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So Monday morning I’m at Walmart, and around 10 when I’m leaving this mother pushing what appeared to be a newborn and walking with a 10 year old is ahead of me. As they approach the crosswalk a car drives by and stops she looks both ways and they proceed to cross. EXCEPT. The car that was stopped suddenly starts reversing and making a 4-5 point turn, had she not yanked to stroller and yelled « hey » im sure they would have been hit. This guy was backing up while looking in front of him. After this, he proceeds to back up to position himself to get into the handicap parking and almost hits an older gentleman because he’s backing up again while looking in front of him. As this mother now walks by I guess he flipped her off as she turned around knocked on his window and said something along the lines of why you flipping me off when you almost hit us?
So I guess my point here is maybe look twice before you cross, look behind you when you’re backing up and own up when you f*** up. Glad the mother and her children are ok and I would like to point out that she did look before crossing and would have been hit had she not been paying attention. This could have been a lot worse.



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  1. The fact that he almost hit someone is wrong but also, lots of times I have been trying to park and pedestrians would just walk in front of or behind me while I am in the middle of parking.
    Everyone drivers and pedestrians should all watch!!

  2. Not Condon that this person almost hit people but you are not suppose to look backwards to back up. You have cameras and mirrors to back up effectively

  3. He probably was using back up cameras… hence looking forward. But apparently they’re not working out to well for him because he forgot that you have to check your blind spots and actually look with your eyes too.

  4. And yet another blazing report by our educated followers of shoutout….

  5. Lisa Hill Lisa Hill says:

    This bears repeating. Don’t rely only on the backup camera on your vehicle. Always look out the windows as well. Back up cameras don’t have peripheral vision. What it doesn’t see…you won’t either unless you turn your head to look. It only takes a second.

  6. Andrea Major Andrea Major says:

    It’s a scary dangerous world out there ya know

  7. I’m sorry to say but that haft Sudbury drivers are like that

  8. Kyle Burke Kyle Burke says:

    Well you said the guy was parking in a handicap zone (i have absolutely nothing against handicapped people what so ever) but if he almost hit 2 people while trying to park he should probably have his license taken away because clearly he doesnt pay attention while driving

  9. Defintely not condoning this driver as he clearly was not paying attention. And should’ve checked to see if pedestrians were behind him. But some vehicles have backup cameras. Mine is in my rear view and Im usually looking at that when I’m backing up since it gives me an idea of how close vehicles are or if someone is walking behind me. Although 99.9% of the time I back into my spots so I never have to worry lol

    • Ann Marie Whitehead I was literally typing same thing. I always look behind me first but my back up camera I have to be looking forward at my screen to see. Not excusing the driver though just saying why people may be looking forward while reversing

    • Amanda Yaw Amanda Yaw says:

      Back up cameras dont show your everything! I was hit last week because of that shit. If you need your camera to back up, you shouldn’t be driving. Use your mirrors and look around yourself.

    • Lol wow. Using a back up camera? You realize if you use one of those during your driving test you fail. Lazy people who can’t turn their fucking head to watch where they are going.

    • Amanda Yaw Amanda Yaw says:

      Ann Marie Whitehead I’m not saying dont look at it, but if you only rely on or only look at your camera, then yes, please do the rest of us a favour and learn how to back up properly.
      My truck got hit last week because someone didnt bother to look behind them, and just used their camera.

    • Ann Marie Whitehead Your backup cameras can be blocked or distorted – snow, dirt, heavy rain, condensation. Learn to use mirrors & looking around BEFORE also using that backup camera. So, so often people have regretted using only one method because of stubbornness or arrogance. This post is about using ALL resources while behind the wheel & it could save grievous harm or a death.

  10. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    People at Walmart don’t look they just walk out and expect cars to stop

  11. Twice I was nearly side swiped with in 3 minutes. I applied my horn as the 2nd driver was pushing me into the curb, encroached my lane. Then he lays on his horn when I was passing him. Then people wonder why there is road rage, accept the fact you are wrong.

  12. Some drivers should not have a license… period… :/

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