Vale is the Problem

There have been many posts about this lately and I can’t help to wonder why some people are so quick to attack the workers trying to take a stand, rather than the Multi-Billion dollar company who made record profits last year while the wokers worked without a contract through the Pandemic.

The workers are not your enemy, they are your neighbours, your family, your community members. They are fighting for a fair contract.

Vale, making insane amounts of money, wants to claw back money to make themselves richer at the expense of their workers.

Why are you people more focused on how much the workers make, more than what Vale makes? Pawns fighting pawns, rather than looking at the bigger issue, corporate greed.

Why should the miners settle for less? It’s a simple answer, they shouldn’t. They should make zero consessions. Once you give up something, they will take more and more until there is nothing left.

If you want to be mad that the miners are striking, be mad at Vale for putting them in this positon. They don’t want to be jobless and strike pay isnt that much. They arent doing this because its fun, but because they have to.

Stand strong 6500! Solidarity!

(And no, I am not a affiliated with Vale or Union 6500, just a community member showing my support)



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unions are the problem

  2. Brock says:

    Why because they all think everyone owes them the world? I worked through the pandemic, Im not unionized or make anything close to what they make and I consider myself lucky i was able to continue working while many others lost their jobs. Nobody is cryng for me, im happy to be employed and not complaining the company owes me. The workers dont own vale, they think they do. They should be happy they have a good paying job these days. the workers complained so much over the years, the company has contracted out alot of work that used to be done by their own workers but they were too high on themselves to do it and then complained when they jobs got contracted out..Most of the guys who work there are great guys trying to do whats best for their families and I commend them for it, but what I will not do is stand with them to strike for any reason. Unions protect the weak in my opinion, im sure the union bosses arent living in trailer parks, they’re very well paid for what they do. The problem is the small percentage of vale guys that go around with their “were better than you” attitude. Alot of them got their jobs through friends or family so not even earned. Those are the guys who ruin it for everyone.

    • anonymous says:

      And the alternative to a strike is…..Vale takes more of the profits out of country. How the fuck does that help our community? Can the pity party Brock and admit you’re jealous. I don’t work for Vale and have never made what they do, but I realize how important their wages are for Sudbury’s businesses. Get as much as you can 6500, most are behind you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Last time they went on strike 10 years ago they lost more wages in that year long battle than any raise would ever replace. I can foresee them losing more this time around if the strike plays out like last time. Working with a small wage increment is better than losing out on a years wage and making a dollar more per hour. They will have to work 3000 hours before they see any benefit. And as for lost benefits, if it’s so important they can always purchase private insurance with their wages they would have had, had they taken the deal. I hope it doesn’t last a year like last time, shit got ugly when the miners couldn’t line mr. Cocaine dealer’s pocket anymore.

      • anonymous says:

        So their supposed to accept whatever Vale offers?Maybe they should bring the lube too? Thank Christ you’re not the lead negotiator, they’d be making 1980 wages.

      • Old and PO’d says:

        Clowns thinking the company will rip “profits” out of the country…stfu…you have any idea how much $$$ are required over next 5 years just to sustain current production? You think the Brazilian bean counters are gonna fork over that much cash esp when Sudbury operations barely turning a profit today? We’re talking multiple billies here. Smh at the clowns on here bitching about vale.

        It’s about the future of those jobs, stupid. Ain’t no one gonna invest in our mines with where things sit today.

      • anonymous says:

        If they weren’t making money they’d already have left. Are we supposed to give praise to a company because they have to run a clean operation that doesn’t poison our area to the point it’s uninhabitable.NO! We should expect it.So fuck you old man.

      • Old and PO’d says:

        Young ppl really disappoint me sometimes…”they’d have left…” yup yup, you can just walk away from all the liabilities, all the operations, just like that… at the snap of the finger. Especially after forking over $25B in Cash only 15 years ago.
        Learn your history young man. And quit running your mouth.
        They ain’t giving you a damn raise. And seeing how piss poor the mines run these days , I don’t blame them. Maybe one of these days they’ll drop the union altogether and go contract mining. Teach some of the lazy SOBs what work ethic is…not just eating chewy bars in a refuge for 10 hours at a time.

      • anonymous says:

        Old dude you are so full of shit. The level of dog fucking during the “good old days” of Inco is legendary. The level of theft astounding. How many basements in town were painted inco green? How many miners stole light bulbs,toilet paper, and anything else they could get their hands on. You need a reality check. Todays miners can’t get away with any of the bullshit you either participated in or turned a blind eye to.And yes , Vale will shutter mines down ….they’ve done it all over the world.

      • anonymous says:

        P.s you think thy’re not making money? Check their executive compensation from last year.

      • Old and PO’d says:

        Young man, kick that 6500 propaganda bullshit and give your head a shake.

        Idgaf about inco theft. And dogfuckery isn’t relative to 1995 INCO…it’s relative to rest of industry. Everyone else got more productive. 6500 didnt. Everyone else adopted technology. 6500 claws and drags their feet on it. Only place in the world where miners go to refuge at start of shift to eat breakfast…only place where the average seat hours is less than 5 per shift….on a unit productivity basis, Sudbury ops is the least cost competitive around the word…so shut your stupid mouth.

        It ain’t nice what vale is doing. The alternative is layoffs and contract mining. You choose.

        And one more thing…open your damn eyes past Sudbury. Newfoundland makes more nickel for vale than Sudbury does. Indonesia makes more than Sudbury does. Brazil makes more copper than Sudbury does. Those profits…are in spite of Sudbury not because of it… and they are tired of the Brazil-hating and borderline racist attitudes the Sudburian workforce has towards them. Don’t blame them for not wanting to subsidize the existence of the very people who have openly called them vermin and told them to GtFo of “their” country.

        I, for one, don’t blame them the Brazilians for sticking it to 6500. Don’t like them for it but understand the why.

        And yes, they value $$$ over subsidizing whiners mad they can’t afford their 2nd waterfront cottage despite being less efficient and productive than their “forefathers”.

      • anonymous says:

        You don’t give a fuck about theft and dogfucking because you were FULL PARTICIPANT in both.In 1977 Inco produced 208kt of nickel. In 2019 Vale produced 189 kt of nickel.With less than 1/4 the workforce.Put on some Springsteen because your glory days have passed you by

    • Old and PO’d says:

      Listen up you dipshit.

      Sudbury mines produced less than 40kt of that total. So less than a quarter. We have to buy feed from other mines cuz our lazy miners can’t bother working hard enough to even try and feed our mill.

      Vale would rather invest anywhere than with the clowns in 6500.

      Sad that an open pit that produces 6000tpd can outperform 5 fucking mines in total nickel mined. And in Newfoundland of all fucking places.

      Give your head and your lazy bum a shake.
      Smh, don’t know where we went wrong in raising your generation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    True words….stand strong 6500 …you are the future…

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