Walmart Self Checkouts

The south end Walmart recently acquired around 24 new self checkout machines.

Yes, all new, and the only real notable update is the fact that it prompts you to check that you have scanned all items. At the end of each checkout section are 2 employees.

In total, that’s 20 less potential jobs for Sudburians.

The employees are seemingly brainwashed and believed they have “job stability”….

Ok, maybe they wont fire you, but you can guarantee your shifts will be cut little by little as more machines are installed.

I find this to be rather frightening and disgusting. I personally refuse to use these check outs, and will stand in line with my 2 or 3 items and wait.. just to give a human a job.

People need to wake up and see what is happening….

Convenience won’t always be convenient!



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  1. What if……
    Ok keep the self checkouts there then…
    But have the Walmarts open 24 – 7 with more staff to cover more shifts right….
    And there would still be the same amount robotic tellers who smile at you when you roll in with your cart full….just maybe

  2. Usually there are only a few cashiers open anyway so the self check outs are in addition too those not taking away from…..I have lived in 2 places that have self checkouts and it did not take away anyone’s job it added an additional option for check out, especially when there are 3 open with line ups from hell! There will be more and more self checkouts everywhere, better get used to it! Walmart is not the only one It is just the only one you have experienced…….

  3. Totally agree! Will never use them!

  4. Mandy Roy Mandy Roy says:

    You can’t use a self- checkout if you pay with cash or use debit and want cash back

  5. Yeah we were there today and they even took the Express lanes. That’s horrible. I avoid going to self checkouts cause it makes me mad. There all taking our jobs away. Soon enough none will be able to get jobs the way this is going. What is this world coming too. Sad, very sad

  6. James Nash James Nash says:

    New sudbury shopping center at 8:10am, only 1 express cash open and i had more than 20 items.

  7. I use the self checks outs sometimes , since there’s no more express aisle.. you have miss important unloading 50 items in a cart, while you have only 1… I have anxiety, so I want to be in and out of the store as quickly as I possibly can be. I don’t want to be standing there awkwardly for 15 minutes, with customers piling up behind me..

  8. Tara St Jean Tara St Jean says:

    As much as I also don’t agree with self check out lines, it wouldn’t take 20 jobs away… you would only be able to put 2-3 checkout lines in the space that the self checkout lines are in

  9. No it isnt because they put them in other parts of the store, get over urselves

  10. Bee Kay Bee Kay says:

    Have you considered how this could actually increase the service you receive at WalMart? With less bodies being used to just stand at cash register, more staff will be available on the floor to help you find items you are looking for, to stock shelves, and to clean the aisles! There are benefits to technology!

  11. When did Walmart ever have 20 cashiers open???

  12. All it does it take needed jobs . I’m with you !

  13. I agree and don’t use them ever!

  14. Lynda Harper Lynda Harper says:

    I was there yesterday, what a mess. People using self checks were held up and frustrated as there was only 1 person to help. I waited in line as usual for my turn at the till. I support the workers. Don’t take jobs away.

  15. Shawn Henry Shawn Henry says:

    The automation age is upon us… Just wait… In 10 years it’s going to be a very different place… If you’re a minimum wage worked I’d be very worried!

  16. Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

    This is what disturbs you about walmart?? Glad to hear you woke up, now that a potential job for you is taken….if you didn’t realize it…walmart has killed roughly a million, small business “jobs” throughout north america… Not to mention that what, 50% of their american employees also receive food stamps as they are paid so poorly… Oh ya…and did ya know the walton family…ya know that owns walmart….make approx 3 million per day…after taxes…what little they pay due to their fraudulent walmart charity which actually makes THEM money, thru being a write off.. Glad to hear you woke up, keep them new checker outers nice n shiny would ya.

  17. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    You have 0 buisness understanding if you think self checkouts cost jobs. How many cashes are actually open at WalMart cause based on your math there sure as shit wasnt 20 more cashes open

  18. Let’s fill up carts and drop them off full at the cashes …

  19. when non of these self check out do not use cash so they have to punch in orders so therefore i always use cash or not use the self check outs, I do not get paid or work there to do the check out

  20. Yup i dislike the setup they have too, there’s no counter space and a computer yelling at you. I pay cash so it’s a pain in my ass

  21. Zeke Kidd Zeke Kidd says:

    yeah… its maybe 2-4 jobs lossed because the auto registers use less space, and thats plus two jobs for the two folks you mentioned, plus jobs for the people who built and maintain the machines

  22. If you have ever been there before hand you would realize the checkout experience was a nightmare, seems like they only used a quarter of the lanes they had. Now all the lanes remaining are almost always open and the express lane has no item limit. It’s a win win honestly.

  23. Unless I’m getting some sort of employee discount they can keep checking my items out for me.

  24. Valerie Barbe agreed! It may not kill jobs right away, but that’s cause people like me refuse to use them. But eventually those check out jobs will be the first to go. It’s already happening in McDonald’s Canada. Where their used to be 3 employees taking orders their is now 1 and they ask you to use the machines.

  25. Mikee MacDonald wake up, really, of course self checkouts are killing jobs and it will get worse. We need to let these corporations know people need living wages which means steady full time hours! They make billions of $$$ on the backs of hard working low income earners.
    I am not saying stop shopping Walmart I am dating start speaking up to managers about the customer doing more to purchase the product in their store??? Where is the customer service in this, if you are “checking out “ your own purchases? Write letters to corporate offices to complain and shame these idiots.

  26. People have forgotten that these machines and computers have not made themselves…jobs are moving into the technological world. Get on the fast pace of technology and become an I.T or better yet the people who have lost their jobs and are on unemployment can have the chance to go back to school to learn new technologies to get these new types of jobs! When one door closes another one opens.

  27. Or maybe they just put 20 more people on the floor to help customers. Have you ever had to walk around 10 aisles over to find somebody to ask a question? In a store that big its not uncommon so maybe, just maybe the customer experience will be better.

  28. Dylan Lamb Dylan Lamb says:

    I read an article a while back suggesting that Walmart is hoping to go completely Employee-less in the United States within the next 10 years or so. They want to use the same concept as Amazon Go, where you scan some sort of card to get in, grab what you want and walk out, and the purchases are charged directly to your account/credit card. Only employee needed would be someone to stock the shelves at night. Walmart employees over 2 million employees worldwide, with over 1.5 million in the U.S. alone. The way the world is heading, the only possible way people can go on living is if they implement a universal income for everyone that is enough to live off of (on a minimalist lifestyle, that is). Eventually, people wont even be able to afford to buy products from all of these companies that are replacing their employees with machines capable of doing the same job for way less of a cost to the employer.

  29. Corporate greed …. $$$$$$$

  30. It’s funny that everyone’s go-to comment is it’s taking jobs away. But yet not one of you realize that most everywhere is hiring and under staffed, Walmart us always hiring and nobody wants to apply. So in the end some jobs are being automated. If people truly need a job they should go apply for one or they may miss out on said job if technology can do it

  31. I will only use a cashier if they take them all away then I will shop elsewhere

    • Claudette Lachance Buzdygan just wait till you see wallmart. They look out half the cashes and put these in. The lady tried to push dad and I to use them and I told her no I don’t support them. I will go to a cashier…. she looked at me like I was crazy.

  32. I have never set foot in a Walmart and never will.

  33. People don’t realize that our younger generations later will have a hard time to find jobs to put them through school and stuff….

  34. Self checkouts allow employers to put their staff into more useful positions actually helping shoppers and building a customer satisfaction base.

  35. Patty Fanjoy Patty Fanjoy says:

    I refused to use it today…id rather help someone keep their job

  36. Your cashier hates you. They don’t want to talk to you. Use the self-check out.

  37. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    I’m not using those machines. Sometimes the cashier will actually tell you to use the machine not knowing what it means for their job. No. You scan my items. Unless I get a discount for doing it myself those machines can go fuck themselves.

  38. Welcome to the world of $15 an hour!!!

  39. I will never use them and will stop shopping at walmart if they ever change them all out

  40. I refuse to use them I like to pay cash plus I already have a job!!!!

  41. They said the same thing when automatic anything came out …. you shouldn’t eat at buffets and any restaurant that uses a dishwasher …..that dishwasher could be taking up a job or two…and atms…

  42. Jay Fox Jay Fox says:

    My dad spoke to a Walmart manager in new liskard and they said it was because they couldn’t get millennials to show up for work. To many people calling in and no one to replace them. They were forced to replace the jobs because people are unreliable

  43. Laura Dugit Laura Dugit says:

    My question is. If we have to put our own purchases through now, are we going to get a discount on our groceries. The price of the groceries right now includes the price of overhead which includes cashiers.

  44. I hail our new robot overlords and pledge my alliances to the future

  45. If anyone commenting here shops online they should just delete there comment agreeing with this. Your as much of the cause that retailers are moving to self checkouts.

    • John Mario Hogarth Or ever used an ATM… or has a Netflix account…

    • Av Srivastava I’m going to screw over Walmart cause they started using more self check outs. For me it’s convenient and quick. I laugh when the lineup for the fast lane of 1-20 has like 30 people in it on a Saturday, and your in and out in like 5 mins. As much as it’s about the bottom dollar for these company’s it’s also about convenience.

    • John Mario Hogarth I agree. I use them too. You can’t stop progress or technology in the hopes or preserving skills that are becoming obsolete. It could happen to all of us so we all should keep improving ourselves if we want to stay employable.

    • John Mario Hogarth the ultimate irony to this post too is that Walmart has put thousands of smaller companies out of business and their employees with them. People only care about “preserving jobs” if they have no actual self interest in doing so, such as paying higher prices themselves to save someone’s job.

    • Av Srivastava being a cashier is not the most fun aspect of any retail job. As much as customer feel they are always right, that isn’t the case. And who gets the brunt of that cashiers. Is it there fault you can’t read signs?? Or don’t understand that it’s one item on sale not something else. Sure the stores do make errors, don’t get me wrong, but customers go into every retail store and feel they are entitled. Then the walk around dropping there Timmy’s cups everywhere or picking up meat and leaving on some dry goods aisle where it goes bad. Customers have zero respect for the stores they shop in and it’s part of the reason older employees get fed up dealing with the public now.

    • It’s not like that everywhere and every case, cause customers do hold respect for employees and the respect is reciprocated. But more often then not it’s the latter.

    • Av Srivastava this true. And I’ll continue to shop at Walmart cause it’s cheap and I pretty much can get everything there all at one shot.

    • Amanda Jane Amanda Jane says:

      John sometimes self checkout is nice cause you avoid lines,

  46. Don’t shop at big stores, shop local… lmao

  47. Mike Reid Mike Reid says:

    They asked me to try them out, I said sorry no I don’t work here.

  48. Wayne Jones Wayne Jones says:

    Soon self checkout at timmies and resteraunts and the price stays the same but know instead of feeding humans you are feeding machines hopefully they bring back garunteed income so people can live

  49. I wonder if they noticed that now it’s extremely easy to find help on the floor at Walmart since the auto check out came in. Before I’d look for 10+ minutes if I needed help to find a person and when I did they were helping someone else or knew nothing about the section I needed help in. Ever since the check outs, I’ve been able to find 3 or more employees if I needed help in multiple sections. Do your fact checks before claiming. The person who posted probably was fired for being a bad employee. Lol

  50. If i have to stand in a lineup of twenty or more people with full baskets, you can bet i will use a self checkout. Stores with cashiers that think their time is more valuable than mine can think again. I will use the self check out when i need to.

  51. I refuse to use them when asked I just tell them that no thank you I dont work here or will i be discounted the $14.00 and hour from my order?

  52. This is what raising minimum wage does…

  53. I love them!!! Wont use anything but them!! No convos need to be lineups..and i bag the stuff i bought the way I want it!!! Best thing ever invented!!!!

  54. im sorry but those ten self checkouts take the space of one regular check out so I’d wager there were no lost jobs

    • James Marcellus sorry James. There were no lost to jobs. But as employees leave the company they are not replacing them. So in fact it is loss jobs.

    • did you not read what i posted? if the span of ten self checkouts occupy the same space as two regular checkout lanes then those 10 self checkout lanes have the same amount of employees taking care of that area. 20 self checkouts then are two jobs which is the same as before. then understand liquor and larger items / orders need regular checkouts still and as such they will also stick around.

      no jobs lost.

  55. Dave Barnes Dave Barnes says:

    I dont go to Wal-Mart to often, but the last few times ive gone ive noticed they only have 2-3 people working the express lane. The way i see it they are doing it on pupose basically forcing people that are in a hurry to use the self check outs. Wal-Mart is a well oiled machine, they know when peek times are. Theres no reason they cant schedule people during these times. Corperate greed in my eyes

  56. When your job is replaced but creates 5 more…

  57. South end walmart cant keep people. It’s not taking jobs if nobody wants to work there.

  58. Just like bank tellers loosing jobs because of ATM’s. People loved the convenience until staffs of 8-10 dwindled to 3-4 and when needing to do ” other ” banking the wait was long!
    Personally, I will not use self-checkouts! And if that is all a store has……I will gladly shop elsewhere!

  59. One job replaced by a job making the machine, a job developing the AI architecture and a job being on floor technician. Welcome to an electronic world. It’s the future you all saw and admired in the movies but hate to see it

  60. Rachel Wade Rachel Wade says:

    It takes way longer, I was forced to use them, as they no longer have a cashier on until 8am, (1 hour after opening). Crappy!!!!

  61. Just by shopping at walmart you are choosing to buy products made overseas, mostly in Asian countries. You want to save jobs, buy things made in canada and save quality well paying factory jobs instead. First step stop shopping at chain stores that take away good jobs rather than minimum wage ones.

  62. Connor Green Connor Green says:

    You idiots want to work for free go ahead. No discount no way

  63. Connor Green Connor Green says:

    I’ll take that bet. I am management. They lose jobs. Use your head. If they don’t have cashes they don’t hire new ones. Pretty simple math. When and where do I pick up my stuff?

  64. Joel Caron Joel Caron says:

    they need designers and engineers to create these self checkout systems, people to fabricate them, maintain them, deliver them and install them. Cashier is a position undergoing obsolescence but in the process, tons of other jobs are being created.

  65. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    People we need to boycott these machines

  66. Don Mac Don Mac says:

    Whats the difference you go to walmart during any busy time and they have 2 cashiers open and a dozen closed, who cares #SELFCHECKOUT

  67. This rant is hilarious! Don’t make me feel guilty for preferring to bag my own items faster and better than a cashier lol

  68. Self checkouts dont pay taxes on a paycheck. Think about it.

  69. Don’t use them. And when they ask me to. I tell them l don’t work here.

  70. Honestly, go talk to a manager and ask how many people lost their jobs. I’ll guarantee everything I have that not a single one has.

  71. Tyler Pilon Tyler Pilon says:

    You loss your job to a machine then find another job…. One day machines will be doing most of the work and like hell will the government let us live the easy life there will always be something out there that requires people to do the job…. Only real change that’s coming is the job markets opportunities at certain jobs some will be less available others more some not at all and new ones no one ever expected so don’t worry there’s always going to be work out there for everyone

  72. Oh ffs really? There’s 20 self checkouts. 1 cashier per every 4 open. That’s 5 cashiers working 20 cashes… or having 5 regular cashes open. If they only had 5 cashes open you’d be complaining about that! Don’t use them if you don’t agree with them.

  73. Where are the jobs going to go when they only ever have 4 to 5 cashiers working anyways

  74. You literally are taking a job away from people who should be there in a check out line.

  75. There will be robots cleaning the floors soon

  76. It’s not wrong. You have 2 choices… use them or don’t. If you don’t like them stand in line and wait 15 mins like you’ve always done before. I’ll be out in 2 minutes.

  77. I love the self checkouts. I dont have to wait for tried, slow employees. I can do it myself fast and there are no line ups, makes Walmart tolerable

  78. How would you suggest we get the message across to Walmart that what they are doing is wrong???

  79. Judy Isobel Culham-Morris and which Sudbury Walmart do you shop at that has 24 cashier lanes?

  80. Lets be realistic here Walmart has never had 24 cashiers. If you’re so worried about locals losing jobs shop local and don’t support the big box stores. I’ll still enjoy Costco and hope they get some self check outs to speed things up.

  81. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    I use self checkout all the time and it does not cost people their jobs. It makes it so me with 1-5 items can be out in 2 minutes instead of standing in line behind 3 couples who are doing groceries today. It’s about convenience, just like paying bills online, cashing checks through your phone, ordering tickets from your phone and so forth and so forth.

    The only real threat to peoples Job is Jeff Bezos, when I can sit at my computer and order 3/4 of my groceries from Amazon shipped to my home for cheaper then going to the grocery store. Buy my son a Stroller for his new baby and have to auto shipped to Alberta. By everything I need without having to drive to 6 stores and waste an afternoon dealing with the public. I am going go this way. That’s a real threat to peoples jobs.

  82. I never use them!!!!!!!

  83. Reily Burns Reily Burns says:

    Once again, you are working a minimum wage job.. they are temporary. Its 2019 deal with it and stop fucking bitching

  84. Instead of taking cashier course in college take electronic technician course,more of those will be needed to repair .

  85. Never use them…I’ll wait

  86. Doug Bruce Doug Bruce says:

    I hate self checkout and avoid it. I was at the Independant (4 Corners) today and they have brought back an express cashier lane. I used it and the cashier told me it was done because of the volume of customer complaints. this has happened elsewhere too, I have read. SO…complain loud .

  87. I do not use the self check outs! If store gets rid of all cashiers then they will lose our business.

  88. Debbie Cole Debbie Cole says:

    Alana Tucker exactly. Attendance is a huge issue.

  89. Josh Watson Josh Watson says:

    It’s rare for Wal-Mart to have even half the cashes open let alone all of them. This is not taking any jobs away, it’s providing customer convenience.

  90. People seem to believe this false reality, but what it really means is more transactions are done per hour. More per hour = more rotation of stock and that leads to stocking jobs. Or in McDonald’s case, it lead to more grill jobs.

    Also, if you’re worried about people’s jobs and wages, but you’re shopping at Walmart, you’re not walking the walk that you talk.

  91. I hate self checkout. And I agree that I’m buying stuff at the store, so why should I have to scan and bag? I’m not an employee. Same principle at fast food restaurants. Why should I clean the table and stack the tray? I do, but why is that expected of me? We’re paying more for services, and getting far less.

  92. I like them. The less human interaction in my day the better.

  93. I love using self checkouts greatest invention ever

  94. What’s killing jobs is not self checkouts… it is online shopping! That’s what is closing all the stores they have said it themselves… you shop Amazon or any other on line shopping place THAT is what is killing you want to help save jobs? Go out and shop..

  95. Taking away the fast lane checkout is ridiculous Walmart is just greedy

  96. Walmart doesnt provide me with a paycheque. Like hell I’m going to work at their store to save them money.

  97. I dont like change I will use a cashier

  98. Being a full-time cashier shouldn’t even be a job! People should be striving to do something more rewarding with life. If that’s your life aspiration that’s fine, but expect to loose your job to technology. Second, cashiers jobs at Walmart are turning into shopping jobs. People order everything online and a “x-cashier” goes collects everything they want and has it ready to be picked up. That’s modern day society. Lmfao

    • Connor Green Connor Green says:

      Real job? Didn’t know they got paid with fake money. Get a life you piece of shit

    • Dawson Seeley, and exactly what is your “real” job?

    • Dawson Seeley, and exactly what is your “real” job?

    • Darlene Wright Craftchick my “real” job is an insurance broker. Which is a job that is also being taken over by technology and soon wont exist either. I also never said a cashier wasn’t a real job, as it is one. I said it shouldn’t be, as I believe people have more potential then that.

    • Connor Green never said it wasn’t a real job. I said it shouldn’t be. I also do know people who get paid real money to do this job, I’m also not saying they dont work hard. I just believe they have more potential then that. So it shouldn’t be a real job. But, keep being that strong intellectual person you clearly are.

    • Connor Green you’re cute , now if you weren’t such a sarcastic smart ass you’d actually understand what he means . But from you’re comment you seem like you don’t care you seem to have been touched by his comment which actually was spot on . And from the way you reacted you must work at Walmart .

    • Dawson Seeley , sometimes that is all the job a person can get. |I say kudoos to them to even have a job. I agree with some of the stuff you said, I wish I was smarter when I was younger and went on to College to better myself but in my day it was the norm as it is now

    • Darlene Wright Craftchick that’s why I also said cashier jobs are being replaced with people fulfilling online orders for pick up. It’s a different type of cashier, I like to think it’s a professional shopper. I have a friend working at Walmart that now does this instead of being a cashier. More exercise as well for professional shoppers. Its the new shift in convenience, for Walmart consumers. This allows for maximum purchase power which in return will create more Walmart jobs as there more people buying from there store as theres never a line, online.

    • Connor Green Connor Green says:

      It was satchel the comment under you that spoke of this “real job”

    • Dawson Seeley maybe due to a disability that you can’t see with your eyes people work there. Not everyone loves the job they have but if you have dependants a job is a job . Oh and that modern day shopping I see it as a great thing for seniors with limited mobility…

      The problem with self checkouts is “WE DON’T WORK HERE!!!

  99. No people need to wake up and take initiative and control of their lives and learn a skill that wont require them to rely on obsolete minimum wage jobs. Automation is coming whether you like it or not so you better adapt to change.

  100. Lisa Hacker Lisa Hacker says:

    I hope everyone that says it cuts jobs also take bus and taxi’s and not drive themselves cause it takes jobs. Dont use atm’s or online banking and instead go in to see the yeller cause it takes jobs. Dobt do collect and collect cause it’s only 1 person ur helping keep a job, going in makes it so u have to interact with more then 1 employee. Hope u dont buy online cause ur taking jobs from retailer’s. Dont make ur own food cause ur taking jobs from restaurants. See how silly that all sounds. Its gonna happen just like all the ones i listed and many more. It’s called moving forward.

  101. Unless they pay me to use self check outs I will continue to use a cashier

  102. Sonia Scott Sonia Scott says:

    If I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to wait in a long line for one item I’ll use self checkout. Other than that I will not use because we are slowly getting rid of jobs to save money! What is this world coming to

  103. I am not on Walmart’s Payroll and refuse to use the self check outs I instead grab a magazine off the shelf and read till it’s my turn at the cash

  104. Daniel Enous Daniel Enous says:

    Same here, over my dead body will i use the self-checkout, UNLESS THEY WANT TO PAY ME OF COURSE

  105. For the jobs being taken from walmart. New jobs are created for building and maintenance for these self check out machines. Personally I enjoy them especially when I have a impatient screaming 2 year old in my cart and would just like to check out and go.

    • Bradley N Elysia once they are built that’s it. Maintenance is only when there is a problem and its usually just a phone call. Dont be fooled…..they take jobs away. Cheaper for the company to have them than to pay employees. Think about that when your kids are older and there are no jobs.

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Theres will always be more jobs that open up as we grow as a society. That’s how the world has worked since the begining. I will not change my mind. Self check out is convenient.

    • I’m pretty sure when they stopped paying people to bag our groceries we weren’t all that affected by it. We survived. I think it will be okay. 🙂

    • Dylan Carew Dylan Carew says:

      Vicky Matheson like all electronic devices ,they will need updates and maintenance and the odd repair until they are obsolete, then a new model will be built and installed, all of this will require someone making more than minimum wage,

    • Vicky Matheson I agree i refuse too use the self check out machines.They do take jobs away people don’t realize it but they will in a few years from now

    • Shelley Ann Shelley Ann says:

      Bradley N Elysia Also there are at least 2 employees around to help people with the cash outs. Cashier check outs were always operated by a skeleton crew. I don’t think it really took any jobs away. Just my opinion.

    • Joey Leblanc Joey Leblanc says:

      You’re all forgetting about the R&D, engineering, design and construction of these things. Sure, we eliminate some entry level jobs, but we’re created much higher paying jobs to innovate and create these things. People need to look at the bigger picture.

  106. I use them all the time. Maybe if Walmart had more than 5 cashes open with lineups down the aisles to checkout, I wouldn’t need to use the self checkouts. I use cash registers at Superstore because they have a lot of cash registers open. But if I need to go to Walmart and the line uo is all the way in timbucktwo, I’m going to self checkout. Just the other day I waited 45 minutes to cashout at a belt

    • Shannah Williams I agree, I do the same, places that are 24hrs like shoppers doesn’t even have night staff, you’re forced to use the self checkout and a security guy stands there watching lol
      I use the self checkouts most If I’m on lunch break or something and all the old people are in the cash lineups :p

    • Dave Barnes Dave Barnes says:

      They only open a few cashes to force people to use the self check out

  107. Good incentive to take an electrical course to fix the machines that took your jobs eh.

    • Satchel Ferrow good point, but still the employers will not accommodate enhancing their employees skills. Very few employers will grant their workers time, and or loan their workers courses fees. Some if not all workers have busy life and responsibilities like families, other jobs, social life, if any.
      It’s sad…

    • Hussein Al-Homod college boreal is throwing free courses at people left right and center .

    • Hussein Al-Homod thats also why youre supposed to be done college by the time you’re 23. Before life hits you.

    • Hussein Al-Homod Why should employers be responsible for your education? That is why we have student loans. That is why you wait until you have a career before starting a family. And as for social life…well that is a luxury you have to sacrifice in order to accomplish great things!

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