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If you guys can share this, I would appreciate it. I’d like the community to know who he is.

This is about my brother marc, he is a VERY proud and hard working volunteer firefighter.

Recently, he was dismissed as a volunteer due to comments he had made in regards to the fire service and the negative impact that would make in communities that rely on volunteers.

After I heard of his dismissal, it angered me so passionately because I had never had a good experience with any first responders. It hit close to home not only because he’s my brother but because of my experiences.

Him being a firefighter provided me a little more trust knowing someone like him was fighting to save lives, property ect.

I want to talk about his character.

My brother has always been the type of person who has been passionate for the community.

He is a member of the rotary club, he has been involved in many community charities and he works hard to help the community.

Speaking up ultimately cost him his position with the volunteers.

My brother is one of few people in my life that I know would never let me down, and what’s amazing is, he was putting the same effort that he would into his family, into his community.

He was trying to fight for the best interests of our communities, he was sticking up for us because he knew things we did not.

He saw injustices, and he made us aware of these.

He made a sacrifice for us, so we would know the outcome of throwing out our volunteers, he made us aware of rising taxes by eliminating our volunteers from our communities, and educated us of how qualified and caring volunteers are.

People of the community. These volunteers, they don’t do this for a pay. They don’t do this to brag. They chose to do this. They do it because they want to and for the love of their communities. They do it with their heart.

On holidays, while many of us were gathering with family, having meals together. My brother’s pager would ring, without hesitation, he picked up and left to go help someone who needed it.

If there is anything we can do, to thank him and the other men and women who volunteer is stick up for them, cheer for them and most importantly, support them!

Thank you for your time.



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  1. Brock says:

    It seems that your vision of Marc and the Firefighter’s vision of Marc are two different visions. Marc likely spoke out of line severe enough to have is real persona outed.
    I am happy the Fire Department does not allow bigots/bullies like Marc to continue to hate and despise.
    Good riddance is what the community says to Marc.

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