes and clean the snow off your vehicles.

  18. Matt Saroka says:

    LOL…your an idiot…..i guess this is what happens when people lead a pathetic existence lol

  19. Instead of whining on here…take all your free time and charge people 5 or 10 bucks to brush off their win.

  20. Do something productive with all of your spare time!

  21. Freakin rat.. Dial 1-800- snitchin. If i drive down that way ill stop by and drop off some cheese for you !!

  22. Stand at the end of your drive way…. take pictures…. maybe you should get out more maybe find a hobby…might even make a friend…

  23. Thanks for the warning you whining baby weasel

  24. Saw a black truck travelling down Gary, turning left onto Madison this morning. Must of had a foot it snow on the hood and windshield. They were stopped at the stop sign and I waved out the window to take the snow off and I got a look like I was in the wrong

  25. Can you imagine living next to that dum ass you can’t put snow on his side but he can put grass all over your driveway but that ok

  26. Scott Jolin says:

    So the first couple times you drive by make sure shits good on your car then when we get a good dumping go by and jam on the brakes. She can’t take a picture if the screens white 😉 lmao

  27. Zack Tryon says:

    Bad drivers cause accidents . Nobody uses their mirrors anyway and half of yous drive with blinders on . The snow is the least of our worries . FYI everyone driving 35 this morning …please stay home next snowfall and stop endangering our lives . Thnx

  28. Al Manion says:

    An Internet warrior threatening action if people don’t change their actions (not saying it’s right, what they are doing) but then challenging Internet warriors to do what they want to you because it won’t change a thing about your actions. You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

  29. You the same person who checks grass lengths in the summer too.

  30. Gary Julie says:

    When I’m brushing my truck off in the morning, all I can think of is assholes like you that post shit like this. You know, it is almost impossible to get every single snow flake off your vehicle. You know some people are short?? I have to stand on the running boards of my truck with the longest snow brush I could buy and still I can’t get it all. Obviously there is a difference between your hole car full of snow but god damn. It’s snow.

    • Cindy Rowe says:

      Love this comment

    • Lisa Ferris says:

      Try a broom! It works 🙂

    • Gary Julie says:

      Lisa Ferris my husband said the same thing to me yesterday, between getting 3 kids in my truck and all their stuff the last thing I will think of is a broom, and I most definitely don’t want to drive around with a broom in my truck all winter.

    • Stand in the box of your truck and you can reach everywhere you need to with little effort, much easier to push the snow off rather than trying to pull it down on top of you.

    • i bought a telescopic brush from costco.. best thing, i can get the whole roof of my car from the one side

    • Gary Julie says:

      I will def check that out thank you, mines a high SUV. So I might have the same dilemma.

    • The person probably doesn’t own a vechile to know its impossible.

    • JP Michel says:

      Just use a hose spray it off with water…lmao

    • JP Michel says:

      Lol was joking hahaha

    • Jaymie Jones says:

      I flipping HATE EXCUSES like these. Too short, too much crap to carry etc etc etc. Please. You’re an adult. Enough with the excuses! Just because you’re short doesn’t mean you can’t clear off your truck and just because you have kids and carry a lot of baggage doesn’t mean you can’t clear off your truck. How are you going to feel when that snow that’s blowing off your truck, blinds someone and they have an accident? “Oh I’m too short to clear off the snow. I have too much stuff to carry to clear off the snow.” Give me a flipping break lady! Is that the excuse you’re going to give when someone asks why an accident happened to their loved one that resulted in their death? Really? “I’m too short to clear off my vehicle?” Self entitlement at it’s worst. FIND a solution and stop making excuses!

    • Gary Julie says:

      Did I say I didn’t clear the snow! You fucking idiot, I said EVERY SNOW FLAKE, read the damn post before you make dumb ass accusations. Please shut up. You my friend, appreciate that Sudbury transit does it for ya!

    • They didn’t say every snow flake…pretty sure they mean don’t be this person.

    • Gary Julie says:

      I’m sure they meant any snow, she was pretty specific. Any who I could care less what she says. My truck is cleared off, if some falls off so be it; more comes from the sky then it would off my truck lol.

    • Jaymie Jones says:

      Gary Julie Speaking of dumb ass accusations. I don’t take the Sudbury Transit, I drive where I need to go and I damn well make sure my vehicle is clear before I do. But of course, someone like you WOULD stoop to insults and belittlement. I said, MAKING EXCUSES of not clearing off snow such as “too short,” and “too much baggage,” is NO excuse for not cleaning off your vehicle. Period. Doesn’t matter if you said you couldn’t clean off every damn snowflake. YOU STILL made excuses. Not to mention, “oh more snow comes from the sky!” Really? So a big chunk of snow, comes from the sky? Silly girl, who’s the idiot now? If you clean your vehicle, GREAT! But you keep those excuses out of it because they don’t validate any reason for not clearing off your vehicle. Maybe YOU should read the entire post first before insulting and attempting to belittle with “dumb ass accusations!”

    • I should of known the op was eventually gonna go on using a account with pictures of actresses to hide who they really are and start insulting people who think they are rediculous to be taking photos of peoples vechile if every snowflake is not removed. As long as the snow is removed from all the important areas of the vechile and is not a threat to peoples safety then why bitch. Some people like me are not tall enough to reach the top of a roof of a vechile. Like I stated earlier on a previous post how the heck do you expect people to remove all the snow from the roof of their vechile if they cant reach it. Get a life and stop insulting people who think you are being rediculous. You do relize I have seen you post this topic at least 4 or 5 times on 2 of the spotted in Sudburys and shoutout in Sudbury.

    • I think this Jaymie jones is trolling people to be honest.

    • Gary Julie says:

      It’s quite possible, I looked at her profile and it’s pretty lame. Seems as lame as the op that has time to watch every car driving by… Same person or friends lol??

    • Jaymie Jones says:

      Michelle Elaine Luxton No. I’m not trolling, but thanks.

    • Jaymie Jones says:

      Gary Julie Oohh bravo. Want a cookie? You looked at my profile and didn’t find what you wanted. You’re still an atrocious little girl with stupid remarks like that. Insults! “oh Gee I’m attempting to validate myself by insulting someone. Go Me!” Little minds use big insults.

    • Rose Burke says:

      you fucktards need to invest in a leaf blower…gets all the snow off…short or not…these excuses from these little fucks are just that excuses…then to call names and be insulting then even go as far as commenting to cut people off..get a fuckin life u losers…it wont be till something happens to you or a loved one or friend cause of sheets of snow coming off your roof and causing an accident that u may think then u should have cleared the snow from your car roof to…u humans need to get a life and some common sense by the sounds of it…

  31. Kev Curt G says:

    Lol.. Someone clearly has too much time on their hands and wants to waste police resources on BS

  32. So many people were driving with snow covered vehicles today… pure laziness in my opinion… there the one who will cause the accidents…

  33. Mike Reid says:

    I don’t think cops can law a charge unless they witness it.

    • Scott Jolin says:

      No that’s how they get you doing 140 on the 400 nd you get a ticket in the mail. Watch lassalle and notre dame red light camera test it out if you don’t believe me lol

    • Mike Reid says:

      Scott Jolin that’s photo radar. The public can’t take a picture of you and send it to the cops to issue a ticket.

    • Scott Jolin says:

      I think they can tho.. its basically the same thing. When I was a bit younger and dumber I was bombing down lassalle nd about 2 hours after I got home cops showed up with a warning and a picture… whether I passed a cop or not I’m not sure but thats an experience I had before.

    • Al Manion says:

      If they see a video and it’s clear enough evidence , then yes they can. Many crimes are solved by way of video surveillance

    • Scott Jolin says:

      But your right it would be like questionable evidence if it wasn’t a law enforcement officers who captured the photo.

  34. Haha if they dont brush off their plates so you can picture them you have no leg to stand on dipshit.

  35. Old retired dude who’s wife died. He’s just bitter

    • He’s trying to potentially save someone’s life…could be yours….

    • Or hes a miserable bastard with no life haha. Whats next you gunna charge mother nature for snowstorms while people are driving?

    • Jaymie Jones says:

      It’s not because of nature Nigel. LAZY people need to realize that when they don’t brush that snow off, it is a hazard. Look at the video of the trucker where a sheet of ice blew off and into the windshield of a car behind. Seriously. WTF is wrong with people? Stop making excuses and brush off your car. Would you prefer Nigel, if everyone didn’t do that and, well, someone you love gets into an accident? How would you feel then? It’s just pure laziness and selfishness. No excuse will ever validate not cleaning off your vehicle. Period.

    • Julie Elomaa says:

      I think you should all be more worried about how the roads are plowed and the condition of the roads. I agree with brushing off you veachle but by the sounds of it that is your only concern. So how about the OP bitch about the road being plowed sidewalks cleaned..

  36. Must be nice to have that kind of time on ones hands

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