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….And this is why I don’t trust anyone but me to cut my hair. This was done by an ACTUAL hair dresser…a South end Walmart hair dresser mind you …but an actual career hair dresser gave me an uncentered rat tail. #itaintrocketscience #walmarthaircut



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  1. Ben Stronge Ben Stronge says:

    Why in the hell would you go to Walmart for a hair cut

  2. I know for a fact anyone with a brain wouldnt let someone leave there with that, thank u, next

    • Brooke Power Brooke Power says:

      Rebecca Lalone “this is why i don’t trust anyone but me” ok then why go ??? sounds like u already have a salty outlook on the experience, just cause one person fucked up doesn’t mean everyone working there is the same, thank u next.

  3. Walmart is for shopping
    Hair salons are for hair cuts

  4. Eric RB Eric RB says:

    Walmart hairdresser … maybe your expectations were set too high ?

  5. Amanda you have a big heart! More people out there could learn from your actions

  6. Champagne taste, beer budget

  7. Apryl Schutt so stupid they need to be stopped I felt so wrong working there

  8. Apryl Schutt Apryl Schutt says:

    Vanessa May Merrill they do still do that haha

  9. All I have to say is you #itaintrocketscience….. then do it yourself!

  10. Susan Daly thank you! ☺️

  11. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    You get what you pay for. Cheap people always pay twice…don’t forget that! Learn from your mistakes.

  12. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    Layla McJannet Walmart does not employee these hair dressers the owner of the Salon does…
    Such an ignorant comment….

  13. Why is everyone dumping on Walmart hairdressers? lve had good cuts at Walmart, paid triple at higher end salon and was not happy. Each hairdresser is different. Find the right one for you.

  14. To me it looks like it’s just kinked if combed right , should be in the middle ??

  15. Layla McJannet no necessarily. I’ve had my hair cut by Walmart on many occasions and coloured and they’ve done amazing jobs. They’ve actually realize the mess that other salons made (such as not blending in my layers), just because it’s Walmart doesn’t mean that they’re bad hair dressers.

  16. Rolly Reginald Pigeau awww thanks for the kind words, that’s great to hear!!

  17. Amanda Rosee Amanda Rosee says:

    You should see wat they did to my hair in new Sudbury. Chunks missing. Awful place

  18. Doesn’t matter where you went obviously a bad haircut.

  19. they walmart are suppose to fix it for free i use to get that tail it was called a duck tail

  20. Amanda Jackson that’s paying it forward for sure! Good on you miss Jackson and keep up the good work.

    This is not the first time I hear great positive things from your business. People talk!!! Good for you! ♥️

  21. Shelby Fitzgerald
    You can add my business page on Facebook to see my work! And let me know when you’re ready to book

  22. Kind person and great way to bring in person 😉 i love seeing other professionals do this!

  23. Amanda Jackson that’s so sweet

  24. Amanda Kay Amanda Kay says:

    Amanda Jackson you are amazing that’s very nice of you.

  25. Amanda Jackson absolutely amazing!!!!

  26. I’m new to the area so haven’t found any stylists yet to go to, but seeing this makes me want to book with you when I’m ready to!

  27. Bri Brunet Bri Brunet says:

    Amanda Jackson Amazing! ♥️ The world needs more people like you.

  28. Natty LV Natty LV says:

    I have a great hairdresser at Walmart! Sorry you had a shitty experience

  29. I would never go to a walmart anything. I get road rage just walking around in Walmart. I couldn’t possibly imagine getting my hair done there. My hair stylist moved locations and I had to go to someone else, and let me tell you, I’m glad I found my regular person again!!! Red’s Den for Men If ever in north bay and need your hair done, go see Red, she’ll fix you right up.

  30. It looks like you might have asked for the “v” in the back and the stylist might not know how to do it. In fact, she may be VERY embarrassed by this and was potentially doing her best. The classy thing to do is to call the salon, ask for the manager, and talk to them about it. Chances are you’ll get that fixed up by an experienced stylist AND the one who did it will know how to correct her work.

    With that said… I take it as a rule of thumb to NEVER EVER trust a hair stylist who bashes other people’s work. We’ve ALL started from the bottom and sometimes we need a helping hand to get to the top no matter where we work.

  31. A walmart hairdresser had given me square eyebrows once… I do my own brows now.

  32. I know a handful of people who work as a hairstylist that are in fact NOT licenced. If you go to Ontario college of trades website you can wright the name of the person and check the status of their licence. I’m a licenced stylist and have to pay each year to keep my status active. Appreciate or not we start somewhere and its the job of the owner to check the cut afterwards to make sure it’s done properly. I’m sorry this happened to you, please do some research before you attend any salon in sudbury because being in this industry I have come across more nightmares then good work and its extremely unfortunate for us good ones.

    Wal-Mart or not they should have someone approving these cuts before anyone leaves looking like this,

    • Taylor Leighh i hope thos handfull of ppl dnt work in a salon..even to have an apprentiship you need to be licenced. Illegal on many levels

    • Louise Lajeunesse its very illegal and slap in the face for us who paid for our education, and yes they are or were in salons, walmart being one of them, not sure if they are still working but I new they did at one point and if its that easy I can almost guarantee there is more doing it.

    • Taylor Leighh call the ministry..they will is that owner gets fined also..and i agree for those who are educated it is a slap in the face

  33. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Amanda Jackson you are so kind 🙂 bless you!

  34. Megan Smith Megan Smith says:

    And this is why I’m coming to you Shawna Arsenault

  35. Linda Potvin Linda Potvin says:

    Amanda Jackson that’s very nice of you

  36. My mom got a fantastic cut at walmart south end this week. Sorry you got a bad cut but not everyone working there is bad.

  37. I went to get mine done at the New Sudbury Walmary. Never again. Showed the stylist a picture. Told her I wanted my hair about 2 inches longer than the picture. By the time she was done I looked like I had gotten a mushroom cut. Even straightening my hair didn’t make it look any better. Felt like I was 5 years old again lol

  38. Faye Thorpe lol check it out

  39. Lisa Hill Lisa Hill says:

    General rule. Find a hairdresser whos haircut you really like and ask her who did it. GO TO THAT PERSON!

    • Shelley Ann Shelley Ann says:

      Lisa Hill My grandmother years ago used to say the opposite, you go to the one with the bad hairdo not the one with the nice hairdo because the one with the bad hair probably did the nice hair and the other one did hers! Lol!! Not too sure if her philosophy always works but she always lived by it. Lol!

    • Lisa Hill Lisa Hill says:

      Shelley Ann… I come from both sides of the fence. I was a salon owner for 7 years and I had it easy then. I only hired the best. So I never had to worry about it. However, even the best stylists have bad days. As a rule you always go to the person that cuts the way you want it. If you see it on someone, just ask them who does it. That’s how I found mine. It took 5 years and a few bad cuts before I found her. Turned out she was the owner… Go figure… Lol

  40. Okay yes it’s Wal-Mart… but that’s irrelevant… it’s still a hairdressers.. do they not make sure these people are qualified before letting them go to town on someone else’s hair…
    If they’re not gonna make sure they’re hiring people who can actually cut hair they should close the hairdresser portion down.
    .. it’s just a trim … wtf seriously lol.. my mom used to trim my hair when I was a little girl and it NEVER looked like that

  41. Well… I mean.. its Walmart. You get what you pay for lol. But ya. That’s bad..

  42. Jenn Morin Jenn Morin says:

    I know it’s about you. I’ve been pushing you to see her since your first fuck up lol.

  43. Jenn Morin Jenn Morin says:

    I know it’s about you. I’ve been pushing you to see her since your first fuck up lol.

  44. Amy Dee Amy Dee says:

    I went to a salon here once called Magnolia, asked for an angle Bob and a hair dye… $120 later, the dye job was patchy and she cut a triangle out of the back of my Bob… It was so weird, it was like having two panels of hair on the sides and none in the back. When I complained, the hairdresser/owner told me I was wrong and that was how the hairstyle was supposed to look. I had an angle Bob many times before and it was not right and it took forever to grow out.

    Now I only see one person for my hair and she is fantastic. Find a good hairdresser and stick with them!

  45. Crystal Gour Crystal Gour says:

    This is about me jenn lmao …. you know, that time I cried for 3 days. Haven’t cried since, thanks Mel!

  46. Honestly, anyone blaming the customer is an asshole. When you go to a hair salon, no matter where, you are paying for a service and should get the service you paid for. This woman didn’t get that. That isn’t her fault. People bring their children to first choice or Walmart for haircuts all the time, would you say this to a mother who’s five year old daughter got a butchered haircut? Or would you expect that mother to pay double the price? A haircut is a haircut, if you can’t do one properly that isn’t the customer’s fault, it’s the stylists.

  47. Layla McJannet that’s not fair. It shouldn’t matter where you go for a basic cut, it should be done properly. This is supposed to be a professional not some pothead I don’t give a crap teenager but a career hairdresser. When you pay for a service you expect the service you paid for, not some kindergarten crap.

  48. Kelly Jane maybe I should go be a hairdresser there lmao

  49. Starr Larson Starr Larson says:

    Looks like matteas work

  50. Hayhay says:

    Same thing happened to me at the new sudbury walmart

  51. JoAnn Scott JoAnn Scott says:

    To all those saying”you went to Walmart,what do you expect” seriously!?! Poor girl got a bad cut ,have some compassion ffs

  52. Seriously.. so many talented hair dressers and barbers in town, no idea why anyone risks walmart or first choice.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Steve LeClair maybe that’s because some people don’t want to pay $50 for a simple cut???
      The last time I had my hair professionally dyed…I spent over $150 at a Salon in the Southend it wasn’t very good and they were supposed to be highend professionals…
      It’s doesn’t matter where you work…it’s the skill of the stylist that matters…

    • Jen Stone fact of the matter is i can spend 12$ on an awful haircut from a trainee… or i can spend 25$ on my barber.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Steve LeClair or you can get a $12 cut from an awesome trainee and an awful cut by a professional…
      As I stated…it’s not necessarily the price that affects the end results…it’s the capability and skill of the person cutting the hair…

  53. Were you wearing gym pants and crocs during your visit at Wal-Mart?

  54. You went to wall mart! I’d say that was the start of ur problems lol

  55. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    Doesn’t matter if you’re an apprentice OR NOT!!!!

    If you finish the course, they give you the license (after working w a salon) sadly anyone can take the course,
    Doesn’t mean they are
    Any good.
    Career choice , wtv you want to call it. Doesn’t make you great unless you are talented. This person didn’t even follow the basic rules for cutting. Checkin over a clients hair for mistakes or rat tails. She didn’t even care enough to check the back, to see if it’s straight. She was so lazy, she just didn’t care to look in the back of your head and said “screw her” I won’t check my work. That’s not taught, to look at something so crooked..common effn sense. Terrible job! What a fail!

    • Gail Decaire you dont get a license after coming out of school. Your an apprentice until you are done between 1500-1800 hours before taking your exam. It takes up to a year sometimes even more.

    • Cassandra says:

      That’s false information, you dont receive your licence after school, you have to be granted your licence once you pass you ministry exam.. once an apprentice is finished 2000 hours of work it is in the discretion of there sponsor to sign off and I dont sign any inappropriate hair performances. If you could private msg me I could inform you a little more as I am the manager at this location

    • Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

      Nadia Adrienne Tardif yes that’s what I wrote !

  56. I go to the walmart hair salon in new sudbury all the time and they do a great job 🙂

  57. Erika Goulet Erika Goulet says:

    I feel for her though. Had a shit haircut done like that at the north bay mall. Lol

  58. Julie Smith Julie Smith says:

    Could you please share who the stylist is so at least people know who to avoid? It’s a busy place and the most economical for some families. Much appreciated.

  59. Sam Kiss Sam Kiss says:

    Walmart Hair Services….enough said.

  60. Natty Labine Natty Labine says:

    Go see Angele’s Classic Cuts and Styles ☺️

  61. One word Walmart lmfaooooo

  62. Ann Sloss Ann Sloss says:

    You went yo Walmart!Alot of aprentices in those ones.Same as First Choice Regis salons

    • Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

      Ann Sloss ha! I know some apprentices , who can observe and see this is crooked. It doesn’t take a professional to see how crooked this is..

      Do all apprentices cut “crooked crap shit hair cuts”? No, thats
      So far fetch,’this person sucks and didn’t even check the back of her head. That has nothing to do with being an apprentice. Just sayin’ being lazy and missing steps.

  63. Judy Karn Judy Karn says:

    If you had your legs crossed you will get a crooked haircut. But the stylist should have noticed and told you to uncross the

  64. I never forget the time I went to the new Sudbury one. I went in for simple blonde highlights. THIS GIRL MANAGED TO TURN MY WHOLE HEAD YELLOW!! I was so mad.

  65. Dave says:

    Sometimes paying more for a haircut is worth it.

    Just Saying.

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