[VIDEO] Lowlife going around the Flour Mill taking from cars!

This was on king st at 10:38 this morning.

He is also going through mailboxes! Where he is standing in this video is our mailboxes.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    He’s always downtown.

  2. Leslie Chow Leslie Chow says:

    Thieves deserve their thumbs cut off.

  3. Anyone offered to help this man?
    Maybe the thefts would stop if he had what he needed..
    Maybe he’s hungry or looking for a place to sleep..

  4. Matt Secord Matt Secord says:

    his name is richard frappier..

  5. Excellent photo but I’ll bet the cops aren’t interested.

  6. Castle Law would stop lots of these thefts

  7. Yeah I know this guy and he is known to do that. He has mental health problems and is also on drugs. He needs serious help… in the meantime protect your property

  8. Laura Fay Laura Fay says:

    I see this guy all the time downtown scum

  9. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    Someone stole my ownerships and paperwork from downtown and tossed them into a planter luckily someone dropped them off at the police station. Looked like the guy parked close to me also got a rock in the window

  10. Hes from down town his name is ricki I believe

  11. I’m sure the cops will recognize him.

  12. Even the rain doesn’t keep the low life at bay.

  13. Dani Chev Dani Chev says:

    He needs a good beating!

  14. Marco Pelletier your culprit, one would guess?

  15. My truck was rooted through this morning but nothing to take. On Laforest

  16. go hang out down town for an hour or so youll see him talking to himself lol

  17. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    That’s Richard Pryor.

  18. Don’t ya mean hi life

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