Warning renters!!!

168 dunvegan court, sudbury
Going for 2075.00 plus utilities.

Warning renters!!

I moved in August 2021 and moving out January 31, 2022!

I currently live here and there is mold in and around the bathtub.
Painting peeling
The shower leaks into the laundry room area
Cold as hell even with the heater on, house is old and not properly Insulated.
The living room plug in is connected to 3 light fictures.. so you have to be careful not to turn off the internet while trying to turn on a light.
All light switches are in ridiculous places for the rooms as well. The wiring is done pourly in here!!

Landlord is trying to post for 2075.00 plus utilities and advertising the roof was done 2 months ago!!? When I have lived here since August, NO THE ROOF WAS NOT DONE.

He told me I only got this placed based on my ex’s income… but yet my ex only paid 1k ( half rent ) and NOTHING else. I paid the rest?!? So tell me how I couldn’t keep this place to myself if I just got another roommate ( which I could have ?!)..
Seems unfair to look at me less because i didn’t make 4-5,000 a month? Yet the little 3,300$ I DO MAKE covered it all fine without him.??
Also to add ex moved out 2 months ago…😂😂

This place is huge, but over priced for how it is.
Also, gas bill is not included. I have it hooked up but never been billed?? So pretty sure the heating is electric😂 even though he says water, hydro and gas separate??

When I texted saying my ex left and i no longer could afford it unless i had a roommate move in he was quick to tell me i had to RE APPLY and wait to be approved…
something seems off with these renter people..

Just wanted to warn others.

Not sure if i can post pictures but here’s one of mold



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  1. pmlaberge says:

    Notify the Landlord and Tenant Act people.