Some crack heads are going into people vehicles during the night in the Donavon. They are taking lighters credit cards and any kind of money


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  1. It is not only the Donovan any wear you live your car or truck even houses will get broken in to keep your doors locked.

  2. Emily Tang everywhere is bad
    Not just downtown sudbury

  3. Emily Tang Emily Tang says:

    Welcome to worse part of town why bitch just move always wanna gangsters lol in that area 30 old men acting like punks never would bring kids in that area horrible

  4. Wow maybe we should think of not leaving credit cards or money in we know those people exist please think

  5. Tonya Rene Tonya Rene says:

    locking doors doesnt stop them. if they want something bad enough they will get in whether its locked or not

  6. Lighters too…
    Hope their not zippos
    I’ll just leave my rez lighter and maybe a tablespoon
    And leave them both on top of the car tonite with a “take us” sign right beside them

  7. My canadian tire money?!

  8. I lived in that area, car was locked and scratches on my door where they jimmied it open. My debit card was stolen, and a money transfer made through credit union. Idiots didnt realize that they need id to have an account there. I have the names of the people who broke into my car from credit union

  9. Bill Fox Bill Fox says:

    Ya I leave my credit cards in the car all the time safest spot I can think of

  10. They need a good cracked head to see clearly

  11. News flash this is happening everywhere

  12. Crime in the Donovan?? No way!! What has this world come to?

  13. Thank you for that news that no one is ever surprised at. I needed this.

  14. Well fuck… where am I supposed to store my crack now??

  15. Kiara Hagen THEY STOLE UR SOUP

  16. Why not take your credit cards and money into the house? Anything valuable should not be left in a vehicle. Locked or not, bitches be crazy.

  17. Not just in donovan they do it all over valcaron hanmer chemy not just in the Donovan ppl
    Wake up and smell the coffee
    Stealers and druggies all over

  18. Mouse trap in change tray and glovebox overnight plus camera equals comedy gold

  19. Have you been living under a rock ?! This is not a new thing.

  20. Fuckers even stole my salt shaker… Wtf you need my salt for?

  21. If you live in the donovan and don’t lock your doors, then you are a different kind of special.

  22. Lock your fucking vehicles

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